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November 2019

If you love fast cars and everything surrounding them, then MOTOR is the magazine for you. From the hottest new cars to the wildest tuner vehicles, through the people who build, buy, race and repair them, MOTOR shines a spotlight on the late model car enthusiast lifestyle. Through 60 years of heritage MOTOR has built up a reputation as the car enthusiast’s bible.

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dylan campbell

IF YOU DON’T SHARE your toys with Australia we’ll bloody well just make our own. That’s effectively the story behind our cover car this month, the surprise Ford Mustang R-Spec. With Ford USA unable to send hotted-up Shelbys like the GT350 and GT500 our way, Ford Australia, together with Herrod Performance, has taken upon itself with great effort to offer a locally-developed, supercharged Mustang for those to whom 339kW is simply not enough. The manual-only R-Spec (or R-SPEC if you ask Ford) is to be ‘built’ on a new assembly line within the old Broadmeadows factory precinct. Fancy that! And it’s to offer between 400 and 500 kilowatts for, hopefully, less than $100K. You can read more in MOTOR’s exclusive story just over page and as much as I’d like to…

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01 500kw r-spec

FORD IS READY to unleash a factory supercharged V8 Mustang on an unsuspecting Australian public. Denied the possibility of Shelbys in showrooms due to a lack of right-hook availability, Ford Australia has taken matters into its own hands, teaming up with Blue Oval guru Rob Herrod to deliver a limited edition, power-packed Pony Car called the Mustang R-Spec. This is not a drill, this is not speculation, these are not computer generated images – it’s a real car and it’ll be available in Ford dealers in early 2020 with a five-year warranty. Unfortunately, the information you really want to know – how many kilowatts, how many dollars and how many cars – can’t be provided as we don’t know yet. Because Ford doesn’t know, either. It’s keen to celebrate its achievement…

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how to build an even better one

IF YOU STILL want more from your Mustang, Herrod Performance can help. As an official Ford Performance parts supplier, once you’ve taken delivery of your R-Spec a visit to Herrod’s traditional workshop opens up a world of possibilities. Beefier brakes from the Shelby GT350, engine or differential cooling, uprated driveline components and aesthetic modifications are all available and because they’re from the official Ford Performance catalogue, they won’t affect your warranty, except of course on the actual parts that have been replaced.…

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04 things that make the r-spec tick

BUY A BLOWER If you want to know exactly what’s contained in the Ford Performance supercharger kit, head to the FP website and search for ‘M-6066-M8’ or just ‘700HP Supercharger’. HUFF ’N’ PUFF The kit was designed as a collaboration between Roush and Ford Performance and the blower is a 2.65-litre unit with four-lobe rotors and high-flow inlet and outlet ports for greater thermal efficiency and capacity. EASY ACCESS Getting air in with as little impedance as possible is a priority, with a new lower intake manifold and air inlet system and an 87mm electronic throttle body which is standard fit on the Bullitt. COOL RUNNINGS Keeping temperatures under control are a slightly larger radiator and an air-to-liquid intercooler integrated into the lower intake manifold. Maximum charge pressure is 12psi.…

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02 x5 m returneth

BMW’S MADDEST AND baddest SUVs just got madder and badder. The covers have been flung off the new BMW X5 M and X6 M, with the wilder Competition variants set to land in Australia in Q2 2020. The headline news is the installation of the 460kW/750Nm 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 from the M5 Competition, which propels these 2295kg leviathans to 100km/h in a claimed 3.8sec, almost half-a-second quicker than their predecessors. The X5 M Competition manages to pass 200km/h in 13.4sec, the sleeker X6 reaching the marker 0.2sec quicker. Regular variants of the X5 and X6 M produce 441kW/750Nm and reach 100km/h a tenth slower, but are unlikely to reach Aussie shores. An eight-speed automatic sends drive to all four wheels via the M xDrive system, which debuted in the current M5 and,…

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03 nismo attacks

THE NISSAN GT-R has spent its life chasing supercars on road and track and now the MY2020 is chasing them up the price charts too. The ultimate iteration of the R35 is now available to order in Australia priced from $378,000, a whopping $79,000 price hike over its predecessor. That seems like a lot, especially as it produces the same 441kW/652Nm from its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 as before. As ever with the GT-R, though, the devil is in the details. There are new turbochargers from the GT-R GT3 racecar, with 14.5 per cent lighter turbine wheels for faster response, and the six-speed dual-clutch gearbox shifts more quickly and aggressively in its R mode thanks to revisions to its electronic brain. Carbon fibre is used for the roof, front guards and bonnet to…