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Kitchens & Baths Spring 2021

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Filled with North America's most gorgeous kitchens and baths, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths focuses on the spectacular products and high-end design solutions that make a space truly envy-inducing. Gorgeous photos bring to life top designers' most amazing work, showcasing rich architecture, fabulous finishes, and luxurious features. These are rooms meant to inspire and to put a face on your dreams.

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from the editor

IN THE PAST YEAR, THE KITCHEN has taken on a bigger role than we ever could have imagined. In many homes, the kitchen—or neighboring breakfast table—has morphed into a de facto home office, complete with laptops, charging cords, and piles of paperwork. So it’s no surprise that the desire to banish clutter and streamline our most lived-in space has bubbled to the top of our collective wish list. After all, the kitchen is no longer just the heart of the home. It’s the engine that keeps it running. Designer Sarah Robertson understands this well. When tasked with reviving a tired family kitchen in Connecticut, she prioritized storage from the get-go, mapping out custom solutions that put everything in its place (“Orderly Conduct,” page 50). She tucked charging stations in drawers, slipped…

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q&a with barbara sallick

Q AT ITS VERY ESSENCE, WHAT IS THE PERFECT KITCHEN? Large or small, traditional or modern, white or rich in color, the essence of the perfect kitchen is how it makes you feel. It’s everyone’s favorite gathering place, so a balance of style and functionality is essential to creating a warm and friendly experience. Q WHAT IS YOUR BEST KITCHEN MEMORY? My grandmother was an incredible baker. I remember gathering around her kitchen table to admire her fabulous lemon meringue pies: fluffy white tops with bronzed peaks and tart lemon filling. The worktable wasn’t adjacent to the stove, and the entire space was quite dark and inefficient. Yet for all of her kitchen’s quirks, her amazing skills with a hand beater triumphed over it all. Q WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU WISH YOU…

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shower delight


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small stunners

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get more style in a small bath

Q HOW DO YOU CREATE A SPACIOUS FEELING IN A SMALL FOOTPRINT? Creating movement, paying careful attention to proportion, and using texture to add dimension are a few ways to make a small bath feel larger. Wainscoting on lower walls encourages our eye to move around the room, and a slightly darker color above makes the wall recede. Choose a carefully proportioned vanity that is wall-mounted or has cabinet legs in lieu of a toe-kick to increase the visible floor area. Likewise, wall-hung toilets free up a lot of space and are more aesthetically pleasing. Create a window effect with a large shower niche and tile it with a bold pattern. Graceful veins of natural stone and patterned textiles for window coverings all add interest and keep our eye from becoming…

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30 most innovation products 2021

1 AMPLIFY THE SENSES Tune into a relaxing shower experience with an iconic thermostatic mixer that replicates the nostalgic look and feel of a 1990s stereo system. Click a button to choose shower functions and turn the knobs to fine-tune and set water flow and temperature. Hi-Fi Thermostatic Mixers (starting at $2,500). Gessi North America; gessi.com 2 TWIST ON TRADITION Design and functionality intertwine in the Georgian Era Touchless Faucet by Perrin & Rowe. Turn water on and off with the wave of a hand to reduce cross-contamination. Choose from five finishes to suit any style of kitchen. Touchless Faucet (from $1,358). Perrin & Rowe; houseofrohl.com/perrin-and-rowe/ 3 MODULAR MARVEL Clean, modern lines. Smooth texture. Customizable configurations. They’re all hallmarks of the first modular outdoor kitchen to be created with preformed concrete panels that connect with…