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Houses Issue 116 June 2017

For the architect, designer, home owner, home builder or anyone simply interested in the best residential design, every issue of Houses tells the story of inspirational homes, their surrounds and the products that complete them. Through generous pictorial coverage from leading photographers, floor plans and lists of selected products, you share the delight of each home presented. You’ll also meet some of the creative people who designed them and keep up with the latest design trends and issues. Be inspired!

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Architects are in a position to push boundaries and question the status quo in relation to how we live. Challenging accepted norms and design formulas may lead to happier individual occupants, but it can also benefit the wider community. This is especially relevant within a suburban context, where there is an established formula embedded in our culture. Australian modernist architect Robin Boyd strove to shift these perceptions in the 1960s with his book The Australian Ugliness and his establishment of The Age Small Homes Service. Although this was primarily about aesthetics, Boyd was also highlighting the need to question how things are done. The challenges proposed by architects aren’t always at a large scale, but nevertheless they have an impact of some degree. On the Gold Coast, Burleigh Street House by…

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out & about

012017 Houses Awards announcement 4 August 2017 Join hundreds of your peers to celebrate the winners andcommended projects in the 2017 Houses Awards, to beannounced at a presentation party at NGV Internationalin Melbourne. Book your tickets now. housesawards.com.au 022017 Intergrain Timber Vision Awards Entries close 9 July 2017 In its eighth consecutive year, the Intergrain Timber Vision Awards will again celebrate innovative use of timber in architecture and design. The awarded categories are Residential Interior, Residential Exterior, Commercial Interior, Commercial Exterior and Landscape. Each category winner receives $2,000 in prize money, 100 litres of Intergrain product and national media exposure. In addition, a $15,000 Travel Bursary will be awarded for the most inspiring project finished with Intergrain. Seen here is last year’s winner of the Residential Interior category, Luxe Ten by Maria Danos Architecture. intergrain.com.au/timber-vision-awards/ 03Housing Futures symposium 4…

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WRITER Vanessa Mooney Vanessa Mooney is an architect and urban designer living in Melbourne. Vanessa values innovative architectural design that engages with, and contributes to, the urban landscape. PHOTOGRAPHER Murray Fredericks Murray Fredericks is an architectural and landscape photographer. His primary focus is the effect space has on the human experience. His exhibition work is widely held in public and private collections internationally. PHOTOGRAPHER Shannon McGrath Shannon McGrath trained in fine arts and photography at RMIT University, where she has since taught photography to first-year students. Shannon concentrates on architecture and interior design and has a growing interest in furniture, lighting and industrial design. WRITER Hannah Slater Hannah Slater is an architect currently working with Neeson Murcutt Architects. After completing her studies at the Queensland University of Technology she worked in Johannesburg, South Africa with Peter Rich Architects on a number…

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fergus scott of fergus scott architects

Fergus Scott opens our discussion with the admission that there is another Fergus Scott, a Sydney obstetrician, who often gets his calls – our Fergus seems relieved not to get too many calls for the other, finding the delicious mix of sketches and concrete an infinitely preferable concern to that of his namesake. After graduating in architecture from the University of Sydney in 1991, Fergus worked as a labourer on Peter Stutchbury’s Israel House. He found building a relief after the hothouse pressure of study, and worked further with builder Jeffrey Broadfield. After a good stint on the tools, he ended up working in Peter Stutchbury’s office before heading overseas. Fergus started in Central America, soaking up the ancient sites of Mayan and Aztec architecture. The central USA was his next base,…

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our palette

• MATERIALS & FINISHES • 01 Rammed earth Rammed earth has a tactile, organic quality and connects with the site geology. It also gives a sense of permanence and interior warmth. These are important attributes in an exposed place where protection is needed, such as the Farm (pictured). Rammed earth has good thermal mass and less embodied energy than reinforced concrete. earthstructuresgroup.com.au 02 Unfinished brass and copper sections These non-ferrous metals don’t rust, but develop a patina in response to use and exposure. They are suitable for both interior and exterior use. The practice prefers to work with the geometry of standard brass sections, such as flat bar, pipe and channel, rather than casting. Unfinished brass is used for a handrail at the Farm (pictured). 03 Rendered concrete blockwork The wall is a strong element in making…

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hird behan house by christopher polly architect

• SYDNEY, NSW • It was mid-2005 and I was still employed by Tzannes Associates when I received a call from a professional couple in the UK. They wanted to renovate and extend their freestanding terrace house just off King Street in Newtown, with a view to moving back to Sydney to occupy it. From memory, they had approached me after seeing an article featuring a renovation I had completed on my own terrace house a few blocks away from theirs and they were keen to work with an architect who was familiar with the area. At the time, I hadn’t entertained the thought that the project would provide some means to establishing private practice – the main impetus for which came in late 2005 with a large commercial project in…