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stepping out

Raena Loper, O style assistant THE O LIST, PAGE 45 When I’m scared to do something, I tell myself… You’re Raena—and there’s no one else like you! I’ve pushed myself to… try things even when I don’t know what I’m doing. Most people don’t know what they’re doing and learn along the way. Candice Kumai, Chef “FLAWS AND ALL,” PAGE 90 When I’m scared to do something, I tell myself…Ganbatte ne! It translates to “always do your best” in Japanese. If I quit my job, I’d spend my day…paddling in the surf of Byron Bay, Australia. John Ritter, Illustrator “PLOT TWIST,” PAGE 36 The last time I stepped out of my comfort zone was…for the renovation project my wife and I are in the middle of. We’ve renovated before, but this one involves five single-family homes, a community…

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smooth sailing

PULLING OFF A COVER SHOOT requires a series of intricate maneuvers: lighting adjustments, star wrangling, wardrobe changes, to name a few. But on the set, as in life, sometimes the greatest moments are unplanned. That was the case for our August cover. At sea on Holland America Line’s Eurodam, wearing a stunning maxidress, Oprah casually leaned against the ship’s railing between takes when O creative director Adam Glassman said, “That’s the shot!” Photographer Ruven Afanador snapped away, and everything clicked: as easy-breezy as summer itself. TO THE MAX Oprah loves a maxidress, with good reason: The no-fuss, one-piece wonder is universally flattering, can be dressed up or down, and lets you float into any summer occasion in style. OPRAH: BRIAN KRAMER. JACKET: DANIELLE OCCHIOGROSSO DALY. SOFT GOODS STYLING: JUDITH TREZZA/R.J. BENNETT REPRESENTS.…

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q who’s the most open-minded person you know?

My son-in-law. Since he joined our family, his balanced way of looking at life has influenced us all. When we’re together, complaints turn into discussions about alternative ways to view people and events.OLIVIA BOLDEN Albuquerque, New MexicoMy World War II veteran father, who lives in ultraconservative Wyoming. He’s totally accepting of everyone and everything.DAWN EASTON Casper, WyomingMy friend Jeanne. She never judges and consistently inspires me to try everything. Her can-do attitude and eternal optimism are always available to me.SUE WILLIAMS PhoenixMY GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER, NORA. SHE DOESN’T SEE THE WRINKLES ON MY FACE OR MY HALTING WALK. SHE’S JUST HAPPY WE’RE TOGETHER.PAM GIORDANO Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaMy husband, Tom. After I left my successful career, he encouraged me to follow my heart and apply to work the door at a comedy club.REBECCA HILL…

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going places

NOW, VOYAGERS We kicked off the summer with an A-to-Z guide on the joys of traveling by yourself (“You Can Go Your Own Way”), and you shared your solo stories. “I followed in the footsteps of Japanese emperors and samurai of the last 1,000 years by walking the Kumano Kodō in Japan. It’s one of the top spiritual experiences of my life!”@shaktidevi108 “I had to forget the fear, just dive in, and go to L.A. for the Ultimate Women’s Expo.”@building2rebuild “I do it every year for my birthday.”@toksajayii ALL THE RIGHT MOVES Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” turned our cover shoot into a dance party—and everyone wanted to join in on the fun. “I love when Auntie Oprah gets her groove on at her photo shoots.”@ihurdu “I struggle in high heels and she’s dancing in them. Well done!”@patriciasmullan “This must be…

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here we go!

We can help you push through your fear and take a glorious step forward. MAYBE YOU’VE HEARD that the meek shall inherit the earth, and that good things come to those who wait. And maybe when you heard these words of wisdom, you thought, But what about taking destiny into your own hands? Maybe you put your faith in another saying altogether—“Fortune favors the bold”—and moved bravely toward the life you wanted. If so, you’re in good company: The women you’ll meet starting on page 102 have firsthand knowledge of the tremendous rewards of taking a chance. They dreamed of beginning again, speaking up, becoming who they were meant to be—and they understood that sometimes we have to make our own luck. Still working on your own big move? Good news: We can…

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the gratitude meter

Five things we’re smiling about this month! Meow Mix The Instagram account @cats_in_food is a weirdly wonderful collection of feline-food mash-ups: This Scottish Straight that seems to think it’s a croissant, a tabby snoozing under a stack of pancakes, a calico atop a Frappuccino. Don’t love cats? Let’s say it’s an acquired taste. In Living Color Old pics can learn new tricks. History as They Saw It features originally black-and-white photos rendered in color, based on meticulous research. It’s like seeing iconic images, such as this heartbreaker from Dorothea Lange, for the first time. Happier Campers Cross Airbnb with glamping and you get Tentrr, a website that rents preassembled, swanky campsites on expansive, privately owned properties. No crowds, no lugging tons of gear, no dirty outhouses. Just you, acres of unspoiled land, and all the stars…