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Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. is the only major brand dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies, with the aim to deliver real solutions for today’s innovative company builders.

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home is where the brand is.

Hospitality UNNAMED HOTEL PROJECT Hotel construction in Waco has lagged the uptick in tourism. So last year, the Gaineses began renovating a three-story, 1928 building five blocks from the Silos. It is their first hotel—following the three Magnolia vacation homes they renovated with their signature neutral color palette, shiplap walls, and salvaged pieces. Real Estate MAGNOLIA REALTY Started in 2009, this real estate agency run by Chip now operates in six markets around Texas (including Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio) and has some 100 agents representing commercial and residential properties. Restaurants MAGNOLIA TABLE, MAGNOLIA PRESS, SILOS BAKING CO. Dining options at the Silos include the Magnolia Press coffee shop and the Silos Baking Co., which Joanna believes could grow into a chain. A few minutes south, Chip and Joanna also launched a lunch and breakfast restaurant, Magnolia Table.…

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place of business indianapolis

STARTUP NEIGHBORHOODS Salesforce, Angie’s List, and email-marketing software giant ExactTarget are all within blocks of one another in downtown’s Monument Circle, 1 a neighborhood packed with tech startups. There’s no significant cost premium to locating in the heart of the city, which allows many companies to be close to the action. Indy’s $96 million, IndyGo Red Line 2 is a bus rapid-transit route that connects downtown to trendy Fountain Square. The HGTV-featured neighborhood has become a haven for creative startups that want to bypass the parking shortage downtown. Just northeast of Indianapolis is Fishers, a suburb that has spent the past five years wooing tech companies by lowering taxes and raising new office buildings. Nearly 600 members have joined the new 52,000-square-foot co-working space Launch Fishers, while the Indiana IoT Lab attracted 3,000…

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remaking a classic packaging design

Randy Ludacer likes tweaking classics. As a graphic and packaging designer, he’s designed a package for coat hangers that resembles a shirt, a puzzle cube-like box that holds souvenir candies, and a pasta sauce label whose barcode wraps around a fork like spaghetti. But he had no client or market in mind when he was fooling around on the web one day and thinking about egg cartons. Why not, he wondered, make a carton for a baker’s dozen of eggs? Not that it would have any practical benefits. After all, he had no egg farms as clients. He quickly realized that supermarket shelves weren’t made for odd shaped cartons. Still, it would be great publicity for Beach, the New York City branding and package design firm he owns with his wife,…

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defeat the trolls

Most entrepreneurs think of patent trolls as parasites who obtain questionable patents to extort money from legitimate businesses. The trolls call themselves “patent-assertion entities” that help innovators get paid for their ideas. Whatever your definition, trolls haven’t gone away, despite being reined in by the Supreme Court. Omaha, Nebraska–based startup MyVitalz provides remote patient monitoring via Bluetooth devices and a cellular hub. In September 2016, founder Justus Decher got a letter from My Health accusing MyVitalz of violating U.S. Patent 6612985B2, “Method and System for Monitoring and Treating a Patient.” The patent seemed to cover the entire concept of telehealth. He then got a demand for payment. Decher didn’t cave. Instead, he did some research. “I was amazed that all these companies were making agreements with My Health,” he says. But some…

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waco then the world

Mesh cap backward, face unshaven, Chip Gaines talks with the bluster of a guy at a party who has a story, or a colorful analogy, for everything—which he does. Joanna, his wife and co-founder of the couple’s rapidly expanding media and retail brand, Magnolia, sits beside him with an occasionally bemused expression, her black hair tumbling around the shoulders of a creamy sweater as she looks for opportunities to steer the conversation. Two full years before they shocked their fans by announcing the end of their hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper, they already knew they were going to have to leave it. The move would be risky. It was late 2015, and the Gaineses were in only the third season of the show that had transformed their lives almost overnight, taking…

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before he could make $46 million on cbd, he had to make his own equipment—and bail.

GREEN THUMB In 1998, Hunter was running his own illegal growing operation when an FBI raid cost him 12,480 cannabis plants and six years in federal prison. This year, his Santa Rosa, California-based company will legally process 146,000 pounds of cannabis and hemp. CHILL PILL In 2019, CannaCraft collected $46 million in sales—a little under half of its revenue—from CBD tinctures, topical creams, vape cartridges, beverages, and these discrete gelcaps, which sell for up to $4 each. Most of its remaining sales derive from products containing the mind-altering compound tetrahydro cannabinol, better known as THC. UNDER PRESSURE Every product begins as dried flower—or biomass, as it’s known in the industry. First, a CannaCraft employee stuffs biomass into an extractor, which is then pressurized using carbon dioxide. (Other producers use ethanol.) After about six hours, all…