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Metal Hammer UK

June 2019

For over three decades, Metal Hammer has brought the biggest and the best in the world of metal each and every single month. From exclusive interviews with the biggest bands in our game to celebrating the rise of the new artists taking our genre into its next chapter, we represent heavy music in all its many forms, offering world class features, unbiased reviews and special looks inside the scenes no one else will talk about. Be it heavy metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, goth, industrial, djent or the stuff so bizarre it defies classification, you'll find it all here and backed by the best writers and photographers in our game. If you like heavy music on any level, welcome to your new favourite magazine.

United Kingdom
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metal hammer

EditorialEditor Merlin Alderslade merlin.alderslade@futurenet.comDeputy Editor Eleanor Goodman eleanor.goodman@futurenet.comProduction Editor Vanessa Thorpe vanessa.thorpe@futurenet.comReviews Editor Jonathan Selzer jonathan.selzer@futurenet.comArt Editor Louise Brock louise.brock@futurenet.comOnline Editor Alice Pattillo alice.pattillo@futurenet.comOnline News Editor Scott Munro scott.munro@futurenet.comEditor in Chief Scott RowleyContributorsRob Barbour, Emmie Bielby Dean Brown, Cheryl Carter, Richard Chamberlain, Chris Chantler, Alec Chillingworth, Toby Cook, Ali Cooper, Joe Daly, Malcolm Dome, John Doran, Dave Everley, Jerry Ewing, Connie Gordon, Jason Hicks, Stephen Hill, Emma Johnston, Dom Lawson, Dannii Leivers, Dave Ling, Sophie Maughan, Edwin McFee, Chris McGarel, Ken McIntyre, Joel McIver, Mörat, Tom O’Boyle, Dayal Patterson, Adam Rees, Alastair Riddell, Natasha Scharf, Holly Wright, Nik YoungCover image: Steve BrownDigital 3D modelling: Steve NewmanPhotographyJustin Borucki, Derek Bremner, Steve Brown, Stephanie Cabral, Duncan Everson, Mick Hutson, Will Ireland, Tina Korhonen, Marie Korner, John McMurtrie, Kevin Nixon, Jake Owens, Jeremy…

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as metal as it gets

IT’S AS SIMPLE as that. Towering, melodic death metal anthems about Vikings? Sung by guys that look like Vikings? Which, pulled together on stage alongside a giant boat, inflatable dragons and walls of fire, looks like something out of hit TV show (you guessed it), Vikings? Few bands of the past 20 years have been taken as instantly and proudly to the hearts of metalheads around the world as Amon Amarth, so to welcome them back to the cover of Metal Hammer, we knew we had to do something special. Just check out that cover shot. We suspect Johan Hegg didn’t have to get too far out of character for that one.It’s not just about swishing swords and chugging mead, though. There’s something intrinsic about what Amon Amarth do that…

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meet the band

ALICE PATTILLOONLINE EDITORFive years after she first interned here at Hammer HQ and then became one of our trusty freelancers, Alice joins the team full-time as our brand new Online Editor. Which means she’s now in charge of all you lot on our Facebook page. God speed.MATT MILLSWRITERHaving been part of Team Hammer for more than two years, Matt has become one of Southampton’s premier metal ambassadors. This month, he’s looking further afield courtesy of a Slaylist with Phil Bozeman, of Knoxville crushers Whitechapel. How tropical. It’s as simple as that. Towering, melodic death metal anthems aboutSTEVE BROWNPHOTOGRAPHERWhen Steve’s behind the lens, you know things are about to get cinematic, and rarely more so than this month’s thunderously epic cover shot with Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth. We had to…

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we’re on a boat (motherfucker)

A STAPLE PART of the heavy metal calendar for eight years now, the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise recently travelled from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Labadee, Haiti and back. Carrying more than 50 bands and a few thousand delirious metalheads, it was another week of absolute lunacy. Where else would you get Max Cavalera and that annoying mascot from Nekrogoblikon rubbing shoulders with dive-bombing hairy blokes in mankinis? Quite honestly, where else would you want that? Head to www.metalhammer.com for more photos of one of the funnest (and daftest) few days of the year.…

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new york giants

THERE HAVE BEEN a raft of exceptional metal, punk and hardcore documentaries over the years, but perhaps none as personal and revealing as Showtime’s The Godfathers Of Hardcore – a brand new film from director Ian McFarland that tells the story of legendary NYHC veterans, Agnostic Front. “I’ve been friends with these guys for many years,” Ian tells us when asked about the initial inspiration for the film. “My band has toured with them, I’ve directed a bunch of their music videos, so I was around them a lot, and I saw a really unique friendship between Roger [Miret, vocalist] and Vinnie [Stigma, guitar] that was very hard to put into words. You really need to see it to understand it. I wanted to do something more than a ‘band…

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10 things we learned this month

JOHAN HEGG LOVED OUR COVER SHOOT WAY TOO MUCHSeriously, he was far too comfortable swinging that big hammer about.DEATH METAL IS HAPPY MUSICAccording to a recent study by an Australian university, death metal brings “power, joy and peace” to all who consume it. We agree.FESTIVAL SEASON KICKS OFF NEXT MONTHFirst up: All Points East with one of the summer’s more eclectic line-ups.Architects are playing All Points East. Yassss!METAL’S LEGENDS AREN’T DONE YETMetallica and Judas Priest both working on new music? We’re all the way in on that. Like, up to our elbows in that shit.WWE HAVE DONE METAL T-SHIRTSAnd we love them. Even if we think that Bray Wyatt is more of a Sabbath man than Braun.MACHINE HEAD ARE NOSTALGICBurn My Eyes in full? Yes, please. Then maybe a new…