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KAMUKE Ukulele Magazine Issue 10

KAMUKE is your passport to the ukulele world. Each beautifully presented issue includes fascinating features, pro playing tips and in-depth interviews with global uke stars. There are also compelling historical articles, gear reviews and much more!

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editor’s grass shack

ALOHA and welcome to the 10th edition of KAMUKE! In this milestone issue, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive interview with our friend Ryo Montgomery. An incredible talent from Cairns in Far North Queensland, you’ll be hearing a lot more about this guy – we guarantee it!If you’re after a great new playing technique to add to your repertoire, look no further than Ukulelezaza’s Pro Tip on page 9. And if you’re after a new uke, check out the beautiful instruments created by master luthier Jay Lichty in the Construction Zone.We also talk story with Australian music luminary Mic Conway, shoot the breeze with Alaskan wild man Ukulele Russ and induct the great Troy Fernandez into the Hall Of Fame. Happy reading!…

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the wizard of oz

AT JUST 24, Australian Ryo Montgomery is one of the most exciting players in the world today. The maestro from Far North Queensland is sponsored by Hawaii’s KoAloha Ukulele and has electrified audiences from Sydney to Seoul and Tokyo to LA. KAMUKE sat down with Ryo for a chat... When did you first pick up a uke?I was very young, maybe four or five. I didn’t take it seriously at that age – I just wanted to play sport because my mother’s side of the family is very athletic. What made you embrace the instrument?I started living with my father [Australian music legend Ric Montgomery] at the age of 13 and he influenced me heavily. Dad had a blues club called Johno’s Blues Bar at the time. It was one…

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thumbs up down!

STRUMMING techniques don’t always have to be fancy to be effective. One of my favourite ukulele techniques is so easy, you wouldn’t believe it actually works. Well, it does, and it’s versatile, too. I call it the thumb arpeggio and it’s a subtle yet effective way to break up the rhythm and add some emotion to your playing. Here’s how to do it. You simply strum all four strings with your thumb, a fraction slower than a normal down strum with your index finger. The idea is to make all four strings sound separately, like an arpeggio, within one beat. Don’t be shy about using a bit more force than you usually would and really push into the strings. It helps when you touch the body of the ukulele with…

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lichty guitars & ukuleles

AS YOU read this, Jay Lichty is probably in his workshop in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, USA, creating something beautiful. Jay’s been building custom ukes since 2008 and has garnered praise for his elegant designs and his instruments’ exceptional tone. The first instrument you ever built was a ukulele. What inspired that decision and where is it now?I became infatuated with ukuleles about 10 minutes after I opened the box containing my first factory-built baritone. I loved it and the potential I saw in what could be played on it. I had played five-string banjo and mandolin for years and I saw the uke as a combination of the two. So then I thought, “I wonder what a tenor with a high G would…

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central coast ukulele festival

NESTLED between the cities of Sydney and Newcastle, The Entrance is a coastal town and the home of the Central Coast Ukulele Festival. Organiser Liz Kitney from the Central Coast Ukulele Club takes us through the ins and outs of running what is an increasingly popular event on the Aussie uke calendar. The Central Coast Ukulele Club at Ukulele Festival Hawaii in WaikikiBosko & HoneyFestival Director Liz KitneyWhat made you want to start your own ukulele festival?After a few performances during the warmer months, we noticed the crowd building every time. People enjoyed our performances so much, we suggested the idea of having a festival to The Entrance Town Centre management and they liked the idea. The following year, we went to the second Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival and when…

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the purple rose of cairo (1985)

DIRECTOR: Woody AllenSTARS: Mia Farrow, Jeff Daniels, Danny Aiello, Edward Herrmann MOVIE magic is centre stage in The Purple Rose Of Cairo. Mia Farrow stars as Cecilia, a rather clumsy, mild-mannered waitress in Depression-era New Jersey who escapes to the cinema to avoid the harsh reality of life in 1930s America. With a job she hates and an abusive, layabout husband (Aiello) at home, it’s not hard to see why she seeks solace in the silver screen.While watching the latest blockbuster, which revolves around a wealthy Manhattan playwright (Herrmann) who goes on a trip to Egypt, Cecilia is shocked when one of the characters notices her in the audience, abandons the film and jumps into the real world.Cecilia doesn’t know what to do when dashing, fictional archaeologist Tom Baxter (Daniels)…