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Houses Issue 115 April 2017

For the architect, designer, home owner, home builder or anyone simply interested in the best residential design, every issue of Houses tells the story of inspirational homes, their surrounds and the products that complete them. Through generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of selected products, you share the delight of each home presented. You’ll also meet some of the creative people who designed them and keep up with the latest design trends and issues. Be inspired!

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There is an inherent contradiction in a dwelling’s need for both prospect and refuge. On the one hand, we want our home to be a private sanctuary and on the other hand, we want this same space to be bright and open. In inner-city and suburban Australia, architects are faced with the challenge of accommodating these opposing needs, which will become even more complex as density increases. On my visit to Chenchow Little’s Coogee House (page 100) in Sydney, this need for privacy paired with the desire to embrace panoramic views across the Pacific Ocean was of primary concern to both the architect and the clients. Here, the solution was to create a tent-like structure: a private masonry core overlaid with a lightweight aluminium screen system that can be retracted in…

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out & about

01 Our Houses in Perth 27 April 2017 This edition of Our Houses, part of an ongoing series of conversations between architects and their clients presented by Houses magazine, will explore homes by Brisbane-based Vokes and Peters and Melbourne-based Austin Maynard Architects. Held in the Brickworks Perth Design Studio, this event will demystify the architect/client relationship and reveal how you might prepare for the process of building your own home. The Brickworks Adelaide Design Studio will host an Our Houses conversation on 26 April 2017. designspeaks.com.au 02 Denfair 8–10 June 2017 Be inspired by a collection of curated local and international brands at this art and design industry event, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Denfair provides a platform for emerging designers and creative collaborations with Australian practitioners. denfair.com.au 03…

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WRITER Jennifer McMaster Jennifer McMaster is a principal of Sydney-based architecture studio Trias. She teaches at the University of Sydney and is the Danish Architecture Centre’s Southeast Asian correspondent. PHOTOGRAPHER Tom Ross Tom Ross is a photographer from coastal Victoria with a studio in Melbourne. He trained at the Victorian College of the Arts and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and his work has been published internationally. PHOTOGRAPHER Robert Frith Robert Frith has been flattening buildings onto pages since last century. He loves the unexpected in both life and the built environment. WRITER Heidi Dokulil Heidi Dokulil is a Sydney-based design editor, writer and producer. She has worked on several books, including the monograph Burley Katon Halliday, published by Thames and Hudson.…

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jade vidal, anna dutton & chema bould of bower architecture

The tale of a studio that is founded by university friends, cuts its teeth on a succession of residential projects over ten years and then embarks on a steadily widening range of commissions is a common one. Residential architecture is often the default gateway to building and broadening a client list, and it is occasionally undertaken with a certain impatience by young designers keen to move on to “bigger and better” things as quickly as possible: public commissions, institutional work, educational projects, almost anything that provides a broader canvas and bigger soapbox. In some respects the story of Bower Architecture is familiar –but this urgency to move beyond residential design is not a part of the Bower narrative. When I asked the practice’s founding directors, Jade Vidal, Chema Bould and Anna…

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our palette

01 Calacatta marble This natural marble has a softness that appeals to Bower Architecture. The material wears and stains beautifully over time, in a more subtle way than darker materials. Calacatta marble is seen here in the kitchen at Stepping House. 02 Smooth-face concrete blockwork This durable and cost-effective modular building material features textured surfaces and neutral tones that are ideal for creating a subtle backdrop. It is seen here as reverse block construction at Hover House. nationalmasonry.com.au 03 Skylights A small skylight can create a private and seamless connection to the sky and let in natural light when windows aren’t an option, as seen in here in Kate’s House. atlite.com.au 04 Stone paving The natural texture and random patterns of stone paving complement and break down the more ordered application of other materials, as seen here…

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01 Where Architects Stay: Lodgings for Design Enthusiasts BY Sibylle Kramer (Braun, 2017) PP 208 • RRP $55 Presented as a travel guide for those with discerning taste (and fairly deep pockets), Where Architects Stay is true to its namesake – it is written by an architect, features architecturally designed lodgings and is aimed largely at architect readers. More than sixty holiday domiciles are featured, each presented with floor plans, photographs, key facts, contact information and advice for getting around. The featured projects are not the sort of holiday accommodation you would come across in a quick Google search, but more boutique and remote abodes. This guide would be particularly useful for archi-touring around Europe. One Australian project is featured: Pumphouse Point boutique hotel in the Tasmanian Central Highlands by Cumulus Studio. This…