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Mania February 2019

MANIA is cheeky, cool and in the know - just like our readers! Kids love reading MANIA to keep up to date with what’s hot in gaming, movies, music, celebrities and the latest toy releases.

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welcome to camp!

AAAHH MONSTERS Monsters are real at Summer Camp Island. But they’re not scary at all - they’re friends with the campers! THE HILLS HAVE EYES Everything on Summer Camp Island has a face! The moon, pizza slices, even Oscar’s favourite pyjamas! A very similar character named Oscar appeared in a short animated film by creator Julia Pott back in 2011! OSCAR A kid elephant fresh at Summer Camp Island. Oscar is a little shy and anxious, but his friends are making it easier! HEDGEHOG She’s Oscar’s best and oldest friend. This young hedgehog is super smart and skillful, and fully fun-loving! WITCH WATCH The camp is run by witch camp counsellors! They’re not evil - but they’re mean. Especially Susie! British Series creator Julia Pott voices Susie, the head witch counsellor!…

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summer camp q&a!

MANIA: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE SUMMER CAMP ISLAND? Julia: “Summer Camp Island is a show about two best friends, Oscar and Hedgehog, who come to a seemingly normal summer camp where as soon as the parents leave all the magic comes to life. The camp counsellors are teenage witches, there’s monsters under the bed, there’s yetis, sasquatches, elves and aliens!” MANIA: WHERE DID YOU GET THE INSPIRATION FOR THE SHOW? Julia: “I was living in New York working as a commercial and music video director when I decided to create my own show. Because I was feeling homesick, I wanted to create a show based around homesickness and the equivalent for me was summer camp!” MANIA: TELL US ABOUT THE SUPERNATURAL WORLD OF THE CAMP? Julia: “It was based on a lot on things I…

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mega music quiz

Q1 Which of these is a popular English pop rock band? A. The 1875 B. The 1987 C. The 1975 D. The 1969 Q2 Which of these popular American rappers performed the lead track for the newest Grinch movie? A. Tyler, the Creator B. Jaden Smith C. Dr. Seuss D. Pharrell Williams E. Dr. Dre Q3 Which Australian artist is famous for singing ‘What About Me’ and being a runner-up on Australian Idol? A. Guy Sebastian B. Keith Urban C. Shannon Noll D. Matt Corby Q4 Which of these awards is given out yearly to recognise achievements in music? A. Emmy B. Grammy C. Oscar D. Tony Q5 Which English artist has albums called ‘+’, ‘×’ and ‘÷’? A. Ed Sheeran B. Sam Smith C. Harry Styles D. James Blunt Q6 Which of these is NOT an actual old music technology? A. Casette B. Phonograph C. Vinyl record D. Superscope Q7 Which of these female pop artists is the youngest? A. Dua…

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2019 movie must - sees

THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART MARCH 28, 2019 The blocks are back! Emmet the master builder is back to test his mettle once again when the DUPLO menace threatens the LEGO Universe. Emmet, Wyldstyle, Batman, Metal Beard, Unikitty and more new friends will have to team up to take ‘em on! THE GUYS BEHIND THE LEGO MOVIES ALSO MADE SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE! DUMBO MARCH 28, 2019 A live-action remake of the classic animated Disney film from 1941! Dumbo is a young circus elephant with one peculiar feature - his massive ears. He’s made fun of by everyone at the circus, until he discovers he can fly with his big ears! THE ORIGINAL ‘PINK MOVIE ELEPHANT WAS ON A CRAZY PARADE FEAT ’ SEGMENT OF ANIMATION OF THE AT THE TIME OF RELEASE - LOOK…

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pet pals!

Lassie Pal the Rough Collie was the most popular dog actor in the 1940s and 1950s! He played the hero dog Lassie in 7 feature films and was loved worldwide for being a cunning canine! Air Bud The original basketballin’ dog! Airbud, played by a Golden Retriever called Buddy was actually trained to play a number of sports. It’s not just movie magic - this dawg could ball! Bo Obama Ex-US president Barack Obama’s presidential doggy! Along with Bo’s sister Sunny, these Portugese Water Dogs were the cutest things in the White House for Obama’s stint as president! Where’s my owner? In the USA , a miniature Schnauzer dog named Sissy escaped a family home and travelled 20 blocks to fi nd her owner who was being treated in hospital – way to go Sissy! SAM AND HER…

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big bash blowout!

LAUREN SMITH LAUREN’S STATS AGE: 22 TEAM: SYDNEY SIXERS POSITION: BOWLER BATS: Right-Handed BOWLS: RIGHT ARM OFF-SPIN MANIA: WHAT’S YOUR #1 CRICKET CAREER HIGHLIGHT? LAUREN: “I’d say winning our first final in BBL 02 over in Perth. It was our first ever win in this comp so it was great!” MANIA: WHO’S BEEN YOUR TOUGHEST OPPONENT TO DATE? LAUREN: “The toughest team would have to be Sydney Thunder because we’re both Sydney-based teams and we know each other really well!” MANIA: WHAT’S YOUR PRIZED CRICKET POSSESSION? LAUREN: “Probably my bats; they’re like my little babies! I look after them really well and get them cleaned like once a month!” MANIA: WHO’S YOUR CRICKET HERO? LAUREN: “When I was growing up it was Lisa Sthalekar, who I got to play with for two seasons!” MANIA: WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST CRICKET INJURY? LAUREN: “A few seasons ago I cut…