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The New Zealand Property investor magazine provides readers with information you can use to successfully invest in residential property. You can learn from the experts, read the stories of your fellow investors and keep up to date with the latest house prices and rental statistics.

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smashing records

For those of us enjoying the Kiwi summer, it seems that 2020 was nothing more than a fever dream. But despite a health crisis and market volatility making most markets resemble the ridgelines of the Southern Alps, the New Zealand property market has performed remarkably well. It has done more than just bounce back from the brink, it has gone on to break records left right and centre. Up and down the country property investment continues to perform well. No longer are rising prices the sole domain of the main centres, many regions are beginning to see their property investments rise in equity. Low interest rates have also seen new types of investors enter the market with the highest representation of first home buyers in years. Those who entered the market this…

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planning for retirement

Most of us store a large part of our wealth in property. It could be in our owner-occupied home, a holiday house or an investment portfolio. And a large number of property owners are starting to head towards retirement. If that’s you, then now is the time to clearly think through your retirement strategy and what that means for your investment property portfolio. You should be asking yourself lots of questions: when do you intend to sell properties? What loan-to-value ratio (LVR) can you sustain in retirement? How much free cashflow do you need? Can you access capital when you need it? For example, during Covid-19 we had an 80-year-old client with a commercial property lose his rent for a few months. The bank wasn’t prepared to lend him more funds even…

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worried you’ll miss the boat?

With the property market reaching new record heights seemingly every month lately, many people are feeling frustrated about their lack of progress or their ability to purchase. This fear of missing out can result in panic buying. We are hearing a lot of “I’m worried that if I don’t buy something soon, then I’m going to miss the boat”. If that sounds like you, then listen up. There is always another boat on its way, so chill out. WHAT ABOUT RBNZ’S ANNOUNCEMENT? Does the move from 20% deposit up to a 30% deposit for a standard residential investment property stop you in your tracks? It might stop you for a while if you are using a cash deposit, but if you are using equity in another property you already own, then it…

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what lies ahead?

No one could have predicted what 2020 would hold for the world and how different an outlook we would have just a year later. We saw the global outbreak of Covid-19 and the unprecedented move of countries around the world going into lockdown. On March 25 we went into our own level four lockdown and predictions for the future of the economy and the housing market were dire. Amid the pandemic there were many changes to tenancies, starting with a pandemic-induced rent freeze which ended in September. Other regulatory changes came in the form of the implementation of the Healthy Homes standards and amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act. However, as expat New Zealanders flocked home few were convinced to exit the booming market, and the prices started to climb. Less than…

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RENTAL RETURNS October 2020 NATIONAL RENTAL PRICE MOVEMENT This map represents change in the average rental price between the months of October 2019 and October 2020, based on figures from the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. RENTAL SNAPSHOT Median house rents of the dominant dwelling type for the area EXPLANATION OF STATISTICAL TERMS No. of Properties: Total number of residential properties No. of Bonds: Total number of bonds lodged in last three months Median Rent: Weekly rent based on the bonds lodged in the latest three months Rent Quartile Range: Inter-quartile range of weekly rent based on the bonds lodged in the latest three months Median Value: The median value of properties in the group based on estimating the current market value of each property using our E-Valuer at the end of the latest month Gross Yield: Annualised median rent as…

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what’s happening in your region

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