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Men's Health UK August 2019

Men's Health is the UK's best-selling quality men's magazine packed with expert tips and advice on everything today's man needs to feel fitter, healthier, and happier. Every month Men's Health delivers the inside track on the subjects that matter most to men. Naturally there's fitness, weight loss and general health plus the best advice on food, nutrition and meal plans. The award-winning Men's Health also delivers the very best in sex and relationships, gear, style, grooming, travel and wealth. Small steps, big results: It's an essential read for any man who wants to make his life better without turning his world upside down.

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the expert panel

RICHARD BROCKHURST CROSSFIT COACH Raise the bar on your last-minute six-pack goals with the help of Brockhurst, an expert on a fiendish move that’s sure to impress p100 ROSE BITAR NUTRITION HISTORIAN Once the preserve of elite UFC fighters (and the Kardashians), keto has gone mainstream. But is it for you? Bitar gives us the skinny p72 JIM WHITE FITNESS DIETITIAN Not all shakes are created equal, so let White give you the inside scoop on the perfect powder for maximum muscle p29 PATRICK McKEOWN BREATHING COACH Breathe new life into your fitness with advice from McKeown, who wrote the book on how the latest trend can boost performance p25 PHILIP TIERNO MICROBIOLOGIST Tierno and our team of germ experts dish the dirt on your “harmless” everyday habits so you can clean up your act p30 NANCY COLIER PSYCHOTHERAPIST Imposing a blanket ban on screen time might…

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editor’s letter

During the 14 years that I’ve worked for Men’s Health, barely a month has passed without someone asking me to comment on the “ideal” male physique and our collective sense of body image. Over that time, everything and nothing has changed. When I joined in 2005, the professionally portly Peter Kay was Top of the Pops; today, the Instagram account with the most followers (170 million) belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, a man who has never knowingly passed on the opportunity to show the world his chiselled torso. Over the same period, obesity in UK men has risen from around 23% to 26%; between 2017 and 2018, the number of admissions to NHS hospitals in which body mass was a primary factor increased by 18%. Yet, from Love Island to Hollywood, the…

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see the light at work with some blue sea thinking

Striking a work-life balance is the modern-day Sisyphean ordeal. So once you switch on your “out-of-office” for a holiday, a looming work project is the last thing you want to think about. Yes, muting your inbox is a sound strategy, but the latest study suggests that burying your head in the sand entirely may not be such a smart move. Researchers have found that spending time at the water’s edge in between sunbathing has a significant effect on your brain’s creative processes. That means a walk along the shoreline could provide the inspiration you need for a promotion-worthy idea. Looking out to sea presents your mind with a simplified field of vision, while the rhythmic sound of the waves replaces the onslaught of visual and auditory stimuli that the brain has…

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unleash hell on your core

Everyone wants a six-pack for the summer and, thankfully, there are more cutting-edge ways of achieving it than doing endless reps of overfamiliar moves. The gladiator get-up will deliver the washboard you want without eating into the time required to hone total-body strength. It’s an evolution of the Turkish get-up, in which you stand from a lying position with a weight overhead. Here, however, you shift into a straight-arm side plank, then lift your top leg. “You’re building abs that look great, but you’re building lateral stability, too,” says PT Andy Speer. This will make you stronger for all the major lifts. Pause at each step to increase your time under tension. Set an alarm for 10 minutes and alternate sides until the time is up – a 10kg dumbbell should do…

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the health snob’s guide to condiments

01 YOUR NEW SQUEEZE They’ve long been considered the enemy of healthy eating, but with a little know-how (and a lot less sugar), condiments needn’t be a guilty pleasure. “Mass-produced variations look for a quick cook, so they’ll overcompensate by adding lots of sugar,” says Gaven Fuller of organic food specialists Daylesford (daylesford.com). “But you can recreate that sweetness by cooking slowly and adding natural sugars, such as apples and honey.” Follow his lead for home-made alternatives worth a double dip. A MOLASSES This treacle gives barbecue sauce its dark hue and flavour. While white sugar is devoid of nutrients, molasses delivers a payload of potassium, iron and vitamin B6 to give you a mental lift – though that may also be down to the ribs it’s glazing. B EGG Mayonnaise may be white, but…

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…i’m jet-lagged?

01 HEAD START More than 70% of people have experienced jet lag. According to a study in Current Biology, the rapid switch between time zones disrupts your brain’s suprachiasmatic nucleus, an area linked to REM sleep and feelings of fatigue. It’s no wonder you’re out of whack. Boost melatonin with some banana and pineapple to combat this: eat the combo in the mornings before and after a flight if heading west, or the early evening of the departure time zone when heading east. 02 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS Strategic exposure to bright light can speed up your body’s attempts to reboot its internal timing system when you’re hurtling across the planet, according to data from the Society for Endocrinology. When travelling west, try to get outside in the late evening, and avoid light in the…