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Men's Health UK April 2020

Men's Health is the UK's best-selling quality men's magazine packed with expert tips and advice on everything today's man needs to feel fitter, healthier, and happier. Every month Men's Health delivers the inside track on the subjects that matter most to men. Naturally there's fitness, weight loss and general health plus the best advice on food, nutrition and meal plans. The award-winning Men's Health also delivers the very best in sex and relationships, gear, style, grooming, travel and wealth. Small steps, big results: It's an essential read for any man who wants to make his life better without turning his world upside down.

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the expert panel

ALDO KANE TV ADVENTURER The former Royal Marines sniper and television’s ultimate man of action explains how true strength is forged in the mind p38 SONAL SHAH NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST There’s no winging keto, so knowing how it works is key. Shah anatomises the biology of fighting fat with fat p109 ANDY WAUGH CHEF AT MAC & WILD Waugh and our team of top chefs serve up the tastiest ways to load your Tupperware with nutritional firepower p68 STANTON GLANTZ CARDIOLOGIST Is vaping the solution to tobacco-related illness, or a new front in the nicotine war? Glantz smokes out the hard science p72 MARTINS LICIS WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN Build a body that can handle life’s challenges from any angle with the help of champion strongman Licis p32 JULIAN HEARN HEALTH FOOD PIONEER As the global appetite for liquid nutrition grows, the Huel inventor makes the case for food…

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editor’s letter

PAGE 60 Julian Hearn claims he has created nutritional perfection with Huel. He explains to MH why function trumps flavour PAGE 62 Many of us are skipping meals for snacks, but can all-day grazing chip away at our health? PAGE 54 From day-long abstinence to dusting off your juicer, our easy-to-digest fasting guide explains the ups and downs of going no-turkey PAGE 68 Upgrade your sad salads to premium al desko fitness fuel. You’ll never resort to a drab meal deal again PAGE 38 Elite sniper, stunt rigger, now TV star: after a life spent in the shadows, Aldo Kane is ready to step into the spotlight PAGE 72 The rise of vaping has helped millions of smokers stub out tobacco, but do the risks of e-cigarettes outweigh their benefits? This morning, I came into work planning to write my editor’s letter…

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slice out your risk of infertility

For many of us, pizza is an unrivalled cheat meal. Gratifyingly, research suggests that it could help you cheat the generation game, too. Male infertility has been found to be the cause of a couple’s failure to conceive in around 50% of cases. As men wait longer to start a family, the problem is growing worse: after you hit 30, the rate at which your fertility declines accelerates. Yet these statistics needn’t leave a bitter taste. Eat more pizza and your odds may improve, science suggests. In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, men who consumed two tablespoons per day of concentrated tomato purée (which forms the base of your pizza topping) had improved sperm motility – the cells’ ability to move independently – and overall quality. The…

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your stand-up routine for all-new gains

You don’t need a strongman gym to build functional fitness. Simply grab a sandbag to elevate the classic Turkish get-up to new heights. “The traditional move is a masterclass in control and finesse,” explains the MH fitness editor, Andrew Tracey. “But this variation has more in common with the wrestling ring than the weights room.” Strongman and functional training are trending for a reason. “The unpredictable load means no two attempts will be the same, giving your core, back and legs a new stimulus with each rep,” he adds. This move is perfectly deployed on its own as an AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Pick a short time frame – five minutes will give you plenty of time under tension to fuel your gains – and push through as many…

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the health snob’s guide to ancient grains

01 IN WITH THE OLD The endless debate around carbohydrates can be tiresome: low carb or low fat? Vegan or paleo? We don’t blame you if you’re confused. The short answer is that, with the right ingredients and recipes, carbs can power all of your healthy ambitions. But knowing this doesn’t make yet another sweet potato any more appealing. The solution is to heed the lessons of history – ancient history. Follow the culinary expertise of Chantelle Nicholson, chef patron at Tredwells (tredwells.com), to turn these superfood grains into meals that will satisfy any 21st-century appetite. A AMARANTH Whether popped, puffed, or ground into flour, this Aztec staple is rich in niacin, which boosts levels of good HDL cholesterol and lowers harmful triglycerides, protecting you from cardiovascular disease. B FARRO A mainstay in heart-healthy Mediterranean…

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…i lose my hair?

01 HAIR TRIGGER When it comes to our aesthetics, most men don’t ask for much – a touch of moisturiser, perhaps; a solid haircut, sure. The problem is that two-thirds of us will eventually lose our hair. Even worse, it can occur at any time after puberty, due to an excess of a by-product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This causes hair follicles to shrink, making new hair finer, lighter and shorter. Eventually, none will grow at all. 02 OLD NEWS Male pattern baldness (MPB) is closely linked to maternal genetics. One of the genes associated with hair loss is found in the X chromosome, which means if you have it, you inherited it from your mother. Ethnicity is relevant, too, with Caucasian men more prone. It’ll also come as little surprise that…