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Men's Health Australia June 2020

Men's Health is the go-to magazine for Australian men looking to improve all aspects of their lives, from fitness and health to relationships, career and nutrition. If you're looking for expert advice and tips on the best workouts, cooking a tasty, nutritious meal in 15 minutes, reducing stress levels or updating your wardrobe, you'll find it here, all written in Men's Health's intelligent and humorous tone.

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the good fight

COVID-19 has decimated healthcare systems and economies across the globe, claiming lives and destroying livelihoods. Social distancing and forced lockdown have changed the way all of us live, work and play. But amid the ‘unprecedented’ turmoil, many people are finding ways to be positive, helping others less fortunate, inspiring those who feel helpless and in the case of healthcare workers – like our cover guy, Dr Kieran Kennedy – ploughing on and doing their jobs under the most trying of circumstances. Here, in their own words, some of those who have stepped up in the short time since COVID-19 reshaped our lives reveal what drove them to find the best in themselves.…

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labour force

CHIN TUCK Stand tall. Tuck your chin into your chest and nod slowly for 10 reps. Think of yourself as the home-office yes-man. SHOULDER & CHEST STRETCH Place your hands on either side of a door frame. Step forward, feeling a stretch across your chest for 10 seconds. Repeat. PELVIC TILTS Sit straight, hands on hips. Tilt your pelvis backwards and hold for five seconds, then tilt forwards and hold for five more. ILIOPSOAS STRETCH From a lunge position, push your front knee forward while keeping good posture. Hold for 15 seconds and switch legs. SUPINE LYING Stretch out on a foam roller, feet flat on the floor. Extend arms to feel a stretch. Sometimes it’s okay to lie down on the job.…

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old-school elixirs

There were superfoods long before turmeric lattes – don’t let the old ways die Pork Scratchings This UK pub classic is, in effect, concentrated collagen, so your go-to snack could be responsible for that post-pub skin glow. That, or the pale ale. Liver Don’t scoff at your granddad’s hankering for liver and onions. One 100g serving is loaded with copper, crucial for healthy blood vessels. Lard Swapping to margarine would be a step backwards for your health, research suggests. Lard, meanwhile, contains three times the omega-3s of butter.…

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dr kennedy’s full-body treatment

DUMBBELL PUSH-UP-TO-ROW: 4x12, 60-second break btw. sets • Keep core stable and body straight through push-up movement. Tuck arms close to body and pull the weight up toward your rib cage for each row. PLATE FRONT RAISE: 4x12, 60-sec breaks • Hold arms with a slight elbow bend, hands at 3/9 on plate. Engage core and raise arms up slowly to parallel and back down. STANDING PLATE PRESS: 4x10, 60-sec breaks • Press a moderate weight plate between each palm with arms extended. Focusing on pressing in firmly on the plate, move hands inward to your chest and back out. DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESS: 4x10, 60-90 sec breaks • From standing position, start with dumbbells held at shoulder height with palms outward. Slowly raise dumbbells above your head until arms are almost fully extended, then lower back to…

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good guy, bad drinker

GOOD DRUNKS are all alike; every bad drunk is bad in his or her own way. I, for example, am a self-destructive bad drunk. I’m pleasant until my fourth drink, after which I can be found weeping in the street, wondering where my phone is. (I am also prone to gifting my personal effects to strangers.) Other drunks are bad in outward-facing ways. They’re belligerent and defensive. They take their pants off at corporate events. They get “handsy”. Case in point: in August 2017, I was sitting at a bar with friends. I was pre-weepy, somewhere between drinks two and four, when I felt something on my right thigh. For a second I thought it was my skirt bunching up, so I did a little wiggle to dislodge it. Then I realised the…

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eating keto made easy

1 BREAKFAST OPTION 1 LOW-CARB PANCAKES • Large eggs, 2• Extra virgin olive oil, 2Tbsp• Maple syrup, 2Tbsp• Vanilla extract, ¾tsp• Himalayan rock salt, a pinch• Baking powder, 1tsp• Almond flour, 120g• Almond milk, a glug Find a large bowl and throw in the eggs, oil, syrup and vanilla extract. Add a pinch of salt and baking powder, then sieve through 120g of almond flour with a splash of almond milk. Whisk to a stodgy batter. Drop a lump of grass-fed butter into a preheated pan. When it’s melted, add 3-4 dollops of pancake mix and fry until golden brown on one side, then flip. Once they’re cooked, remove them from the pan and leave to rest for one minute. Serve with an egg and some bacon if you like your pancakes savoury, or…