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best behavior

Morgan Parker, Writer “QUEEN FOR A DAY,” PAGE 92 A rule everyone should live by is...who cares? It’s so easy to get caught up in what other people might think, when usually they aren’t concerned with you at all. The most gracious person I know is...my mom. So much of her role as a mother, lover, and caretaker is thankless and overlooked, but that doesn’t bother her. It’s hardest to be civil when... I feel disrespected, condescended to, or underestimated. Babeth Lafon, Illustrator “SHELF AWARENESS,” PAGE 63 When I’m about to lose my cool, I...stop what I’m doing, leave the place or conversation I’m in, and take a deep breath. I’ll never understand why people... have road rage. Maybe I’m missing out because I don’t have a driver’s license? It’s hardest to be civil when...someone…

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adventure starts here!

THE COVER ADVENTURE: Behind the Scenes Climb Every Mountain This month Oprah has a field day WE HAVE O CREATIVE DIRECTOR Adam Glassman to thank for this hills-are-alive moment. “I’ve always wanted to shoot a cover in a field of wild flowers,” he told Oprah a few months ago. Her response was exactly what he’d hoped for: “Let’s go to Colorado!” On his first day scouting locations, Adam fell in love with this lush meadow at the base of a snowcapped mountain. And, conjuring up The Sound of Music’s opening scene (minus the nun duds), the man got his shot. “There’s just something about Telluride,” Oprah said as she pored over the photos. “When the sky is this blue and the air this crisp, the only thing you can feel is deep contentment.” On…

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the question

When the Walt Disney World fireworks began, my 2-year-old grew hysterical. Another mom handed me headphones, and my daughter perked right up. It saved this mama from her own breakdown! CASEY PAGE Greenville, South Carolina Before I could turn on my wipers to clear my car’s frosty windows, a neighbor (whom I didn’t know) appeared with a squeegee and cleaned off all my windows and windshield! SUSAN GILDER Via email I was at the gas station when I realized I had only $2.31 on me. Damn! Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a lady with a few dollars rolled up in her hand. I was so touched by her “we’ve all been there” attitude and unsolicited generosity. MEG MURPHY Austin Since I couldn’t attend the women’s march in Washington, D.C., because of a…

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beyond words

I’ve bought a copy of O every month since the first issue in 2000. You’ve been there for me even in my darkest moments. When the people closest to me didn’t believe in me or my abilities, I heard Oprah’s voice inside my head telling me to believe in myself. She inspired me to start writing, and now I’m a published author! TAMMY DARNELL Greensboro, North Carolina SEEKING SOLACE My darling significant other (he much preferred to be called my boyfriend) died six months ago after a ten-month battle with pancreatic cancer. Without him in my universe, I am retracing the steps to solve the mystery of who I’m intended to be. Your gift for asking— and answering—real questions and pulling together writers and contributors who speak with sincerity has helped me put my…

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here we go!

WHAT WOULD IT be like to live in a world in which kindness and respect truly mattered to everyone, a society in which interacting with our fellow humans humanely was the norm—in which a gentle word was far more common than a harried huff? Pretty wonderful, if you ask me. But as you may have noticed, such consideration seems increasingly rare these days. Just take a crowded flight or witness people trading insults on Twitter, and you’ll see what I mean. When we’re all dealing with so much, keeping so many balls in the air with every waking breath, it can be tempting to vent our frustrations at others. And so, too often, we let ourselves slip into shortness and sharpness, forgetting that patience and empathy go a long way—and come…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Five things we’re smiling about this month! Short and Sweet Compliments Of is a nifty deck of 20 flattering remarks (your outlook is rosy, your logic is compelling) stamped onto businesslike cards— perfect for handing out to a sunny friend or a sparkly waiter deserving of impromptu adulation. Pick up a praiseworthy pack at complimentsof.me. The Nature of Things Each year opossums, often seen as nasty nuisances, helpfully ingest thousands of disease-causing ticks. That’s just one of the goodto- know facts in Nancy Lawson’s book, The Humane Gardener, which reveals how you can make your private green patch a safe haven for all critters. Best Nests Robins, finches, and sparrows are moving on up, thanks to Sourgrassbuilt, a design company that creates seriously chic birdhouses. The miniature masterpieces pay homage…