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Men's Health Australia September 2021

Men's Health is the go-to magazine for Australian men looking to improve all aspects of their lives, from fitness and health to relationships, career and nutrition. If you're looking for expert advice and tips on the best workouts, cooking a tasty, nutritious meal in 15 minutes, reducing stress levels or updating your wardrobe, you'll find it here, all written in Men's Health's intelligent and humorous tone.

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editor’s letter

DAD ISSUE ★What makes a modern-day hero? If you’re hooked on a certain film genre, you might say superhuman strength, virtuousness and a commitment to defend and protect the good people of your land. Perhaps even a gritty origin story. And spandex. But what about in the real world? Like almost every former schoolkid, I remember being assigned my first major writing task. I was about 10 years old, and it was sometime between earning my pen licence and learning the game of bullrush. The theme: who is your hero and why? My answer back then came as easily as it does now: my dad. The previous weekend had been spent at the beach, where I found myself caught in a rip that was dragging me out into the Tasman. With the ocean floor…

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ask mh

THE BIG QUESTION Cancer rates in men are rising. What can I do to stop it all ending in tears? - RG ★ The recent rise from one in three people being diagnosed with cancer to one in two seems ominous – but the shift has a benign cause. Doctors are simply eradicating other causes of premature death. “With fewer polio and tuberculosis deaths, elderly people are far more likely to die from cancer – the over-60s account for more than three-quarters of patients,” explains Sarah Lewis, an epidemiologist at the University of Bristol. “Overall survival rates have actually doubled in the past 40 years.” But while deaths are in relative remission, cancer is far from cured. In Australia, 76,000 men are diagnosed each year, with prostate, skin, bowel and lung cancers (in that…

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text a running coach

‘I don’t want to overshare, but I’m chafing post-run. Soothe me, please!’ Friday 5:30pm There’s no chance I can focus on a PB. It’s all pain, no gain! I hear you. Take a shower! Keep it lukewarm to soothe your skin and pat yourself dry – rubbing will cause more pain. Then stick some Sudocrem on your sore bits. The pain is gone! But I NEVER want that again. Any tips? Your running outfit is probably too loose, causing friction. Try tight and breathable. Seamless materials cost more, but are worth it. More moisturiser, too? Body Glide balm is best. Apply it to areas at risk beforehand and bring it with you in case you need a top-up. If your nipples are still suffering, it’s time to go Kim K … Post a pic of them online? Tape them…

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ask the girls in the office

I really like this girl at work. But is it worth trying to navigate the minefield of an office relationship?– AC Lizza: Yes! My parents met at work, and they’ve been married for 40-plus years. Nikolina: I know a few couples who have met at work. I don’t think it’s a reason you shouldn’t get to know someone. Maybe not so much in the office, though – maybe lunch breaks. Lizza: It’s easy to see how colleagues can form an attraction. You spend so much time together. Nikolina: Yep. And you’re in the same field, so you’re more likely to have a similar outlook and similar interests compared to a banker and a social worker. Lizza: And you also get to see them when they’re under stress – you see how they deal with that.…

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whip up new heart health

YOUR MONTHLY DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST LIFE ENHANCING RESEARCH VIRAL FOOD and drink trends usually turn out to be high in flavour and fat and low in pretty much everything else. The cronut and duffin (a doughnut muffin) may do plenty for your Instagram kudos, but they’ll do nothing for your health. The iced dalgona coffee, however, is both an artfully whipped brew designed to court double taps and, according to new research into the benefits of coffee, a delicious ally in reducing your risk of disease. Previous studies have linked coffee with a raft of health benefits, including sharper memory, improved liver function and protection against dementia. But, so far, no one has identified precisely how those benefits are conferred. Recently, a team of Dutch scientists focused their research on epigenetic…

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trends on trial

✓GOOD UBE ICE CREAM The yam that this is made from is high in nutrients like vitamin C, potassium and heart-healthy antioxidants. ✗ BAD KOMBUCHA BEER The gut health-boosting probiotics used to make alcoholic kombucha are either killed or removed before they’re packaged. ✓ GOOD CBD CHOCOLATE It won’t get you high, but cannabidiol – cannabis plant extract – has been touted for its potential to alleviate pain and anxiety. ✗ BAD MEAT-FREE BURGER While a beef patty has about 4.2g of saturated fat, a Beyond burger has 6g and an Impossible burger contains 8g. WORDS: LOUEE DESSENT-JACKSON; PHOTOGRAPHY: @HUMMINGBIRDHIGH…