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editor's letter

IT IS THE story we’ve been waiting to run since March, a time of year that we’ve usually checked out of cricket to dive into the footy season. It was then that the biggest, broadest story in Australian sport in 2018 occurred. And if another comes along to surpass it, it will have to be big (nice try, Serena Williams). We are referring, of course, to the ball-tampering scandal that engulfed the Australian team in South Africa. It was a shocking turn of events, and the reaction to it also surprised with its fraught quality – the controversy touched a nerve that went beyond sport to become a wider social question. Australians had conveniently overlooked their cricket side’s previous hard-edged behaviour. Premeditated cheating, however, crossed the famed line that Aussie cricketers…

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20 things you might’ve missed

1 Just when you think the culture war can’t throw up any more surprises, a tennis tantrum becomes its latest flashpoint. Serena Williams divides opinion, spawns a thousand think-pieces ... and one notorious cartoon. Can’t wait to see the questions, and the answers she won’t care to give, at Melbourne Park in January. 2 Rugby league’s players association says the Canterbury Bulldogs’ Mad Monday antics, which were splashed across one Sydney newspaper’s front page, were not in line with their members’ values – but the players were “entitled to let their hair down”. A few weeks later, Cronulla player and media theorist Josh Dugan cries during a press conference because of the “negativity” of NRL coverage. 3 In the latest instance of the sports rights carousel, the Ten Network takes over as…

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freeze frame

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dear south africa …

It used to haunt them that they lost that game against us back in ’99 in the semifinal of the World Cup. One of the real highlights of this summer of cricket will be Australia’s three-match ODIs series and the one-off T20 international this month against our old mates South Africa. Thinking about these matches brings back so many memories of not just my own playing days, but the Australia-South Africa cricket rivalry as a whole. The South Africans generally, when you look across all their sports, are a fairly aggressive type of animal, if you know what I mean. For example, they don’t like taking a backward step in the rugby or cricket arenas. It is just the style of athlete they breed over there; they love to attack. They were…

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draft: it's all about value

Recruiting teens is not an exact science, but that does not reduce the pressure on clubs. Most football fans would be unaware of the AFL Draft Value Index. It may sound complex but the premise is clear-cut and it has become a valuable tool for clubs. The Draft Value Index is a table that allows list managers to measure selections in November’s draft via a points system. Pick no.1 is worth 3000 points, for example, while pick 70 is worth just 39 points. Recruiting teens from around the country is not an exact science, but that does not reduce the pressure on clubs to get it right. Here is what your club needs in the draft. Note: figure in parentheses is each team's top picks, prior to the trade period. GOLD COAST (2nd, 18th) 5761…

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why the nrc matters

The benefit of the NRC for our players striving for higher honours is the focus on key skills. There’s a premium on attack and performing these skills at a high speed. The National Rugby Championship has had its critics – and there have been many – but whatever form the competition takes, there is a reason why it is there. There needs to be a bridge between club and Super Rugby. There’s been plenty of debate amongst the loyal rugby fraternity as to what the right form of competition is. Is it the status quo, eight-team competition? Is it a club rugby champions league? Is it something completely different? Is there a clear pathway for a young kid with aspirations of wearing the green and gold? It is easy to throw stones, but…