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doing the right thing

Amanda Litman, Writer “WHAT’S STOPPING YOU FROM STANDING UP?,” PAGE 119 The changemakers I wish were still around are... Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisholm. While they would have hated what happened in the 2016 election, I bet their hearts would’ve grown three sizes seeing the flood of women running for office in its wake. If I organized a rally, it would be...for voting rights. It’s absolutely infuriating that some political officials go out of their way to make it harder for people to vote. Karen Asp, Writer “THE SOURCE OF YOUR SNIFFLES,” PAGE 80 The changemaker I wish were still around is...Mahatma Gandhi. The world needs his wisdom and insight now more than ever. A time someone stood up for me was when...my husband explained my vegan ways to friends and family who questioned them.…

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sitting pretty

Our cover model has frolicked in waterfalls, climbed through canyons, and splish-splashed at the beach, but this month Oprah got serious. “She wanted to do something that would be simple yet powerful,” says O creative director Adam Glassman. Off went the heels and on came the eyeglasses, one of her favorite accessories. Oprah then took a seat and posed for a classic portrait in a timeless white shirt. “I could get used to this,” she said. “Slippers from now on, please!” From Pandora’s new Shine collection, it’s 18kt-gold-plated sterling silver. Special sateen fabric means no ironing required. CLEAN AND CRISP As Glassman says, “When in doubt, wear a white shirt.” Adding a few gleaming pieces will make the wardrobe staple golden. GO FOR THE BOLD Whether you choose your eyewear to match your ensemble or vice…

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the question

Q THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... What’s one value you learned as a child that you still try to live by today? READ AND YOU’LL NEVER BE ALONE. RENÉE WALTER Phoenix Always leave a place better than you found it. That includes replacing an empty toilet paper roll! ANNE WEIMANN Trumbull, Connecticut You can do anything a man can do. I learned this from my grandmother as she taught me how to fix a flat tire. BELINDA SILBER Chicago ALWAYS USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE A ROAD TRIP— EVEN IF YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO GO. SARAH FITZGERALD Lincoln, Nebraska Have integrity and be honest when you’ve done something wrong. To this day I’m a stickler for truth. DENISE VICTORIA McALLISTER Waldorf, Maryland No learning is ever wasted. My father lived by this motto—he only had the opportunity for a sixth-grade education, but kept learning outside the…

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on purpose

FEED FRENZY Our February cover story asked a big question, and Facebook came back with even bigger answers. Amber Myers Mamian “The legacy I will leave someday.” Terri Wakeley “It’s not what, but who. That answer is simple: I’m the only one that defines me.” Lori Partington “How I treat others, especially those who are different.” MATH, THE O WAY $100 Amount donated to Oprah’s presidential campaign fund. After Oprah delivered her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the 75th annual Golden Globes, a hopeful reader sent in the contribution with a letter simply saying, “Please run.” See what the “O” of O has to say about the epic speech that launched Oprah 2020 on page 146. LETTER OF THE MONTH It resonated with me when Oprah said, in her interview with RuPaul, “Drag really applies…

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here we go!

IT’S NOT ONLY noble to have strong beliefs—it’s necessary. (If you don’t, some might argue that you’re not paying attention.) But it’s even better, and far more powerful, to back up those beliefs with action. That requires taking initiative, which in turn requires guts. This month we’re continuing our Year of Big Questions with one that feels especially timely: What are you willing to stand up for? Do your beliefs matter to you enough that you’d publicly defend them? How much would you put on the line to do so? You’ll meet some courageous people who made their opinions known— including a certain late-night host who took quite a stand recently—and discover a few ways to speak up yourself (page 108). No matter how you feel about it, I think we can…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Five things we’re smiling about this month! SIPPING PRETTY Make your quiet evening at home feel like a Saturday night shindig with a disco ball– inspired tumbler. The sparkly cup can hold 20 ounces of rosé and comes with a sturdy straw. Studio 54 mixtape not included. (bando.com) BINGE-WATCH Indulge your sweet tooth with Chef’s Table: Pastry (April 13), Netflix’s latest offering for food lovers. Each episode dips into the work of an acclaimed dessert architect—like Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi (right), of birthday truffle fame. TAKE IT OUTSIDE On April 21, the National Park Service welcomes folks to its more than 415 forests, monuments, and canyons for free. Entrance fees are waived even at iconic sites from sea (California’s Yosemite) to shining sea (the Florida Everglades). Embrace the great outdoors at nps.gov. NET GAINS A…