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doing their part

Kyle Bean, ILLUSTRATOR “HOW TO SAVE THE PLANET,” PAGE 92 The animal we most need to defend is…bees. If they disappear, we’ll lose so many crops and plants that won’t get pollinated. To protect the planet, we need to… consider sustainability a priority in our daily decisions—not just put out the recycling once a week. Katharine Hayhoe, CLIMATE SCIENTIST “TRUST THE SCIENCE,” PAGE 95 One eco-friendly thing I do every day is…use solar panels—a clean source of energy that will never run out. How cool is that? To protect the planet, we need to…do nothing. Earth will survive. It’s all of us living here who are at risk, and we have to be willing to talk about that to fix it. Summer Rayne Oakes ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATE “WEAR & CARE,” PAGE 104 One eco-friendly thing I do is…volunteer at my…

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into the wild

“I love being in virtual reality—I’ve always wanted to go to the Amazon.”—OPRAH Looking at this month’s cover, you might assume Oprah is having an Amazonian adventure. In reality, she’s simply posing at a photo studio in the urban jungle of New York City. Through a little digital wizardry, she would later be one with nature—superimposed against a verdant rainforest backdrop shot by Ruven Afanador near the edge of the Amazon River in Colombia, the perfect image for our sustainability issue. Little touches helped transport her to the Tropics, from the handcrafted “forest floor” on which she stood to the hip-shaking playlist—leave it to Colombian singer Shakira to help Oprah get in the groove. “I look like the dancing emoji,” she said. “Ruven, where are we going next, Machu Picchu?” LADY IN…

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the question

THIS MONTH WE WONDERED… Q If you could invent one thing to help the environment, what would it be? A narrative that would finally convince everyone that the earth is experiencing massive climate change because of human actions. MAGGIE DIXONHillsboro, Oregon A system that takes all the plastic thrown away and turns it into building blocks to create houses for the homeless. CARLETTA FANNINLavalette, West Virginia Nothing upsets me more than seeing trash on the ground. I’d invent a sensor that would create a piercing sound every time someone littered. Hopefully, the sharpness of the noise would make them pick up their garbage. DAISY NELSON-CENTURYPhiladelphia Biodegradable balloons that break down instantly. I live in the high desert in southeastern California, and the winds regularly bring balloons from miles away. Desert tortoises and other creatures often mistake them for…

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here we go!

“While we have a lot of work ahead, there is indeed still time to act.” IF YOU’VE BEEN paying attention to recent news about climate change, you may be wondering where we go from here. What exactly does the future hold? And what should each of us be doing to make it brighter? This month, in a special issue devoted to the environment, we’re providing some answers. We asked climate scientists, eco-activists, and other experts to share the things that help them stay hopeful about our planet’s fate, and their wise words are an encouraging reminder that while we have a lot of work ahead—think of it as the most important to-do list in human history—there is indeed still time to act. In the fashion world, many designers are already making things better,…

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the high five

Bee’s Needs Heard the buzz? Finnish researchers recently developed the first-ever edible vaccine for honeybees, called PrimeBEE, to help fight American foulbrood, a highly infectious and fatal disease decimating hives worldwide. If successful, the treatment could one day be altered to protect against other diseases and infections threatening our indispensable pollinators. Wings crossed! Water, Water, Everywhere Picture it: You’re out and about, painfully parched, and your trusty S’well or Nalgene has not a drop for you to drink. Instead of buying a $3 bottled water, tap into Tap. The free app (think Google Maps for hydration) crowdsources a network of 40,000-plus restaurants, cafés, and public fountains to point you toward the nearest refilling station. You can even add your own go-to sipping spot to the ever-growing resource at findtap.com. Message Received If you’re stuck between…

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the ikea® kitchenpedia

PRESENTED BY IKEA® A AWARD WINNING IKEA was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Kitchen Cabinets” by J.D. Power for 2018, earning kudos for operational performance, ordering and delivery, price, design features, and warranty. B BUILT-IN DISHWASHER Here’s your chance to save water and energy, as well as precious time and money. Look for integrated models to create a uniform appearance in the kitchen. C COUNTERTOPS Laminate, wood, quartz. Consider all that daily life demands from your countertops and decide which materials, style, and functionality fit best. D DOORS & DRAWERS Your ideal layout requires storage that works (and looks) smart. Plan for maximum utility on the inside and a coordinated, polished look on the outside. A total win-win. E EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE Make the most of space by keeping it clutter-free. Create more room to prep with clever…