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NW Magazine Issue 17 2020

If it’s juicy, scandalous, funny or outright outrageous, you’ll find it in NW. We’re the cheeky celebrity weekly with stacks of personality – upbeat and opinionated. NW is bursting with news and gossip, and celeb-inspired fashion and beauty trends without the A-list price tag. We do more body covers than any other weekly – good bodies, bad bodies, freaky bodies, hot boy bodies! And, NW is the home of reality TV – from Real Housewives to The Only Way Is Essex to Jersey Shore.

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JUST ADD WATER A little tub-time reading is good for the soul – only Chelsea Handler seems to have forgotten one key bath ingredient as she poses with her latest reads at home in Bel Air. PUPPY LOVE There’s something quite fetching about this snap... and we’re not talking about Jett Kenny’s furry friend. Woof, indeed! DON’T SWEAT IT, ANNA! The Devil Wears... sweatpants?! Despite insisting she would never be caught dead in a tracksuit, it seems #isolife has got the best of US Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Welcome to the comfy club, hun! YOU GLOW, GIRL! Katharine McPhee has us, er, yellow with envy after proving she looks just as good in this dress now as she did when she wore it on American Idol back in 2006.…

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wild thing

In this strange new normal, I know I’m not the only one missing human contact. But I think it’s pubs and bars I miss the most. Who knew so much of my personality was based on other people serving me alcohol? In hindsight, it’s obvious – fortunately my liquor cabinet is well-stocked. Well, it used to be... Anyway, as someone who lives alone, I’m making up for the shortage of humans by chatting with whatever animals I find on my daily walks, including cockatoos, koi carp and echidnas. Yesterday I even had some banter with a stingray on the beach, but I haven’t suddenly lost the plot – that ship sailed years ago! Nope, I’ve always been nuts about animals. If I was rich and famous, I’d definitely be in our…

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kim exposed! bizarre $1 million butt job!

She’s added plastic enhancements to almost every inch of herself, so it stands to reason that Kim Kardashian has now messed with her bones in a bid to have “the world’s most interesting body” – well, at least that's what she's calling it! Recent pictures of the 39-year-old reality star in her teeny weeny bikini in Mexico show her with a figure that’s even more hourglass than ever. Now NW can reveal it wasn’t achieved via her usual, run-of-the-mill bum implants. “Rumour has it she went the whole hog and got a pelvic osteoplasty,” an insider tells NW. Er, in the words of Pauline Hanson, please explain?! Posterior pioneer According to our source, Kim has stopped seeing results from her brutal booty workouts and was informed by surgeons that they “literally don’t make butt…

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stars who went too far!

DONATELLA VERSACE’S MONTHLY LIP JOBS The designer, 64, reportedly has her cosmetic surgeon on speed dial given she needs monthly upkeep on her plastic look. “She gets her lip fillers and face resurfaced at least every four weeks,” says a source. “She disagrees with all the blogs tearing her appearance apart – she thinks she looks good.” PAMELA ANDERSON’S ENTIRELY NEW FACE She’s no stranger to a boob job, but Baywatch’s Pammie shocked when she debuted a highly surgeried $50K look at Cannes in 2017. Experts estimate the star, 52, had a facelift, cheek fillers and Botox. “She can’t believe anyone let her leave the house like that,” says a source when she reverted back to her old look shortly after. MICKEY ROURKE’S FACELIFT Women aren’t the only ones who go too far under scalpel.…

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ben’s panic ana & jen both preggo!

Just weeks after it was reported that Ben Affleck had knocked up his new missus Ana De Armas, rumours are flying that his ex-wife Jennifer Garner is also expecting, leaving their inner circle Dazed And Confused! A covered-up Jen was spied looking rather bumpy while walking around her Brentwood neighbourhood on two separate occasions recently. Meanwhile, Ana, 31, all but confirmed the stork talk when she was seen patting her tummy affectionately during a Caribbean holiday she and Ben took in March. The pair met last November while filming the upcoming thriller Deep Water and began dating shortly after. “Ben and Ana have made it clear they’re smitten. She’s been telling friends she can’t wait to have Ben’s baby,” a close pal tells NW. However, despite the obvious physical attraction between them – seriously,…

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jen’s sobering sacrifice ‘i’ll do anything for brad’

For Jennifer Aniston, it’s always been a case of, er, wine not when it comes to enjoying a cheeky beverage... or two. But after reconnecting with her now-sober ex Brad Pitt, the actress has had to seriously rethink her drinking habits. ‘BRAD LOVES THAT SHE’S DOING THIS FOR HIM’ “Pretty much everything fell naturally back into place when they got back together, except for the sobriety part,” explains an insider. “Jen and Brad were a huge wine-loving couple when they were together. They smoked a lot of weed too. It was all fun, fun, fun and party, party, party.” That all changed for Brad in 2016, when a drunken fight with Angelina Jolie saw him temporarily lose custody of their six kids. “I had taken things as far as I could take it, so…