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November - December 2019

Men's Health Singapore is the authority on men’s fitness, health, sex and relationships, grooming and style, a “100% Useful” monthly guide for the sophisticated and active man who is vibrant, financially secure and who seeks an editorial product that is presented in an approachable and professional manner.

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Looking Forward With the end of the year approaching, it’s only natural for many of us to take a moment to pause and reflect; to look back at how the year has been and whether we’ve stuck to the goals we set ourselves. Remember those New Year’s resolutions you were determined to accomplish? Have you managed to achieve them? If you haven’t, what steps have you taken to get closer to those targets? No matter how near or far away you are from achieving what you set out to, it’s important to remind yourself that things take time, and persistence and consistency is what counts in the end. In the case of Anthony Mackie, it took him 20 years of hard work before he ended up being part of one of the biggest cinematic…

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Dealing With Stress: How To Avoid Choking Under Pressure Everyone experiences stress at every point in their lives. But how do you cope with the pressure when it is at its worst? https://www.menshealth.com.sg/health/ dealingwith-stress-how-to-avoid-choking-under-pressure/ Crawl Workouts: 6 Crawl Exercises To Improve Your Fitness & Mobility Crawling is a movement pattern in the same way that walking and running are, and re-learning to crawl as proficiently as you did as a baby will pay big dividends for your overall strength and fitness. https://www.menshealth.com.sg/fitness/ crawl-workouts-exercises-improve-fitness-mobility/ LIKE US AT www.facebook.com/ menshealthsingapore FOLLOW US ON www.twitter.com/ menshealth_sg VIEW OUR PHOTOGRAPHS AT www.instagram.com/ menshealth_sg THE MOST USEFUL E-MAIL IN YOUR INBOX Sign up for our newsletter when you register to be a member on Menshealth.com.sg and receive free expert advice and tips delivered straight to your inbox. Each week, you’ll learn how to upgrade your muscle gains, look…

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Sure, you’ve heard of Tupperware, scrap-booking, wine tasting and spa parties. But it’s not just girls who know how to have fun. Men can have their share of ingenious ways to get together. Just add waxing to that list. Better still, a bachelor Brazilian waxing party for your buddy who’s soon to be married. While it might not sound like an ideal evening out for some, waxing parties are gaining popularity the world over. In Singapore, bachelor waxing is a new Brazilian waxing experience introduced by Thomas D’esthetique, the leading men’s aesthetics, wellness and skincare salon. Its founder, Thomas Tong, has over 20 years of experience as a face and body aromatherapist for men, skilled at hair removal via Brazilian waxing. Thomas D’esthetique provides two waxing services to suit one’s comfort level.…

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Maybe. Do you notice your stress rising in an uncomfortable way during interpersonal situations too? Are your friends and family voicing concerns? Anger’s a completely valid human emotion. But it can become a problem when it affects your health or the wellbeing of the people around you. People with chronic anger have an active adrenal system, leading to increased risk for pulmonary issues. So notice your anger. Then pause and breathe. Try “box breathing”: Slowly inhale, holding your breath, then exhale. When your anger is under your control, you can communicate your needs rather than Incredible Hulking through life. My wife thinks my breakfast is weird, and my kids make fun of me. Oatmeal, low-sugar whey protein powder, beet powder, baobab powder, matcha powder, maca powder, psyllium husks, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg,…

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MY GIRLFRIEND SAID I “GAVE” HER A UTI. IS IT ACTUALLY MY FAULT? – MARK Your fault? No. The fault of the sex you had? Probably. A urinary tract infection is when bacteria (from your own body or someone else’s) gets into your urethra. Docs have even labelled UTIs “honey-moon cystitis” because the main causes include frequent sex – particularly very lubricated sex. For a woman to prevent them, she should pee before and after sex. Be a mensch and remind her not to fall asleep without hitting the loo.…