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O, The Oprah Magazine March 2019

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black & white and cute all over

KATY MIXON @KATYEMIXON HOME: Los Angeles AGE: 37 PROFESSION: Star of ABC’s American Housewife WHY I LOVE THE COLLECTION: “You can dress it up or dress it down. It makes me feel sporty yet fashionable.” MY STYLE PROFILE: “I march to the beat of my own drum. I just do me.” CLOSETS I COVET: “Judy Garland’s, Lucille Ball’s, and Audrey Hepburn’s.” AMBER RILEY please extend background to bleed on left hand side, and silo balloons. Thank you! @MSAMBERPRILEY HOME: Los Angeles AGE: 33 PROFESSION: Actor and singer WHY I LOVE THE COLLECTION: “The feel of the clothing is so soft; stuff stretches. And anyone who knows me knows I love black and white.” MY STYLE PROFILE: “I follow some trends, but for the most part, I’m just eclectic.” CLOSET I COVET: “I’d love to raid Danielle Brooks’s. We have a similar style, and she’s a plus-size…

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better together

Kristen Roupenian, WRITER “LONG STORY SHORT,” PAGE 85 One word that describes my family is…scattered. I live in Michigan, my mom’s in Massachusetts, my sister’s in New York, and my dad and brother call Alaska home. Rule number one in my household is…no matter how upset you are with someone, always still tell them you love them. Janell M. Hickman EDITOR “SEE SPOTS RUN,” PAGE 56 One word that sums up my family is…tight-knit. I’m an only child, so we spent a lot of time together. The family member I can always count on is…my dad. He’s my go-to for advice. If the house I grew up in could talk, it would say…“Spend more time outside your room!” Brandie Weikle, WRITER “THIS IS US,” PAGE 96 My family would describe me as…chef or nag. Depends on the day.…

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a collab that cares

It’s back and better than ever. This year’s O, The Oprah Magazine Collection for Talbots is not only cute but supercomfortable. To show it off, we enlisted four multitalented women: Food Network star Katie Lee, fitness guru Angela Manuel-Davis, actor Katy Mixon, and singer-actor Amber Riley. The playful, relaxed spirit of the five-piece line (designed to encourage self-care) and the charitable initiative behind it—a portion of the net proceeds go to Dress for Success—made our models feel excited and honored to take part. “There is the most incredible power in women helping women,” said Mixon. “The photo shoot was pure joy!” “I’m so proud of this collection—it can go from work to play.”—ADAM GLASSMAN, O CREATIVE DIRECTOR This marks the fourth year O has teamed with Talbots to create a line of…

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who is one family member you wish you had the opportunity to meet?

My great-grandmother Gracie—she was born on April Fools’ Day, but she was hardly a fool! My mom often reflects on her wisdom, and I wish I could have had the chance to experience it firsthand. ANDREA WARD Detroit President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a distant cousin on my mother’s side. He and my grandfather corresponded through letters beginning during FDR’s governorship of New York. JULIA JONES WILLIAMS Savannah, Georgia My great-grandfather Mr. Lionel J. Bourgeois, who was superintendent of schools in New Orleans in 1950. He promoted equal education for everyone and fought for what was right. LYNLEY DORNIER Baton Rouge, Louisiana My dad. He died very young, and I was young as well. I have memories of him when I was little but would really like to know him as a person—not a child’s memory. MARY FLEISCHMANN Bend, Oregon My birth mother,…

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here we go!

“We’ve given our pages a lively makeover, because a little refresh is always a good thing.” WITH ALL DUE RESPECT to the Dunphys, Pritchetts, and Tuckers of TV fame, the families you’ll meet in this issue are truly modern indeed (page 88). One happy household consists of a mom, two kids, and the two gay men those kids call dad (well, okay, one is Papi, the other Daddy). Another is a single woman and her children (two daughters from one sperm donor), as well as her mother and sister—the lot of them sharing a suburban colonial amid more nuclear clans. Still others expanded joyously as a result of the miracle of genetic testing. And they all delight in a thriving kinship every bit as strong as a traditional family’s. Here’s a question…

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the high five

Cents and Sensibilities Attention red-, blue-, and purple-leaning shoppers: The free app Goods Unite Us uses public financial disclosures from more than 4,000 brands to reveal (a) if a company kicks in any money to political campaigns and (b) which party it favors. With talk of the 2020 election already under way, the tool gives new meaning to the idea of voting with your wallet. Second That Emotion If you thought romance fades with age, check out Ari Seth Cohen’s new photo collection, Advanced Love. With more than 140 vibrant images of couples around the world, the book suggests getting older makes the heart grow fonder—and one’s fashion sense that much fiercer. Morsel Code Since 2006, Baltimore residents have been creating adorably tiny, incredibly edible crab cake sandwiches, ice cream sundaes, and more for the…