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12 August 2020

Launched in 1955, MCN has been bringing its readers exclusive news stories about bikes for 60 years. Every week, MCN’s team of expert test riders & journalists will: • Review new and used motorcycles • Help bikers make the very best buying decisions • Provide the latest MotoGP and Superbikes news MCN is also famous for its unrivalled motorcycle sport news and insight. From the white-knuckle world of MotoGP to the elbow-clashing action of World Superbikes and British Superbikes, MCN gives the inside story. There are also thousands of motorcycles for sale in MCN. So if you’re thinking about buying a new machine there’s almost definitely a fantastic bargain waiting to be snapped up!

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‘good things happen when you go all-in’

It’s called ‘throwing the kitchen sink at it’ and it’s a strategy that produces amazing results; it’s what KTM have done in order to produce a premier class winning bike, when the RC16 took its maiden victory at Brno last Sunday (p71). In just their fourth season in the top class, the Austrian factory’s time, skill, dedication and large helping of Red Bull euros are finally paying off; it’s what rookie Brad Binder did when he sliced past MotoGP’s finest to give KTM that long-anticipated first win; and it’s what Binder’s parents did when they made huge sacrifices to bring their talented son to Europe (Brad actually cut his first race laps here as a 12 year-old on the UK club racing scene) so that one day he could take…

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motogp ticket refund row

After months of delay, people who bought tickets for now cancelled MotoGP races are receiving refunds – but it’s not for the full amount and it has left a bitter taste. Ross Crymble and Gavin Frain paid hundreds of pounds for tickets for the Mugello event. Initially the round was postponed, leaving them in limbo. The organisers eventually cancelled the race on June 10, but it took until the end of July for many people to get their money back or be offered an alternative ticket. Those who bought GP tickets direct from the circuit received full refunds at the end of June. But those who bought from MotoGP.com, the sport’s official website run by Dorna, have been offered replacement tickets to other events of equivalent value within the next 12 months, or…

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big boxer goes fully nitrous

The latest custom designer to be given free rein with BMW’s R18 cruiser is Roland Sands, and this head-turning, muscle car-inspired Dragster is the result. With a pared-down design that makes a showpiece of the 1802cc Big Boxer engine, the Dragster transforms the R18 from laid-back cruiser to mean-looking, nitrous oxide-breathing straight-liner. Starting from the front, the forks are taken from an R nineT and matched to the brakes from an S1000RR. The fuel tank is retained from the donor bike, albeit with a custom, pinstriped paintjob, and the exhausts are replaced with twin stainless megaphones. From the engine backwards, the mods become even more extreme. The frame has been heavily altered to do away with rear suspension, a new custom seat has been fitted and drag bike pegs have been fitted just…

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‘help yourself get the best deal’

“As far as part-exes go, the best things to do are the simple ones,” TJ Skrobot of BMW dealer Sycamore told MCN. “So, wash it before you come in, make it look its best, know when it had its last service, know how much you owe on it, know its registration number… If you want a deal, help yourself: if you get it looking its best it’s going to be worth more than if it doesn’t. The other thing that annoys dealers is ringing up and exaggerating a bike’s condition before bringing it in then, when it turns up, its chain is hanging on the floor, it needs two tyres and there’s a scratch down the tank… you’re not doing yourself any favours!”…

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wanted: your used motorbike

•‘A lot of people don’t want to use public transport’ The value of used bikes is on the rise due to a combination of factors brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, say UK dealers and industry figures. Rebounding demand post-lockdown, production interruptions to new supply and moves away from public transport are all factors cited by the trade behind boosted used values – so much so that dealers are paying more than usual for secondhand bikes to satisfy demand, with some offering big trade-in incentives. “In general sales have been very good,” said Vinnie Styles of Wheels Motorcycles, one of the UK’s largest dealers with more than 100 used machines in stock. “Scooters and commuter bikes are definitely strong because there’s a lot of people who are not planning on using public transport, plus…

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bikes on the rise

After a poor start to the year due to the coronavirus lockdown, motorcycle and scooter sales are on the rise, while interest in learning to ride is through the roof. After June posted positive sales results, July looks even better with a year on year increase of 42%. That means more than 14,000 new two-wheeled machines hit the roads. With training schools reporting record levels of interest in people taking CBT, it’s no real surprise that surge is reflected in new sales with 3576 new scooters being bought (a 56.6% increase). If you include motorcycles, but only things you’d consider commuter friendly, then sales are up 62.5%. Has the wider world finally got the message of cheaper, easier and quicker journeys? It certainly looks that way.…