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Mountain Biking Australia May-Jun-Jul 18

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Mountain Biking Australia is 'the' magazine for enduro, trail-riding and cross-country mountain bikers. Written by experienced riders who know what they’re on about, Mountain Biking Australia features detailed, critical analysis of new bikes, parts, clothing and nutrition. The five in-depth bike tests in each issue give great insight beyond the manufacturers’ marketing spin. Brilliant photography gets you up close and personal with the all new gear. There are mechanical ‘how-to’ tips to help you maintain your gear, and technical riding pointers to help you ride better. A great read for MTBers the world over. Download your copy now!

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here today…

It’s become a regular thing for a few mates and I to try and find one weekend a year where we can convene to do nothing else but ride bikes, and do all those other cool things that come with riding bikes with mates; dodgy barbeques, abandoning dodgy barbeques to go to the pub, waiting for your buddy to get their respective shizzle together (that would be me, usually), fixing bikes and relaxing post-ride. It stemmed from a few years of chasing our own tails into smokin’ last place in marathon races, when we realised that the most fun part of the event was the practice laps. Why? We were all together, having a ride and a laugh. “Why don’t we just go away for a weekend and ride?” opined one of…

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mud clearance

Keep the Rubber Side Down My name is Noel, and I am the worst mountain biker in the history of mountain biking! Sounds like a self help group. Much to my wife’s frustration, I am a 46-year-old man in a 76-year-old body who still thinks he is a 26-year-old. I never really gave the sport a crack until I moved to Cairns about eight years ago. Living right next to the Smithfield mountain bike tracks, I simply had to give it a go. Being a big unit I was fully aware that the higher through the air I sailed, the harder I would hit the ground. Luckily my eldest son was there to witness one of his father’s particularly big failed Evel Knievel attempts. Let’s just say that trying to ride back to…

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grey is the new black

So this is the current state of mountain biking? As a greying reader, (much like yourself, Tim), flipping the wrong side of forty, I am dipping my toes back in the water after a prolonged hiatus AKA having kids. When I was young, the mountain bike magazines of my youth were filled with technological advances: bar ends longer than the bar they attached to; suspension forks that were nothing more than rumour; CO2 cartridges that cost too much pocket money to ever dream of actually using. And now, nearly thirty years on, we have the rise of the (e-) machines; more wheel sizes to choose from than spokes on a wheel; and handlebars wider than the sky. So technology moves on and tempts us with its promises of a faster, longer, more…

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tathra after the fires

On Sunday 18 March, a bushfire – apparently started after wild winds blew trees onto electrical lines – swept over the NSW coastal town of Tathra after jumping the Bega River, destroying 65 houses, 35 vans and cabin and damaging 48 more residences. Mercifully, no one was injured or killed in the maelstrom… but the tiny village, home to less than 1600 people, has paid a heavy price. Tathra is best known to mountain bikers as home to a brace of trails that define the very essence of community spirit. More than 50km of world-level singletrack has been carved out of the hillsides behind the township over the last decade and a half, without a single dollar of state or federal government money assisting the cause. Half of it – including the legendary…

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latest dirt

ABSOLUTEBLACK SILICONE GRIPS AbsoluteBlack has come up with an interesting take on the lightweight silicone grip with this dual density number. The company claims that the 70g grips – yep, that’s for a pair – are grooved for extra grip, making it ideal for riders who ride gloveless. At 33mm in diameter and 130mm long, they also offer a good amount of chunk. They even ship with a pair of turned alloy bar end plugs that use rubber o-rings to keep them in place, and they even ship with spare o-rings so you can adjust the fit. Weight 70g Price $50 Website www.absoluteblack.com ONEUP AXLE ‘Lighter’ and ‘stronger’ aren’t often heard in the same sentence when it comes to mountain bike bits, but that’s what OneUp is claiming for its new 15mm axle. Designed to replace…

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escape pods

As we roll up behind two other riders on the winding dirt trail, my guide Tam slow down noticeably. Isn’t that nice, I think. She’s giving them some room so we can ride faster. Suddenly she slows, veering left onto a barely marked track in the Tasmanian rainforest and motioning for me to follow. “We can’t let anyone see us,” she loud-whispers, as we ride further into the bush. In 20 seconds we emerge into a clearing, where it looks as if a benevolent alien race has beamed down a brace of small, curvaceous dwellings for its exclusive use. We are virtually in the epicentre of a large mountain bike trail network that rivals anything currently in existence in the world… and nobody knows these buildings are even here. Welcome to the Blue…