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Multihulls Today Summer 2017

MQ-Multihulls Quarterly is the only magazine published in North America for multihull enthusiasts, both power and sail. Created by the publishers of Blue Water Sailing magazine, MQ offers news and notes from around the multihull world, in depth reviews of new multihulls and relevant gear and equipment, and offers great personal stories from sailors and cruisers all around the world who spend their time on the water aboard their multihulls – either catamarans or trimarans.

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2 min.
caribbean chartering: great summer and fall deals

The BVI has long been the mecca for bareboat chartering and it is now a four-season destination since all of the large charter fleets based there have seen their summer and fall business continue to expand. Part of the reason, no doubt, lies in the killer deals most of the companies offer of “low season” rates. Sumer in the Caribbean is hurricane season officially but the preponderance of storms occur in September and October. Plus, weather forecasting is so good these days, you do not run the risk of being caught unaware by a storm that requires your attention. Here are some of the deals on hand: The Moorings specializes in Premium bareboat charters but they do offer off season pricing and great deal for charters= that last 10 days or two…

7 min.
america’s cup preview

The last America’s Cup, which was held in Fan Francisco three years ago, opened our eyes to the wonders of foiling catamarans. The event also gave us one of the greatest comeback victories ever in sports when Oracle Team USA snatched victory from the certain jaws of defeat. The Kiwis aboard Team Emirates New Zealand had mastered foiling before the other teams and showed steady, incremental improvement right through the Louis Vuitton Series (eliminations for challengers) and through the final regatta. But the real story of the last America’s Cup was watching skipper Jimmy Spithill and his team struggling with the foiling technology early and then, in one day off and with the massive resources behind their campaign, get the hang of foiling and improve at it faster than their Kiwi…

6 min.
multihulls have arrived

Eighteen intrepid captains and their crew departed Hampton, VA last fall as part of the Sixth Annual Salty Dawg Rally to the Caribbean. But, these are not your grandfather’s catamarans. The early model cruising cats with plywood slab sides and v-hulls over ribs and chines could be built in your backyard. And, if you built it well you could run up the coast, keeping an eye on the nearby shore. Those who ventured across oceans in these early multihulls were considered extreme sailors. But, today’s greyhounds of the ocean leap across oceans and visit far off islands and continents, all from the comfort of an expansive cockpit, comfortable bunks, and a salon with great visibility. And don’t forget doing all this while keeping the captain, mate and crew comfortable, well rested,…

5 min.
making memories in the bvi

Frank Sinatra sang about baubles, bangles and beads. Coming up to last Christmas as I was considering which of these to buy my wife, Kathryn, I was looking at a Pandora suitcase piece for her bracelet and suddenly thought, well, this is silly. Instead of buying something to represent travel, why not invest in an experience instead. With the advent of Facebook, we often remark when photos of years past come up as a reminder of what we did, “Was it really three years ago we were at Disney World? And how young we looked.” For us, fun experiences and fond memories last longer and are often more valuable than baubles. After much consideration, we decided on chartering a Moorings power cat in the British Virgin Islands. The 433 has all the…

8 min.
a magic carpet ride

Driving a 66-foot, all-carbon performance catamaran isn’t something I do every day. Flying a hull on one isn’t something I do at all. Except that I did—in China—with designer Gino Morrelli standing next to me shouting over the wind, “You’re flying!” Adrenaline whooshed through my ears and although thrilled, I was scared senseless. I might as well have been flying a G6. On the port side, this 20-ton platform was riding on her T-foil only. One herky-jerky move with the wheel and she would teach us all a lesson. Even with racing rock stars, this must be a well-controlled exercise and it’s not recommended for short-handed cruising. We had spent two days trying to get hull number two of the Hudson & Hakes (HH) line of performance catamarans to fly. At first,…

9 min.
are you a spreadsheet person?

Are you the sort of guy who asks builders for performance polars? Who measures a catamaran’s power to weight ratio? Do you spend hours poring over catamaran owner web blogs and or forums? Do you research carefully the difference between various foam cores, glass materials, resins? Are you attracted to electric engines and lithium ion batteries? Intrigued by rotating wing masts, foils, or curved daggerboards? If you answer yes to most of the above you are what we yacht brokers jokingly call a “spreadsheet guy.” As a life-time sailor and racer I honestly much prefer working with spreadsheeters over impulse buyers. Spreadsheet guys wisely focus on both the visible and the invisible when buying a boat because they recognize the purchase of a large catamaran is not, as one of my…