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Houses Issue 108 February 2016

For the architect, designer, home owner, home builder or anyone simply interested in the best residential design, every issue of Houses tells the story of inspirational homes, their surrounds and the products that complete them. Through generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of selected products, you share the delight of each home presented. You’ll also meet some of the creative people who designed them and keep up with the latest design trends and issues. Be inspired!

Architecture Media Pty Ltd
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$48.99(Incl. tax)
6 Issues


2 min.

The way we are living in Australia is changing. Floor areas and backyards are shrinking, while the prevalence of shared amenity is growing and housing density is increasing. We need to embrace these changes for a more financially, socially and environmentally sustainable future. In doing so, today’s architects and homeowners are faced with new challenges and opportunities. The terrace house is a compact housing model that has lessons for the design of neighbourhoods today. We explored these well-loved buildings in The Terrace House: Reimagined for the Australian Way of Life, a new book edited by Cameron Bruhn and me, published by Thames and Hudson. The book celebrates the enduring appeal of terrace houses and explores the ways architects are adapting them to suit a twenty-first-century lifestyle. The Clarence Houses in Melbourne by…

1 min.
out & about

01 2016 Houses Awards Enter now – entries close 18 March 2016 The Houses Awards is an annual program celebrating Australia’s best houses, apartments and gardens, and the contribution that architects and designers make to enhancing the way we live today. Excellence is awarded in nine categories, with the best house receiving the premier award of Australian House of the Year. housesawards.com.au 02 Living in the City: New Architecture from Brisbane and the Asia Pacific 19 February — 22 May 2016 Take a look at how architecture is shaping the city of Brisbane and its nine sister cities across the Asia-Pacific region, via a series of architectural models of buildings currently in design or under construction. Residential projects by Kirk (pictured), Phorm Architecture and Kevin O’Brien Architects will be among the models featured…

1 min.

WRITER Sheona Thomson Sheona Thomson is an academic with twenty years’ experience. She currently works in Learning Futures at the Queensland University of Technology. As a freelance writer, she is honoured to share stories of the architecture of Queensland’s unique south-east. PHOTOGRAPHER Luc Rémond Luc Rémond is a commercial photographer specializing in interiors, lifestyle, architecture and portraits. With a deep love of nature and a keen eye for design, his signature style is of sincerity and vibrant escapism. PHOTOGRAPHER Jeremy Wright Jeremy Wright is a Melbourne-based photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and lifestyle projects. He is known for his clean, honest and graphic approach and regularly collaborates with some of Australia’s leading up-and-coming creatives. WRITER Leanne Amodeo Leanne Amodeo is a design writer, editor and educator who contributes regularly to both print and online publications. She is a former editor of…

6 min.
matt gibson of matt gibson architecture + design

As I listened to Matt Gibson and Martyn Weaver of Matt Gibson Architecture and Design, it struck me that recognizable patterns emerge from within almost all of their projects, forming a narrative thread through the catalogue. While remarkably consistent across that catalogue, these repeating patterns unfold within each project in a different way. Matt Gibson Architecture and Design is a practice built around the exploitation of dichotomies. This is hardly a searching insight; Matt himself says as much when describing the firm. What is surprising is the rigorous consistency of this idea as it emerges from within the practice’s folio. Many of the projects undertaken by the firm over the last decade and more have been renovations and refurbishments of terrace houses, inner-city single- and double-fronted dwellings that were significantly transformed…

1 min.
our palette

01 Nord XL Pendant The Aëon Illumination Nord XL pendant light makes a statement. Finished in satin black with an internal silver reflector, the lamp has an industrial appeal and the head can be adjusted as required. satelight.com.au 02 Recycled blackbutt timber Matt Gibson Architecture and Design regularly uses blackbutt timber externally and internally to blur boundaries and bring the outside in or vice versa, as seen here at Courtyard House. Whether used as a decking, cladding or flooring material, recycled blackbutt can also bring a sense of warmth to an environment. urbansalvage.com.au 03 Recycled brick Matt Gibson Architecture and Design uncovers or re-uses bricks from the existing site to add texture and allude to the history of a project, as seen at Abstract House. 04 Mirrors The practice carefully locates recessed mirrors such that they disappear…

3 min.

01 Kitchen Kulture BY Michelle Galindo, Sven Ehmann and Robert Klanten (eds) (Gestalten, 2015) PP 256 • RRP $99.50 The premise of Kitchen Kulture is that the domestic kitchen has evolved remarkably in recent decades and continues to do so as we gravitate to the kitchen as a space to gather, socialize and relax within the home. In response to this trend, the book offers inspiring design and products intended to enhance our daily activities within the kitchen. The merit of each space or item presented in the book lies not only in its aesthetic sensibility but also in its innovation. This experimental slant results in an interesting selection of kitchens, including modular systems, kitchens that can be folded away and even portable kitchens. Most of these are in private homes in Europe;…