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Mania March 2019

MANIA is cheeky, cool and in the know - just like our readers! Kids love reading MANIA to keep up to date with what’s hot in gaming, movies, music, celebrities and the latest toy releases.

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back in black!

Join T’Challa and the Avengers in this Black Panthercentric super series! Black Panther must decide his loyalties - is he an Avenger fi rst or King of Wakanda? BLACK PANTHER T’Challa dons the Black Panther suit once again to tackle evil on a worldwide baddie-bashing trip! He’s got to prove his might to his country and take on the shady and surely sinister Shadow Council. SHURI Along with her gadgets and gizmos, Shuri returns to outsmart all who stand in her way . T’challa’s tech-savvy sister is here to provide not only brains, but brawn too! Together they’ve gotta save W akanda from certain peril! WHITE WOLF This inverted Black P anther lookalike has a magnifi cent mane and long, pointy arm spikes... but are they a friend or a foe? And what are they after? KILLMONGER Killmonger…

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avengers assemble!

Black Panther and Shuri aren’t taking on the baddies alone Alongside - they’ T ll ’ be challa teaming you’ll see up the with likes your of Captain fave Marvel America heroes and in Iron this series Man, as ! well Black W idow, Thor and more! SUPER-TEAM UPS WE WANNA SEE IN BLACK PANTHER QUEST! VIBRANIUM BROS: Black Panther & Captain America BLACK 2X: Black Panther & Black Widow BLACK N WHITE: White Wolf & Black Widow GENIUS DUO: Shuri & Iron Man GAL POWER: Shuri & Captain Marvel CRAZY COUSINS: Killmonger & Black Panther COWABUNGA, DUDE! WATCH MARVEL AVENGERS: BLACK PANTHER’S QUEST MONDAYS AT 5PM FROM FEBRUARY 4 ON THE DISNEY CHANNEL! The show even features our fave fresh-faced superhero Ms. Marvel, AKA Kamala Khan, who you might’ve seen in Disney’s Marvel Rising last year! If you’ve ever wanted…

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mega music quiz

01 Which of these songs does Pharrell Williams sing? A. Wannabe B. Beautiful People C. Shake It Off D. Get Lucky 02 The reason Maroon 5 is named Maroon 5 is a secret! TRUE OR FALSE? 03 Which of these isn’t an actual musical instrument? A. Güiro B. Saxodrum C. Glockenspiel D. Harpsichord 04 Which of these is a type of female singing voice? A. Tenor C. Soprano B. Molto Bene D. Baritone 05 Which of these is Bruno Mars’ actual name? A. Peter Hernandez B. Bruno Mars Bar C. Brunino Brown D. Bryan Marston 06 Which of these bands was Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl’s previous band? A. Panic! at the Disco C. 21 Pilots B. AC/DC D. Nirvana 07 Which of these is not a member of English pop group One Direction? A. Niall Horan C. A. J. Styles B. Louis Tomlinson D. Liam Payne…

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whatcha collectin’?

Robert, VIC Hello MANIA! This is my collection of Nintendo 3DS and DS games. I love playing my 2DS and I hope you like my collection! That’s a WIKKID collection Robert. I think we’re due for a 3DS sesh! MAD HATTER! Late American cap fanatic Roger ‘Buckey’ Legried built up one of the most impressive hat collections we’ve ever seen. The hat hero collected more than 109,000 hats in his lifetime - an extra impressive feat! COLA CRAZY! That’s a lot of soda! Italian cola aficionado Davide Andreandi has a HUGE Coca-Cola collection. He owns more than 10,000 unique cans of the carbonated drink - yikes! YOU COULD WIN! For your chance to win a Tech Deck 96mm Fingerboard, just send us a pic of you and your collection and tell us about it! Mail it along with…

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dog gone!

A LONG WAY FROM HOME After Bella the dog loses her family, she em-BARKS on a journey of massive proportions just to be reunited with them. This is one dedicated dog! OUR HERO DOG BELLA IS VOICED BY BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD, WHO YOU MIGHT KNOW AS DINOSAUR HONCHO CLAIRE DEARING FROM THE JURASSIC WORLD MOVIES! FAR-FETCHED Bella’s trip is no small feat! It’s a whopping 400 miles - about 650 kilometres for us metric system peeps! If you were driving in a car at 50km/h that would still take you a whole 13 hours! Props to Bella, the cross-country dog! A DOG’S WAY HOME IS A SEQUEL TO 2017’S A DOG’S PURPOSE, AND BASED ON THE BOOK BY WRITER W. BRUCE CAMERON! DANGEROUS DOGGO Bella encounters all sorts of hurdles on her cross-country adventure. She comes face-to-face…

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pet pals!

FUN FACT: Claudine’s dog, Raffy was previously owned by one of the illustrators for the classic Australian cartoon Blinky Bill! Claudine, NSW THAT’S A LOT OF ANTS The world’s largest ant farm is at the Singaporean office for Colgate P almolive Ltd. in Southeast Asia. This huge farm was 1.2 metres tall, 0.9 metres wide, and housed between 200 and 300 ant friends! We’re getting itchy just thinking about ‘em! HOTDOG HISTORY The history of the hotdog name is tricky ‘cos there are so many stories about its origin. One story is that people thought sausage makers were using dog meat to make their sausages and then the name stuck! Y uck!…