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Muscle Evolution July - August 2017

Muscle Evolution is South Africa's leading resource for weight training, competition news and reviews, supplementation and nutrition. Established in 2003, Muscle Evolution has built a loyal following among the passionate local bodybuilding community. Muscle Evolution offers locally relevant, in-depth and informative content in innovative, progressively-designed features that are written by SA’s top bodybuilders, coaches and industry experts, to deliver a comprehensive and compelling read for competitive and aspiring bodybuilders, and serious gym-goers alike.

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method in the madness

Chasing the Big Three (squat, bench press and deadlift) can get tiresome. Please, all you barbell zealots who are only interested in bone-crushing strength, don’t stop here. Read on. Although there is nothing more awesome than picking heavy shit off the ground, changing gears once in a while and using other lighter training tools (machines and dumbbells) can keep your training fires burning, especially in the winter months. If the idea of using something other than a barbell irritates the hell out of you, a small change in how you execute a particular move can also make a huge impact. To prove this point I will take a practical example from my own life. Lately I’ve been itching to get back to regular deadlifts, but have found that the three-quarter deadlift,…

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keep it simple

“THE MAIN THING I’VE LEARNT IN MY LIFE IS THAT THE MORE ADVANCED THE ATHLETE, THE SIMPLER IS HIS APPROACH. NOVICES TEND TO OVERCOMPLICATE THINGS.” Maybe it’s just me, but the older I get, the more I seem to hark back to the past for motivation and inspiration. I feel there’s little originality in music and bodybuilding these days. What I find truly authentic resides in the past, which means I often turn to YouTube to watch the athletes of old – the greatest to have ever roamed the planet, in my opinion – to draw inspiration and absorb as much as I can about their mindsets and their attitudes. Bodybuilding today seems to be a watered-down version of the hardcore lifestyle it was a decade ago. I really miss the no-bullshit,…

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marcelle, sa’s newest ifbb pro

Marcelle Collison, who featured as our ME Babe in the May/June 2017 edition, received her IFBB Pro Card after winning the Ladies over 1.63m Body Fitness line-up and Overall title at this year’s Arnold Classic Africa, hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. The Pro status makes her eligible to compete on the international Pro circuit. Marcelle has been working incredibly hard for the past four years to achieve this goal, and under the guidance of IFBB Pro bodybuilder Andrew Hudson she has now managed to accomplish the highest honour as an amateur athlete. “Andrew has been incredible. Not only do I respect him as a coach but also as a person, a family man and as an athlete. I also have wonderful friends who are constantly supporting me…

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muscle news

SSN CYTOGUARD An advanced pro-anabolic formulation which has been developed using the latest advancements in the science of performance nutrition. When used as directed, and in conjunction with an appropriate training programme and dietary protocol, the research-proven ingredients in SSN Cytoguard help rejuvenate stressed muscles while simultaneously increasing overall lean body mass and strength, and enhancing recovery times. USN PURE PROTEIN GF-1 USN’s Pure Protein GF-1 is back, and even better. The product is derived from cross flow ultra-filtrated, internationally-sourced whey. Cross flow filtration (CFF) is a high-quality, 100% natural and chemical-free process where whey runs alongside high-tech ceramic filters, while a small amount of pressure is applied to push the whey against the filter to remove unwanted particles such as lactose, undesirable fat, and cholesterol. This results in a very high quality,…

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platinum league standings

The competition season is in full swing and a number of athletes have already earned sufficient points to qualify for the the much-talked-about Gentle Giant Classic, the money show with a whopping R500,000 up for grabs. Athletes need to get 200 points to compete at this major event taking place on 16 September in Johannesburg. The show is part of the IFBB Platinum League, a unique bodybuilding and fitness series that brings all the top IFBB/BBSA national events together under one umbrella. Platinum League shows are all qualifiers for the 2018 Arnold Classic Africa. In the current IFBB Platinum League standings the front runners include, in the Junior Bodybuilding category are Innocent Mabuso (100), Silvino Fernando Quana (100) and Men’s Classic Bodybuilding athlete Corne van Niekerk (100). Tshepo Zondo stands on…

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bodybuilding boosted in asia

The largest and most populous continent will become a bodybuilding battleground this year despite the cancellation of the 2nd edition of the Arnold Classic Asia. Athletes who were looking at competing in Hong Kong in August will have to wait another year due to the sudden postponement of the bodybuilding spectacle. Since its global peak in the early to mid-1980s, bodybuilding has hit a plateau. However, an increase in promotional efforts, the expansion of categories in entry-level events, and a trend towards living a healthier lifestyle has recently boosted the sport’s profile, particularly among young people. With the emergence of more athletes from the Middle East also taking up the sport and competing on international level, the spotlight will move to the inaugural IFBB Diamond Cup scheduled for September in…