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Tech & Gaming
InCar Entertainment

InCar Entertainment Issue 1 - 2018

InCar Entertainment is the only Australian magazine for car audio enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates good sound and on-road entertainment. Each issue combines great photography with expert coverage on DIY installation techniques as well as reviews of in-car audio visual products and technologies.

Nextmedia Pty Ltd
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In this issue

2 min.

NISSAN NAVARA 8” SOLUTION Enhance your Navara driving experience with Alpine’s 8” Navigation Solution, the perfect companion for the hustle and bustle and the adventurous weekend. Advanced navigation features include 3D landmarks, lane guidance, TMC live traffic information as well as speed alerts and fixed camera warnings. Venture off road and unlock Alpine’s true 3D terrain capabilities and intuitive turn-by-turn 4WD navigation. Route to your favourite POI via the extensive built-in database, or store your own special hidden waterfall or campsite via user input capabilities. The latest incar technology, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, delivers smartphone apps into the dashboard, such as phone calls, messages and an endless choice of music which can all be commanded effortlessly by Siri and OK Google. HDMI enables connectivity to a number of different devices…

2 min.
alpine x goes premium

Alpine took out a 2018 Sound+Image Award with one of its X-Series speaker splits — and now the company has extended the X-Series performance to new high-res heights with an all-new X-Premium series, which it says are “among the finest speakers ever crafted by Alpine”. New materials are key to the X-Premium range, with new carbon-graphite tweeters promising high frequency range extension to 66kHz, making them ideal for reproducing high-res audio files such as 24-bit/96kHz and beyond, while the nano-fibre woofer diaphragms Alpine says maintain high clarity and realistic sound while delivering extremely fast response speeds and dynamics. The diaphragms are now secured with a concertina-like double-gazed edge rather than a traditional roll surround, allowing lower distortion under high inputs, and the radial ring magnets have evolved from conventional neodymium magnets…

1 min.
clarion’s back-seat passenger pacifier

Clarion’s $899 VT1020A motorised rooftop monitor should put at least a temporary stop to the cries of ‘Are we there yet?’. With two-zone playback support, a head unit can send audio and video to the monitor without distracting the driver, while two rear-seat passengers can use infra-red headphones connected to the monitor, keeping the front seats entirely isolated from the entertainment being used to keep those back-seat passengers in their own little world. The monitor itself is a 1280x800 HD TFT active LCD screen with LED backlighting, ready to play back high or standard definition movies from the head unit via HDMI or composite AV connections. There’s also support for USB and a second HDMI input, enabling local use of alternative media sources such as video game consoles or portable media…

2 min.
pioneer z series   high tech & high-res

Pioneer’s latest Z series of automotive speakers follow the company’s ‘Open and Smooth’ sound philosophy, featuring smooth off-axial frequency response, superior directivity and an extended frequency range engineered to “achieve unprecedented audio artistry” in your vehicle. “Your vehicle will always be one of the most enjoyable environments to listen to music,” says Pioneer Electronics Australia’s Product Manager Benjamin Crawford. “During Pioneer’s remarkable 80-year history, our loudspeaker technology has advanced the limits of quality sound reproduction, transforming the musical recording into reality and offering an experience that only we can provide.” The Z Series use a 29mm aluminium-alloy balanced dome tweeter, developed using HSDOM (Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method) computer analysi to deliver accurate control of differential vibrations produced by the diaphragm, and improves high frequency dispersion, while the aluminium-alloy allows the tweeter…

2 min.
new horizon

Through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Boston-based company Waylens created the next big thing in automotive technology. Introducing, the Waylens Horizon performance camera system. More than 1600 backers pledged more than US$600,000 for development, and the final product has now moved in to production and has distribution throughout Australia. Not just a dashcam, the Waylens Horizon is a state-of-the-art vehicle performance logger, lap timer and premium video camera for driver and engine performance analysis for automotive, 4WD and motorsport enthusiasts. Some performance loggers on the market need to be professionally installed and can cost thousands of dollars. The Waylens Horizon can deliver most if not all of the functionality of the higher priced units at a fraction of the price. And no professional installation required, as it is a simple windscreen suction-cup…

2 min.
who needs a view? when you’ve got dvd, dab+, apple & android…

Sony is building upon the success of its XAV-AX200 with the new AX205DB DVD receiver, due in Australia for a May release at $799, keeping traditional sources while adding both DAB+ radio and the latest in-car connectivity with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built in, so that all smartphone users can take advantage of seamless integration of phone and dashboard, with apps displayed and controlled from the 16.3cm (6.4”) 800 x 480-pixel full-colour touch screen. Apple CarPlay integrates compatible iPhones with the car audio’s display and controls, allowing phone calls, music access, directions and more, while Android Auto extends the Android platform into the car with a simple and intuitive interface and powerful new voice action. But this Sony hasn’t jettisoned traditional entertainment to include the new. The head unit itself…