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Tech & Gaming
InCar Entertainment

InCar Entertainment Issue 5 - 2017

InCar Entertainment is the only Australian magazine for car audio enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates good sound and on-road entertainment. Each issue combines great photography with expert coverage on DIY installation techniques as well as reviews of in-car audio visual products and technologies.

Nextmedia Pty Ltd
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In this issue

2 min.
platform agnostic

ALPINE INE-W977A Apple CarPlay with Siri, Android Auto with voice control, premium navigation with off-road and 3D capabilities — plus a healthy 4 x 50W of power to deliver the wealth of entertainment options… Alpine’s INE-W977A really does seem to deliver a new benchmark for 1-DIN in-car entertainment, with a 7-inch touchscreen for control. So there’s no need to choose a head unit to match your mobile platform here. There’s Apple CarPlay providing iPhone functions directly through the 7-inch touchscreen display, with directions, phone call functionality, sending and receiving of messages, and music playback, all while you you’re your thoughts on the road. Or you can use Android Auto with an Android smartphone — again offering easy phone calls, text messages, Google Map and voice control through the 7” touchscreen. The INE-W977A…

2 min.
sculpting focal sound

FSP-8 SOUND PROCESSOR If you’ve invested in some fine Focal hardware for your vehicular entertainment, you’ll be wanting to ensure it’s working to its fullest capability. Whether it’s for controlling the company’s Flax speaker drivers, the K2 Power line or those ultimate Utopia beryllium speaker drivers, the French company’s FSP-8 Sound Processor aims to offer “the ultimate digital tool” to optimise and control the audio signal, capable of handling high-resolution audio, and providing a user interface designed for (and by) acoustic experts. Equipped with six selectable high and low level inputs to ensure compatibility with any front-end, the FSP-8 is designed to work with both factory head units and aftermarket solutions. It also features an optical digital input capable to 24-bit/192kHz and an additional auxiliary input, allowing the user to connect additional…

1 min.
euphoric bass

The Euphoria range of subwoofers represent DB Drive’s flagship models, yet at $399, there’s little to hold you back from enjoying the latest EPS8 powered sub in the range. The range is designed “for the traditional audio purist that likes to live life on the edge”, says DB Drive, focused on accurate musical reproduction, yet with the ability to perform at any volume level. The EPS8 uses an 8-inch drive and dual passive radiators with internal amplification rated at 225W or a stonking 550W dynamic power backed by a PWM MOSFET power supply and multi-fault protection circuitry. Compact and suitable for underseat use, it’s versatile too, offering adjustable input sensitivity across both low level RCA inputs and Factory Radio high level inputs, with 180-degree phase shift and variable low-pass filtering from…

2 min.
watching the detectors

We always start stories on radar detectors with the following important disclaimer: radar detectors are illegal to use in all Australian states other than WA (where Redline distributor Neltronics is based). See a further note at the end of this article. So Neltronics has announced a major upgrade for its bestselling Escort Redline radar detector — the new Redline EX. This is, they say, the same old Redline under the hood, with its dual antenna design for extreme long range detection, and they claim it to be “completely undetectable by RDDs (Radar Detector Detectors)”. The new additions include GPS, which assists with false alert filtering, and operates in cohoots with Escort’s Defender database of all fixed speed cameras and red light cameras. With GPS the new Redline EX has the ability to…

1 min.
ditching the disc

CLARION FX508AU Clarion’s latest double- DIN 4 x 40W receiver confirms the move away from physical media and the rise of the connected car, with its ability to run either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto depending on your platform of choice, then putting your apps right on the 6.75-inch capacitive touch panel. Of course there’s also Bluetooth built in for easy audio streaming, including Handsfree Profile 1.6 for superior call quality, with an external microphone included in the package. The Clarion can retain pairing information for five phones — enough for all the family — along with 500 contacts per phone, making calls and caller ID a clear and easy process. The disc-free mech’s rear USB makes the CarPlay/Android connection and also allows iPod direct connect; there’s a minijack analogue input there also…

1 min.
plating up

Off-roaders and tech heads can choose from some stylish new plates to customise their ride, with the latest releases from myPlates. myPlates has had a carbon-fibre style option for some time, but now they’ve added colour options in red, green and blue carbonfibre (above), made available for cars only, at this stage. These fill out a ‘tech’ range of custom plates along with mesh grille and brushed metal options, and a chequer steel finish. Or for offroaders, the Wanderlust range may suit — just a tad on the tacky side, perhaps, with their taglines “Happiness... is a road trip” and “The road is my home” (the slogans are not customisable), but they make a colourful option for getting spattered with red dirt as you head down the track. Prices vary from a…