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the 12-day give-o-way!

To make your holiday season even merrier, we’re giving 12 lucky readers all 102 Favorite Things chosen by Oprah on pages 59 to 91. For your chance to win, just follow the two simple steps below. And for a bonus chance to win, turn to page 166! HOW TO ENTER Step 1 Find the 12 icons, pictured at right, scattered throughout the pages of this issue. There’s one for each day of the sweepstakes. Step 2 Once a day from November 27 to December 8, you can enter for a chance to win by logging on to oprah.com/12days and typing in that day’s special code (found on the icon). Entering each day will increase your chances of winning. The fun officially begins November 27 at 12:01 A.M. EST! For short rules see Shop Guide. For detailed rules…

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o, what a ride!

1 BLADES OF GLORY As the choppers took off—with, among others, O creative director Adam Glassman (top right)—skies were blue, smiles were wide, and long johns and boots were on. 2 THE PREP Adam, photographer Ruven Afanador, and their crew lost no time scouting angles, setting up lighting, and preparing the set for Oprah to take her place behind the sled. 3 200-DOG NIGHT Things were going great—until once-in-a-blue-moon weather conditions intervened. Oprah wasn’t able to get to the set, and the crew couldn’t get out, so they turned to their friendly neighborhood mushers. The dogs leading Oprah’s sled lived in a camp about a mile from the set, and their handlers were kind enough to take in our castaways for the next two days—sharing their tents, space heaters, pasta, and puppies for warmth! 4 SHOOTING…

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the question

I took Oprah’s Year of Adventure to heart and pushed through my deep fear of flying to experience the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training in Florida, pasta-making in bella Roma, and hiking in Oregon with my first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. Making up for lost time. TERESA VINCENT, Buffalo I flew in a helicopter. Every year for the past seven years, I’d get in line at our local fair and chicken out at the last minute. This year I finally did it! PATRICIA COLONIES Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Q THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... What gift of adventure did you give yourself this year? After my job in Buffalo was eliminated, I put my house up for sale and, 11 weeks later, moved into an apartment outside Orlando. It’s been amazingly liberating! MICHELLE J. WIENKE Casselberry,…

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brave hearts

TO EACH HER OWN Thank you for such clear explanations of the different options (and different reasons for those options) for breast cancer surgery in your October story “Your Cancer, Your Breasts.” After my diagnosis, I had a double mastectomy and decided not to do reconstruction. I know that choice isn’t for everyone, but it was really right for me, and I was comforted by your articles, which reinforced how personal these decisions are. I also appreciated your mentioning the numbness that can come with reconstruction, something people don’t often talk about. Every cancer patient deserves respect in following her own path. LINDA-JO GREENBERG, Seattle PUPPY LOVE I normally read “Here We Go!” and “What I Know for Sure” before anything else, but with the October issue, I stopped on the first page…

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here we go!

THIS MONTH AT O, we’re feeling the spirit of the season. And what that delicious sensation is all about is simple but profound: the power and joy of giving. Turn to page 59 and you’ll be feeling it, too: This year’s installment of my Favorite Things is bursting with delights for everyone you hold near and dear; if these finds don’t inspire you to start giving, I don’t know what will! We’ve also put together a sweet array of desserts designed to be offered as hostess gifts, which you’ll find on page 154. (Who wouldn’t want to receive a prettily wrapped box of mini Bundt cakes or pistachio-cranberry blondies?) And if you’d really like to see just how much happiness a thoughtful present can deliver, head to page 136 to read heartfelt…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Five holiday treats we’re smiling about this month! FARFALLE NAVIDAD If you’ve ever asked yourself, What if my carbonara were smaller and crunchier?, consider Pasta Chips, an herby and highly munchable snack. This season its Bow Ties line, in flavors like meatball Parmesan and smooth cheddar, is dressed up in ugly holiday sweaters. Say cheesy! ($16 for four-pack; pastasnacks.com) SEASONINGS GREETINGS What’s red and white and striped all over? Santa Salt, an aromatic mix of rosemary and pink peppercorn salts. Sprinkle a pinch on everything from roasted veggies to casseroles for a dash(er) of flavor. ($8; beautifulbrinysea.com) GINGER SPICE With apologies to gumdrops and royal icing, gingerbread is getting a reboot this year. Artisanal chocolatier Compartés is offering a limited edition dark chocolate bar speckled with gingerbread cookie chunks and crystallized ginger bits…