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Inside Sport December 2019

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editor's letter

There are two things which Queenslanders are especially passionate about in the sporting sphere: their Maroon State of Origin heroes, and the first cricket Test of the summer being played at their beloved ‘Gabba. Every year – for years and years – the Gabba Test acted like the front door of another endless summer of cricket. And you didn’t have to be a Queenslander for there to be butterflies while waiting for it to roll around, either. Who doesn’t remember racing home from school on day one of the First Test at the Gabba to enjoy the final two hours of play, excitedly realising on your way home that you’d actually get an extra hour of post-school cricket on the TV because Queensland was an hour behind on account of no…

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freeze frame

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back with my aussie cricket family

Australia has a fabulous cricket culture. I have been very fortunate to have toured Australia as a player, and to have commentated out here. I just love the buzz around cricket. It is very different to back home. Cricket is obviously cool back in England as well, but there, it is always being overtaken by football, whereas I’d say that cricket is probably the number-one sport here in the summer. Like anything, you always want to be a better broadcaster. I am fortunate to work around the world and learn different skills and work with different broadcasters. What I love about Fox Cricket is they’re really just throwing everything into their cricket coverage. In my opinion there’s never been a better cricket broadcast and I’m just really excited about being part…

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punters chance

Hard to avoid the bellyaching these days about the group stage of the UEFA Champions League – even with a host of unexpected results early in this European season, the predictability of the super clubs’ progress has become more than a little numbing. But the first phase blessedly comes to a close this month, with all these global footballing brands getting set for the precarious fortunes of the knockout stage. So who’s looking good to make the trip to Istanbul next May? Man City $3.75 Pep Guardiola may not want to hear it, but his team has emerged as the clear favourite in the Champions League. This is the last level for City to clear; a prize so sought-after that it will cede away its title in England to Liverpool in exchange.…

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4 things you must not miss

Rally Capped Enjoy it while you can, Coffs Harbour, because Rally Australia (Nov 14-17) isn’t on the schedule next year. The WRC has brought in a rotation policy for various locations, which means the off-road class heads to New Zealand in 2020, but could return to our shores in ’21. In any case, this will also be a last chance to see rally god Sebastien Ogier in Australia, as the six-time champ has flagged next season as his swansong before he heads off to become of the faces of the new Extreme E electric SUV racing series. All kinds of motorsports give their last champagne spray this month, including Formula One’s finale at the Abu Dhabi GP (Nov 29-Dec 1). Devising Davis The venerable prize of international team tennis comes in for its…

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icc world test championship

1 The First Test against Pakistan at the ‘Gabba will be the first in Australia with ICC World Test Championship points on the line. This is the new league-style competition in red-ball (or pink) internationals, intended to provide “context” to Test cricket, as ICC oÿcials describe it. 2 Outwardly, the change to the structure of Test cricket is minimal – teams will still go on tours and play bilateral series. But results will now aggregate over a two-year window leading to two finalists playing at Lord’s in June 2021. 3 Nine of the 12 Test nations are involved, and each side will play six of eight opponents. Three series will be at home, three away. This raises an obvious first criticism of the new system – everyone doesn’t play everyone. 4 That’s not…