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Muscle Evolution May-June 2018

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Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA’s top bodybuilders, coaches and industry experts, to deliver a comprehensive and compelling read for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders, and serious gym-goers alike.

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keep lifting

I train so that I can deal with life. Many go to gym only to stimulate. This is not training. A more appropriate term to best describe this practice is maintenance. Real training demands a certain kind of pain that mutes everything around you. It makes you forget about the inconsequential things in life. All that matters is the barbell on your back. You’re bullshitting yourself if you think that you can still hear a conversation when you’re training ‘hard’. Train for a purpose. Don’t stop and don’t get discouraged just because you missed a lift. There is no secret that will add 10 kilos of muscle to your frame (unless you originate from a planet called Krypton) without hard work, rest, supplementation and the consistency of a decent meal plan. It takes time…

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the next evolution

I almost didn’t take a trip down to the coast shortly before this magazine’s deadline. Work usually gets too chaotic, which makes it hard to leave. But if there’s one thing I’ve come to understand, it’s the need to make time for what’s important in life. I guess you could say that in my older years I’ve come to understand the value of spending time with family and the people who are most important in my life. Just the other day I heard that someone I knew really well had suddenly and unexpectedly fallen critically ill. This once thriving and healthy individual was now in hospital fighting for their life. That type of news really puts life into perspective. Suffice to say, I’m embracing every moment and I’m glad I took…

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muscle news

NPL PRO-GAINS An ultra-premium sports supplement scientifically-formulated to promote muscular hypertrophy. The nutrient-rich formula delivers 55g of quality protein via a multistage protein release mechanism, along with 10g of naturally occurring BCAAs and 10g of L-glutamine. This ensures optimised nitrogen retention, and promotes lean muscle mass and strength gains, while aiding optimum muscle recovery. A precise ratio of fast-digesting whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, and whey protein concentrate has been included for rapid amino acid uptake. Calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate and egg albumin provide a slower release of amino acids to create the optimal anabolic environment for hypertrophy and recovery. Also contains complex carbohydrates designed for individuals or hard-gainers who are seeking to maximise lean muscle gains. This ensures rapid post-workout muscle glycogen replacement for optimal muscle recovery. In…

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APRIL 28 IBFF KLERKSDORP CLASSIC DEVELOPMENT SHOW The International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF) will host a development show for novice athletes in the Klerksdorp Auditorium in the North West Province. Those who have received a top 3 placement on an IBFF stage previously cannot enter this show. As this is a development/novice competition, the IBFF encourages athletes to enter into more than one category. Make sure not to miss this golden opportunity as R5000 in cash will be up for grabs for the Overall winners. A special category, Best Poser, will allow all the rookies to compete in a proper posing showdown. Come show the IBFF what you’ve got! • VENUE: Auditorium Hall, City of Matlosana, Klerksdorp. The main show kicks off at 18:00. Contact Ida on 082 890 4312 or visit www.ibffafrica.co.za 28…

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the latest gear

ROLEX MILGAUSS WATCH The Milgauss (Oyster, 40mm, steel) was introduced in 1956 and was designed to meet the demands of the scientific community. It is capable of withstanding magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss. It became known as the watch worn by scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. The new generation Milgauss, introduced in 2007, features several innovative components and patented technologies that enhance protection from magnetic interference. The shield inside the Oyster case is made of ferromagnetic alloys selected by Rolex, which surrounds and protects the movement. The Milgauss is equipped with calibre 3131, a self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Like all Rolex Perpetual movements, the 3131 is a certified Swiss chronometer, a designation reserved for high-precision watches that have…

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the rock from nkandla

“PEOPLE ARE SURPRISED BY MY AGE BUT I TELL THEM THAT AGE IS JUST A NUMBER AND THAT I AM THE PERFECT EXAMPLE THAT IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START A DIET AND TRAINING PROGRAMME.” Where are you originally from? I was born in Nkandla but moved to Pinetown where I work. What sparked your interest in bodybuilding? I decided to compete at the age of 40 after watching my first show. Back then I had no idea that I would compete internationally one day and be afforded the opportunity to inspire others. Isn’t it supposed to be harder when you get older? I follow a schedule which involves five to six weight training sessions per week and I focus on different body parts per session. I believe diet is the key to achieving a…