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Mania May 2019

MANIA is cheeky, cool and in the know - just like our readers! Kids love reading MANIA to keep up to date with what’s hot in gaming, movies, music, celebrities and the latest toy releases.

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Editor Dominic Bayley dbayley@nextmedia.com.au Designer Glen Downey Games Editor James O’Connor Junior Writer Sam Williams National Advertising Manager Donna Mcilwaine dmcilwaine@nextmedia.com.au Tel: +61 2 99016115 Production & Digital Services Manager Jonathan Bishop Ad/Production Manager Charles Balyck Publisher/Circulation Director Carole Jones Procurement Executive Vera Cheung Associate Publisher: Daniel Findlay Executive Chairman: David Gardiner Commercial Director: Bruce Duncan General Manager: Hamish Bayliss…

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hangin’ with handball heroes

WHAT’S HARDBALL ABOUT? It’s about a kid called Mikey who moves from New Zealand to a new school in Sydney where all the kids are into handball. He’s got raw power but no handball know-how . Mikey will have to pick it up with the help of new mates Jerry and Salwa if he wants to be the school handball champ! SEMISI’S STATS ROLE: MIKEY AGE: 12 FROM: AUCKLAND, NZ FAVE SPORT: RUGBY LEAGUE GO-TO SNACK: ALL FOOD BEST SEASON: SUMMER & WINTER CATS OR DOGS: BOTH MARVEL OR DC: MARVEL LOGAN’S STATS ROLE: JERRY AGE: 11 FROM: CANBERRA, ACT FAVE SPORT: GAMING GO-TO SNACK: FRUIT BEST SEASON: SPRING CATS OR DOGS: DOGS MARVEL OR DC: MARVEL…

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on the court!

MANIA: MIKEY AND JERRY HAVE GREAT CHEMISTRY ON HARDBALL. DID YOU GUYS KNOW EACH OTHER BEFORE THE SHOW? SEMISI: “We’d met briefly at a casting call but didn’t know each other. We are buds now though! We don’t live too far from each other and even play videogames online with each other!” MANIA: HOW’D YOU LAND YOUR ROLE ON THE SHOW? LOGAN: “My mum got a call from my agent and when I came home from school and they told me the news and I was so excited. I learned the script for the audition and I went along. The next thing you know I was Jerry! It was my first ever audition too!” MANIA: HAD YOU PLAYED MUCH HANDBALL BEFORE STARRING ON HARDBALL? SEMISI: “Everyone plays handball at my school but I wasn’t huge…

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z-star rocks mania hq!

STATS Nickname: Z-Star Bands she is in: 4 Hometown: Brighton, London, U.K. First record ever bought: Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglass Genres: Blues, Rock, Psychedelic, Soul, Country Label: Muthastar Records (self owned!) Guitar of choice: Telecaster MANIA: HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS? Zee: “Long enough to know better but I wouldn’t change a thing!” MANIA: HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR MUSIC? Zee: “A reflection of my personality. Original, honest, big-hearted, truckloads of beautiful love energy, generous, deep, explosive, profound yet unpredictable, lots of fun, liberating and unforgettable.” MANIA: HOW MANY INSTRUMENTS CAN YOU PLAY? Zee: “Not enough!” MANIA: YOU’VE GOT THREE UNIQUE SHOWS TOURING AUSTRALIA. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN Z-STAR, Z-STAR TRINITY AND Z-STAR DELTA? Zee: “Z-STAR DELTA is a duo between myself and Swiss multi-instrumentalist Sebastien Heintz. I sing and play drums and acoustic guitar. Z-STAR TRINITY features Aussie…

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whatcha collectin’?

Judd, NSW “Heya MANIA! Check out my jumbo car collection!” Yo Judd, that collection looks like it has some serious horsepower! FIRST-CLASS FUNKO! These are two Funko figures you would be VERY lucky to add to your pop collection. A Gold and platinum Stan Lee figure sold together on eBay for $55,000 US. With that much moolah you could buy so many regular pops! MASSIVE MICKEY! Janet Esteves from the U.S. is holder of the world’s biggest Mickey Mouse collection! Her huge collection of Disney’s favourite rodent contains more than 10,000 individual Mickey pieces. Or enter online at: www.maniamag.com.au/be-in-mania/ Aaron and David Miller from the US have the biggest gift card collection, with over 3,000 pieces! Well done!…

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the last link

A BIG-FOOTED JOURNEY A man-ape forms an unlikely trio with two humans, and embarks on a journey to fi nd his long-lost relatives on the other side of the world! MR. LINK The Missing Link between man and beast! Mr. Link (real name Susan) is seemingly the last of his kind in America. After befriending Sir Lionel he’s gonna make it his mission to travel across the globe in order to fi nd some distant family members! SIR LIONEL FROST Charming and heroic, this self-proclaimed myth and monster investigator doesn’t get much respect. But after agreeing to go on a global tour with Mr. Link he may be able to accrue the acclaim he needs to make it in the investigating biz! ADELINA FORTNIGHT Joining up with Sir Lionel and Mr. Link is the adventurous Adelina! This…