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House Beautiful September 2019

The House Beautiful reader is someone whose home is her bedrock. She is always improving it because the process – and result – delights her. Happiness in her home comes from easy luxury and highly personal style. Her home is a gift to share with family and friends.

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open house raleigh, north carolina

Joanna Saltz:Spaces seem to work so much harder than they used to. Do the rooms you design these days have to function in more than one way? Heather Garrett: They have to swing between family life, entertaining, studying, dining, little kids, and big kids. Even a zipped-up office is now a sort of laptopping, loungy space. I used to hate the open-living idea, because I love to form a dream in each enclosed room. But people are expecting spaces to flex. Robert MacNeill: Open concept can be difficult, even alienating, because everybody is kind of bothering each other. But in other ways, it brings people together. I really enjoy that. MA Allen: In one home we did, there was a space that could be a study or a formal living room. Because so…

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house beautiful

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pitch your tent indoors

Take Note Before You Tent Designers and upholsterers have all the details. 1. CHOOSE YOUR ROOM WISELY “I can find any excuse to tent a room,” Redd tells us. But you’ll want to make sure the space is right for tenting first. Round rooms or those with high ceilings fit the bill, he says: “It’s great in entrance halls, sunrooms, vestibules, dining rooms, and media spaces.” 2. PREPARE TO PAY All this drama comes at a price, with installation running anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, says Redd—and that doesn’t include the cost of the fabric itself. “It’s costly because of the amount of time it takes to template, sew, and install,” says Fremont-Smith. Expect to have several on-site meetings with the seamstress and upholsterer to prep for fabrication, but don’t get discouraged—it will all be…

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3 pieces you need right now

Trending! Brilliant Bar Carts Perfect for libations, these classics can also be used in bathrooms and guest rooms for extra storage. Trending! Mod Swivel Chairs TV, coffee table, or backyard view—these flexible favorites put you in three places at once. Trending! Breezy Daybeds Ideal as room dividers or just pretty perches, they seem to work in every space.…

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23 things you’ve never thought to paint

1. HVAC Ducts “In this basement remodel, we would’ve had to spend a ton of money rerouting the HVAC air duct. Who wouldn’t go with ballet-slipper pink instead?” —Max Humphrey 2. Bare Stairs “Do something groovy on the actual steps! The bolder you go, the bigger the smile when you see them.” —Fawn Galli 3. Laminate Counters “After cleaning, sanding, and priming twice, we painted in stages and added a few coats of clear, high-gloss acrylic for protection.” —Shannon Kadwell, Anthony Wilder Design/Build 4. Concrete Surfaces “My patio was poured using two different mixes, making it multicolored. So I had it painted, and I actually like it better now!” —Danielle Rollins 5. Vintage Appliances “Send it for an overnight stay at an auto-body shop for a coat of high-gloss paint and it’ll be the centerpiece of a modern kitchen.” —Joseph Berkowitz, JAB Design…

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setting the bar a little higher

TOM PARKER AND ANDY GOODWIN MAY BE responsible for some of the world’s hippest new bars, hotels, and restaurants, but as Parker jokingly says, “We’re basically two little old ladies in 30-year-old men’s bodies.” Exhibit A: The pair have a passion for tassels. But they tend to channel their love of traditional style into spaces that feel unexpectedly cool. Since starting their own firm, Fettle, in 2013, they’ve brought a fresh, layered look to the likes of the Hoxton hotel in Portland, Oregon, and London’s Moncks—and customers are loving the easy elegance. “We want our projects to feel added to over time,” says Goodwin, “not designed to within an inch of their lives.” 6 Ways to Live Like You’re on Vacation The Fettle guys reveal secrets from the hospitality industry. 1. Build the…