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MAXIM is the largest men’s magazine brand in the world. In 2019, with international editions in over 25 European and Asian countries and an extensive following in the United States, MAXIM continues to reach guys globally and creatively. MAXIM knows what guys like. And we talk in the same way that guys talk to each other. With men 18-34, we know the way they live, the way they work, the way they think and the way they play. MAXIM provides content and the appropriate channels for which this content is distributed – all while keeping in mind the needs of the audience we serve. MAXIM believes the content we serve should always evolve and adapt to the needs of our audience.

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the birdman

Franky Zapata is redefining limits with his jet-powered hoverboard — the Flyboard Air. The 40-year-old Jet Ski racer turned inventor-and-pilot has taken to the skies all over the world flying his hoverboard, which is powered by four turbo-engines putting out 1000bhp for a top speed of more than 150km/h. And for the Frenchman, it’s a childhood dream come true. “I spent 15 years of my life Jet Ski racing all over the world, but I always had the dream to fly,” Zapata says. “In 2015, I started developing this jet-powered board. I got the experience from my first invention for the Flyboard that you connect to the Jet Ski. Many people have already tried that; you can see that at beaches all over the world. But I always had the dream…

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like father, like son

If sons are meant to surpass their fathers, David Brabham has a more difficult challenge than most: His father, Jack Brabham, was a legend in the motor racing community before his passing 2014 at age 88. Jack not only owned a Formula 1 team and race-cars but also raced his vehicles himself, winning 14 grand prix and three world championships. The legendary Australian remains the only driver to have won an F1 World Championship in a car of his own design and construction, in addition to competing in many of motorsport’s most storied races, like the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Indy 500. To be fair, David has achieved his own racing glory, having won Le Mans himself. But his greatest challenge, in both preserving his father’s legacy and…

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form & function

When Massimo Tamburini, one of the most influential motorcycle designers in history, ended his tenure at MV Agusta, the iconic Italian builder where he had spent much of his career, one could be forgiven for seeing the move as the retirement of a legend. But Tamburini had other ideas. The man who designed some of history’s most beloved two-wheeled machines, including the Ducati 916 and the MV Agusta F4, had something special in mind. The break with MV Agusta at the end of 2008 provided the veteran Italian designer with the time, and freedom, to begin turning his wildest dream into reality: creating the most extreme, performance-focused, track-only sportbike ever built. So Massimo set to work, often designing for 12 hours a day. Complying with his noncompete agree- ment with Agusta,…

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auto art

After seeing the machines ridden by the legendary Bonneville racer Alp Sungurtekin, Mehmet got the basic idea for his design and did what any genius artist would do — he posted about it online. His other influence came from the wild: “Great white sharks have always been an inspiration to me, said Mehmet. So I decided to mimic their anatomy for Alpha’s bodywork.” Ideas in place, he aligned with Utah-based old school motorcycle builder Mark Atkinson, to rework a 1980s BMW K75 into a sleek, futuristic two-wheeler — specifically designed to trash the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Over several months, Atkinson built the chassis, aluminium linkage, bellcrank-actuated steering system, and created an ingenious shifting system which allows gears to be changed with ones knees. Nifty. The engine shares much…

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high time

The DB28 Kind of Blue Tourbillon from De Bethune, limited to an exclusive five pieces this year, utilises a blue-hued titanium for both the case and dial, and a high-frequency tourbillon to ensure accuracy. Bell & Ross’s BR-X1 brings high-end horology to show-and-tell with a transparent case made of sapphire glass. All interior components are visible, including the dial, with glow-in-the-dark Super-LumiNova accents, and its flying tourbillon can be seen from all sides, showing off its technical complexity. Ulysse Nardin’s Executive Skeleton Tourbillon possesses silicium technology, an absurd 170 hours of power reserve, and a flying tourbillon framed perfectly by rose gold along the watch face, complemented by an 18k rose-gold case with a ceramic bezel. The MB&F HM7 Aquapod RG fights gravity itself with a 60-second flying tourbillon placed prominently in the…

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6 ways to a six-pack

Contrary to popular belief, your “abs” and your “core” are not one in the same. The abdominal muscles that you’re probably more familiar with are the superficial ones that are primarily worked by flexing the spine — think sit-ups and crunches. However, the core includes all of those abdominal muscles in addition to all of the muscles of the pelvic girdle, lower back and glutes. To train the core in its entirety, you need to include a variety of exercises that address all the key components — flexing the spine, extending the spine (back extension and reverse hyperextension variations), extending the hips (glute bridges and hip thrust variations), twisting/rotating the torso and holding the spine still. This way, you’ll help prevent back pain, boost your agility, increase your flexibility and look…