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Men’s Fitness Quick Fix Fat Loss

Men’s Fitness Quick Fix Fat Loss

Mens Fitness Quick Fix Fat Loss

Quick Fix Fat Loss is your complete expert guide to losing body fat faster than you ever thought possible, while also building new muscle mass to transform your physique fast. Inside you’ll find your complete six-week fat-burning training plan - with detailed form guides to make each move more effective - that you can follow either at the gym or at home. There’s also a detailed guide on eating for faster fat loss plus the sports nutrition products that can help you get results faster. It’s all you need to burn off your belly for good.

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Welcome to your new eight-week training and eating plan that will help you shift body fat fast and allow you to build the body you’ve always wanted. In many ways you’ve already done the hardest part of any fat loss journey: you’ve bought this book and proved you are ready to make a commitment to improve your health and build a leaner, fitter body. That doesn’t mean stripping away body fat is easy – if it was, we’d all be walking around looking like underwear models. But this book reveals how you can improve your body in the easiest way possible – through a challenging training plan and a sensible, sustainable nutrition approach. Once you know the best ways to eat and exercise, you will shed your unwanted fat sooner than…

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get lean in just eight weeks

Have you tried to lose fat in the past to build a fitter, healthier and leaner body? Most of us have, but most of us would also admit that we ultimately failed to make the desired changes we wanted. Even if you did have some success, the chances are that you have put back on some of that lost weight. But you now hold in your hands the only guide you need to building a better body for life. Using our eight-week training plan, which has four workouts a week, will help you shift body fat fast – and help you keep it off by giving you all the training knowledge you need to turn your body into a fat-burning machine every time you exercise. At the same time, you’ll get a…

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your 8-week quick-fix fat loss plan

When you’re trying to reduce the amount of body fat you’re carrying – especially that fat that gets stored around your middle – it can be tempting to dramatically reduce the amount of food you eat (especially carbs) and dramatically increase the amount of exercise you do (especially in the form of long and slow running). But that’s a trap you don’t want to fall into. Blitzing your belly in the most effective way possible means taking a smarter approach to both eating and exercising. That’s where this eight-week workout programme comes in. It will place the perfect stimulus on your body to encourage it to tap into its fat stores to use as fuel. It will also add lean muscle mass to your major muscle groups – specifically your shoulders, chest,…

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how to make every workout your best ever

1 Make time for your training Every Sunday spend 10 minutes booking the week’s training sessions into your work diary. If you have them down in black and white and give them the same importance as your professional commitments, you will treat them as such and never use an excuse to skip a session. The most important element when trying to make significant improvements to your body is consistency – the more consistent you can be with your training, the faster you’ll burn fat. 2 Start to keep a workout diary Recording your progress is a fantastic way to stay on top of your fat loss challenge. After every training session, write down the weights you lifted for each exercise – next time you do that move, aim to go slightly heavier to…

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how it works

HOW DOES THE PLAN WORK? This eight-week workout plan will add muscle while stripping away fat because it’s a progressive programme that pushes you a little further outside of your comfort zone every time you train. This approach gives your body no choice but to keep adapting to the increasingly difficult challenges. Always asking your body to work a bit harder is tough, and there’ll be times you want to quit, but every session you successfully complete will take you a step closer to a better body. DO I NEED TO FOLLOW IT EXACTLY? If you want to get the best results possible you need to follow it to the letter. The plan has been designed to push your body hard, with four workouts every week, and chopping and changing will reduce its…

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key workout variables

EXERCISE The selection of exercises you perform in a given session is one of the most important workout variables because these determine which muscles you work and how much training time you give to a particular muscle group. All the workouts in this eightweek plan are made up of six exercises, which you’ll perform in a circuit (see next column). For most of this programme the first four moves you do in each circuit alternate between lowerbody and upperbody exercises. This is a proven approach to keep your heart rate high – which helps burn fat – as it is forced to pump blood back and forth between your torso and legs. The final two moves per circuit target your abs. CIRCUITS Every one of the four weekly sessions you’ll be doing over…