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Men's Fitness Ultimate Training Bible

Men's Fitness Ultimate Training Bible

Men's Fitness Ultimate Training Bible 2016

The Ultimate Training Bible, written by the fitness experts at Men’s Fitness magazine, is the book that’s going to change your lifting life for the better. After all, everyone’s looking for a 12-week training plan that produces amazing results, but it’s rare that anyone asks the question: what happens in week 13? This book answers that question. Being the teach-a-man-to-fish types, the experts behind Men’s Fitness have assembled the complete guide to every key move you need to build muscle, burn fat, proof your body against injury and the effect of ageing, impress potential romantic partners and look good naked. What’s more, this book offers high-level advice on how to use these key moves more effectively. That might mean assembling them into your own bespoke workout but it could also mean improving the training you’re already doing, filling in gaps with a sprinkling of new moves, or just finding a fun new way to train. With the Ultimate Training Bible, getting into the best shape of your life has never been easier, quicker or so much fun.

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