Men's Health Australia November 2021

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editor’s letter Men’s Health Australia @MensHealthAU @menshealthaustralia YOU DO YOU * Working for Men’s Health comes with some undeniable perks, none more rewarding than the people you meet. We cross paths with extraordinary talents and minds: doctors, scientists, athletes, artists and, yes, the odd celebrity. While still in my journalistic infancy, I have picked up a few habits from more senior colleagues – one of which is to immerse myself in the world of my subject. A kind of ‘method journalism’, it involves trying to gain an insight into their life before we talk; to share a common mindset; to understand what makes them tick or, at the very least, to have had a shared experience. The goal is to break the ice, leading to a more authentic conversation – and, hopefully, a more interesting read for…

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the big question

★ Ask yourself: is the job worth your investment? “Most challenging jobs come with stress; it’s the level of stress you need to be mindful of,” says psychotherapist Avi Klein. Are you gaining weight or losing your appetite? Are you losing interest in hobbies, lacking motivation or easily angered? (Burnout can look like depression.) Are you developing unhealthy habits, like eating more sugary foods, drinking more and avoiding friends? “All of this could be a sign that you’re under too much stress,” advises Klein. Next, ask yourself: are things likely to get better soon? If there’s no hope for the stress turning into gains (a promotion, a better job down the line, a respite after a project), it might not be worth toughing it out.…

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text a pt

‘How do I build shoulders that really make a statement?’ – SE Today 5:38am I’m starting to think shoulders make a physique. I train mine heaps but there’s nothing special about them. Shoulders are crucial, no doubt about it, because properly developed, they help give you width and the V taper. My guess is your delt training is too front focused. Huh? Quick anatomy lesson. The shoulder’s a three-headed muscle with front, medial and rear components. You need to be hitting all three to produce strong, stable and eyecatching delts. Well, I do a lot of push-ups, military presses and front raises. How’s that sound? Like a recipe for trouble. All those moves are primarily targeting your front delt. Keep the military press but sub out the other two for lateral raises (side delt) and scarecrow rows…

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ask the girls in the office

★ Ask the MH girls the questions you can’t ask anyone else. They’re three women who speak their mind, so don’t expect sugar-coated answers Becky: Ooh, jumping the gun a bit, it feels like. Lizza: Hmmm, I would say not until you’re... Nikolina: Married? Becky: Had your first child. Then you can delete them. I’m joking. Lizza: For me it’s until you have that conversation where you agree you’re exclusive, and then you can delete them together. But don’t jump in. Don’t disarm unilaterally. Becky: Agreed. Because no one wants to redo their profile. Lizza: It might be as simple as saying, “Hey, I’d like us to be exclusive – would you delete your apps?” Or you could be very casual: joke about having your profile still and then suss things out and see how they’re feeling. Becky:…

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the right kind of beer belly

YOUR MONTHLY DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST LIFE ENHANCING RESEARCH RED WINE has long enjoyed its rep as a heart-healthy tipple, celebrated for its high polyphenol content. But it’s hardly a summer thirst quencher. Fortunately, according to Dutch gut scientists, grain matches grape, and a daily pint can be “very healthy”. It’s a claim to which we’re happy to raise a glass this month. This finding comes courtesy of Eric Claassen at the University of Amsterdam, who points to beer’s life extending probiotics as an excuse to keep the fridge well stocked. Specifically, he recommends Belgian beers, which go through a double fermentation process, as opposed to mainstream lagers, which are only fermented once. The second fermentation stage doesn’t just make the beer stronger and more flavourful; it involves a specific type of…

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the fasted route to rapid health gains

OVERHAULING YOUR DIET in pursuit of better health is never easy. Swapping microwave dinners for meal prep requires time and effort – and to cap it all off, there’s a risk that your body might not be ready to reap the benefits of your hard work. Specifically, your gut microbiome might not be ready. The billions of health-promoting organisms in your digestive tract multiply or decrease according to what you feed them, but this change is often slow. If your diet has been less than optimal for a while, you might not have enough good bacteria to extract all of the benefits from a nutritious meal. Unless, that is, you fast first. In a recent study at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine, researchers divided overweight people who were about…