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November 2020

NZBusiness + Management With two top business magazines combined into one digital issue, NZBusiness + Management offers a feast of information, inspiration and education for business leaders and owner managers from SME through to corporate. In Management our focus is to inspire New Zealand’s business leaders and the managers of today and tomorrow to succeed in business. NZBusiness was developed specifically for business owners, the editorial content is designed to inform, inspire and educate readers. Feature articles provide more in-depth information whilst profiles and case studies provide inspirational and aspirational content.

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social media app connects businesses with customers

Vippa is a social-powered mobile-marketing platform that directly connects businesses with customers. Founder Danny Yang says it delivers a strong and robust network, with no middleman and no margins or commissions taken from business profits. But Vippa isn’t just an app, it’s a new ecosystem for Kiwis, he adds. “Vippa provides business owners with the tools to communicate special offers and loyalty programmes to their customers – both new and existing. It helps businesses grow a loyal customer base, creating long term stability, sustained customer interactions and ongoing profits that go straight to the business owner.” The idea is simple. Vippa connects merchants with customers by broadcasting special deals, promoting loyalty stamp programs and using flash deals on a map to target customers in the area of the listed businesses. The app…

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where creativity is off the scale

Sam Cotter-Dephoff still has vivid memories of appearing in an episode of Jason Gunn’s What Now? as a five-year-old, filmed at the Avalon television production centre in Lower Hutt’s Percy Cameron Street. Ironically today his business Scale Studios, which he co-owns with Joaquin Loyzaga, is located in Avalon’s old art department room. They can still see the hints of green and purple paint that used to be on the walls and ceiling. “Being a kid back then, I wanted to get ‘gunged’ so badly,” he laughs. “And now being an adult and playing with gunge-like material in our business every day feels kind of poetic.” ‘Playing with gunge-like material’ in a time capsule called Avalon describes the sort of creative space that Scale Studios operates in. Created in February 2018, the business…

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fast, easy, flexible capital for your business

For business owners wanting to apply for lending, but without having to collate and submit paperwork and wait days for a decision, Kiwibank’s Fast Capital comes as a disruptive breath of fresh air. Fast Capital is the result of the bank leveraging the technical capabilities of fintechs Ranqx, Xero and MYOB to deliver a better and more efficient way of supporting business customers. “SME owners want to prioritise their time, focusing on improving the profitability and growth of their business, as opposed to doing administrative tasks like applying for a loan,” explains Nicole Pervan, Kiwibank’s GM for Product. “This means that when they do get time to think about their financials, it’s outside of normal business hours. That’s why Fast Capital allows the owner to apply for a loan at a convenient…

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a time for agility and resilience

GoFi8ure’s Lisa Martin has witnessed a good deal of the pain and uncertainty experienced by New Zealand businesses over the past seven months – much of it played out through discussions with her company’s clients. Business owners have been adopting varying strategies, she says. There are those businesses with solid funds in the bank that chose to cancel dividend payments. Others looked to get around the constant Covid-19 uncertainty through wage freezes, controlling costs and retaining profits. There has been close scrutiny of staff numbers against generated revenue (“all your staff need to be 150 percent productive”); challenges around planning, with many plans on hold; while every decision has been exacerbated by more uncertainty as the country see-sawed from one alert level to the next. So what will the situation be like going…

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building resilience in testing times

There are more than half a million business enterprises in New Zealand. It’s safe to say not a single one escaped the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past eight months enterprises, large and small, have been left reeling from the aftermath of fluctuating alert levels and a tsunami of Covid-related compliance. Amongst all the doom and Zoom meetings many business owners and their employees have managed to emerge more productive and resilient. Unfortunately others continue to struggle in this new reality. In the wake of the disruption and uncertainty Robin Wilson and Leonie Wallwork, directors of Workplace Wellness – a Hawkes Bay-based consultancy that helps businesses and individuals develop strategies and solutions around practical health, safety and well-being – have been inspired more than ever to help Covid-affected business owners build resilience. Leonie…

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controlling workplace emotions

In what has been a difficult year, employers are seeing worker emotions bubble over – manifesting in aggressive behaviour and allegations of bullying, unnecessary anger and outbursts. If you look at most company policies under serious misconduct, aggressive or verbally abusive conduct will be listed there as a potentially disciplinary offence. Worksafe tells us that “bullying” is a hazard in the workplace, so employers must do something when this happens. But in the current environment should an employer be quick to discipline or dismiss? From what I’ve seen, people are at their breaking point emotionally. Lockdown restrictions appear to have kept people relatively safe from physical harm. However, it is not clear yet what will be the other emotional or social effects for those that have been under immense personal pressure from the result…