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it takes two

Mary Laura Philpott Writer “THE GROUP THAT READS TOGETHER…,” PAGE 86 If I were on a dating app, my bio would say…Looking to meet someone young and playful? Up for a good roll-around on the floor? Great, because I could really use a dog sitter. If I could describe my love life in one word, it would be…queso. I’ve reached a point in life where all I really want is a good margarita and a cheesy binge with my beloved. Rule number one when dating me is…Don’t take out your phone at the table. Alice Bolin Writer “THE DEPARTED,” PAGE 78 If I could describe my love life in one word, it would be… tender. We all need someone to take care of us and treat us gently. The best date I’ve ever been on was…going to…

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share the love

AT THIS MONTH’S cover shoot, Oprah must have been inspired by the word share on her comfy sweatshirt, because she was clearly in the mood to open up. First, she busted out some dance moves to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” Then she got downright personal when the conversation turned to relationships and how to keep the sparks flying. Oprah’s favorite way to spice things up? “Making Stedman cornbread with jalapeños always does the trick.” INSTANT MESSAGES These personalized pieces really let you use your words. Speaking of sharing… WHAT’S YOUR WELLNESS “WHY”? A healthy body, mind, and soul aren’t one-size-fits-all; they look different on every single one of us. Each of us has our own wellness goals—and our own motivation to reach them. Share the reasons behind your wellness goals for a chance to be…

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how did you meet your significant other?

When we were teenagers, he kept calling my house to speak to my cousin, who was never home. One day he asked me what I was doing, and that led to a life of love. TISHA LEIJA Milwaukee My significant other and I re-met at our 20-year class reunion. We had attended school together from first grade through high school. We married eight months after seeing each other again! CLAIRE FAIRCHILD-BROCK Sparta, Michigan When I moved to D.C., I had two dogs, two cats, and two birds. No one would rent to me, so I had to buy my first home. Before I met my mortgage banker, my father gave me info on rates and points. But when I walked into the bank, it was love at first sight. Soon after, I called my dad, who…

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spirited away

Cover Commentary “Oprah’s definitely the brightest star I know!”—@lmota_99“I’m in love with the tree topper!”—@mutedcriespoems“Oprah: You are the biggest present in my life.”—@melgomez71 BRANCHING OUT We followed the 2017 Rockefeller Center Christmas tree from its home in Pennsylvania…to its reign in New York City…to its final stop: as lumber in a house for the deserving Atkins family (below). You approved. “Their home will forever be magical”—@melissaluvthem“This makes me feel so much better about these beautiful trees being chopped down every year!”—@fitness_rachelsim“The results are simply incredible when we mix natural God-given gifts with the skill and ability of mankind!”—@blessedhunters POWERHOUSE PAIR Oprah spoke with former first lady Michelle Obama about the good, the bad, and the Barack—and got a viral standing ovation. “I didn’t think I could love Michelle any more than I already did. Then this interview…

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here we go!

LOVE IS IN the air, as they say. I’m all for a holiday devoted to telling our special someones how much they mean to us. (A sweet gift doesn’t hurt, either—and I feel confident that this month’s O List, starting on page 43, can help!) But if you’re still looking for that special someone—or just curious to know what it’s like in the dating world these days—check out our guide to searching for love online (page 106). Of course, romantic love isn’t the only kind worth celebrating and sharing. There’s the love of a great read, for example. If you’ve ever been in a book club, you know it can be invigorating for your mind and social life. But on page 84, you’ll discover what else a book club can do: keep…

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the gratitude meter

Five things we’re smiling about this month! Making the Cut Get pizza parties in gear with the Fixie. Each wheel on this bikelike tool is actually a razor-sharp stainless steel blade, so it can easily (and adorably) glide through crust, cheese, and toppings galore. Nice slice! (incidentallegend.com) Cloud Pleaser If San Francisco is shrouded in mist, there’s a 99 percent chance of a tweet or Instagram from @KarlTheFog. Since August 2010, Karl’s been the anthropomorphized voice of the city’s famous fog, posting witty takes on gray matters—and takedowns of his archenemy, the sun. Normal Hearts For LGBTQ couples, traditional Valentine’s Day cards often don’t do the trick. Good thing letterpresses around the country are designing forward-thinking notes (like this one from Ash + Chess) that speak to partners of all persuasions. What’s not to love? Double Trouble Yaaass,…