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Muscle Made Easy

Muscle Made Easy

Muscle Made Easy

Muscle Made Easy is your complete expert guide to packing on muscle in just 12 weeks, combining a three- phase lifting programme with an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that will work for beginners as well as gym veterans. Follow the workouts and you’ll transform your body in just three months!

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Here’s something that’s true across the fitness industry, but also life in general: everyone overestimates what they can achieve in a week, but underestimates what they can do in three months. I’ve seen it happen to plenty of people: if you’ve left it until a few days before your beach holiday/ wedding/photoshoot to get in shape, then no plan – however extravagant its promises – can help, but if the date you need to be ready for is more like 12 weeks away… well, that’s what this book is here for. We’ve drawn on almost two decades of muscle-building know how to create the ultimate programme for men aiming to get in shape in a hurry. Make a commitment – right now, while you’re reading these words – to tackle this plan with…

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add muscle in just 12 weeks

If you’ve been training for any significant amount of time, you’ve probably seen plenty of men who barely make progress from month to month – or even from year to year. So how much progress can you make in just 12 weeks? The answer might surprise you. The difference between this plan and what most guys are doing is that it gets you to train smart as well as hard. It’s designed with the latest training science in mind, which means that it’ll help you build muscle just about as fast as physically possible, using tempo, shifting rep ranges and a mixture of compound and isolation movements to force your muscles into growth. Combine all that with a smart nutritional strategy focused around simple, sustainable eating rather than gimmicks and ‘superfoods’, and…

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7 rules of building muscle

RULE 1 HAVE A PLAN Walk into the gym without knowing exactly what you want to achieve and you’re going to end up training at random. Not ideal for results. You’ve made a start on this rule simply by picking up this book, but take it further by making a back-up plan in case your preferred kit isn’t available: that way, if someone’s curling in the squat rack, you won’t be stymied for long. RULE 2 KNOW YOUR MOVES Before you even think about picking up a dumbbell or loading up a barbell, you need to understand how to perform all the exercises that make up your workout. This is crucial not only to prevent injury, but also to ensure that every rep of every lift hits the target muscle or muscles effectively…

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training tips

1 REMEMBER YOUR WARM-UP You don’t need to spend ten minutes on the treadmill at the start of every training session. Warm up by doing five to eight reps of your first two lifts with an empty barbell (or very light dumbbells), then doing 50% of the target weight for your first set for five reps, followed by three reps at 70%. If you’ve got more time, you can add a short circuit of press-ups, squats and lunges to get your blood pumping – but if you’re trying to squeeze a workout into your lunch break, it’s fine to keep it short and sweet. 2 SWITCH TO AIRPLANE MODE In an ideal world, you’d invest in a stopwatch or gym timer to keep your rests honest, and leave your phone in your locker…

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build your foundations train smarter – and harder

The aim of the first four-week phase of your training is simple: build firm foundations so that everything else is easier. If you’ve never lifted before, this is where you’ll familiarise yourself with the movements that form the rest of the plan, focusing on one move at a time and taking generous rests so that you can nail every set. Even if you’re a gym veteran, it’s worth doing: consider this phase a reset, a time to reassess your approach to the moves, focusing on form and tempo to make them more effective. The bench press is a classic example – sure, you can bang out a handful of sloppy reps, but make them slow, controlled and think about activating your pecs as you do them, and you’ll build a mind-muscle…

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week 1 workout 1

1 DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS SETS 3 REPS 12 TEMPO 1010 REST 60sec Lie on a flat bench holding a pair of dumbbells overhead with arms straight. Lower them until you feel a slight stretch in your pecs, then press them overhead, bringing them together until they almost touch. 2 DB BENT-OVER ROW SETS 3 REPS 12 TEMPO 1110 REST 60sec Holding a pair of dumbbells, bend your knees slightly and lean forwards from the hips. Pull the dumbbells up to your ribcage, retracting your shoulder blades and pulling your elbows behind you. Lower slowly back to the start. FIT TIP Doing these movements with dumbbells forces you to use less weight than you might manage with a barbell, but will make you aware of any muscular imbalances. 3 DB OVERHEAD PRESS SETS 3 REPS 12 TEMPO 1010 REST 60sec With…