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Michelle Thompson, Illustrator “STORY HOUR,” PAGE 103 A motto that inspires me is...“Work hard and be kind.” My business is important to me, and a lot of clients have become my friends. A small tweak that made a big difference in my life was...joining my local gym. My work can be solitary, so it’s nice to meet and train with people Lisa Haney, Writer “VEG OUT FOR YOUR HEALTH!,” PAGE 94 The last time I felt stuck was...when I was 35 and ambivalent about becoming a mom. Then I went to Kauai and was so overcome by the beauty that I wept. I knew, deep in my body, that I wanted to have a baby. If nothing were holding me back, I’d... sail more. I took lessons while I was going through rough…

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on the road again

AFTER LAST MONTH’S Grand Canyon kickoff, Oprah’s Year of Adventure continued with a little help from Kaibab National Forest in Arizona, a deluxe Airstream Travel Trailer, and the Lewis to her Clark—Gayle King. When it comes to camping, our cover model has been there, roughed that, but glamping (i.e., glamorous camping) was a whole new world. So did high thread counts and the best in bath products add to the experience? “I have no problem with a little pampering,” Gayle said. “But Oprah is happiest sitting with a book under a canopy of trees.” Said Oprah: “Being here reminds me of my childhood home in Mississippi. All I need is a dirt road, a good fire, and the crisp air.” Which naturally led Gayle to wonder, What exactly was in…

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the question

Eating late at night. I’ve lost 11 pounds, which I thought was impossible at 63 years old! TONI NAPOLIVan Nuys, California Toxic friendships. It took time for me to be brave enough to recognize that there were people in my world who weren’t interested in helping me grow into the woman I’m meant to be—and even longer to realize it was okay for me to let them go. CARRIE McCARTHYGreen Lane, Pennsylvania Asking too many questions. When I pick up my kids from school or a friend drops in with her new baby, I listen. I’ve discovered it’s often more important to be available and supportive than to be an interrogator. KIM CAMPBELLFall River, Nova Scotia Planning things. I’m living in the moment and enjoying it to the fullest. Who knew how freeing…

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tokens of our affection

RESPECT YOURSELF After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s December column, “Give Yourself a Hand,” I felt compelled to write. So often I berate myself for every little thing I’ve done wrong. And as someone who has chronically struggled with body image, I often deny myself the foods I know will satisfy my body and instead suffer through a “meal” of steamed spinach and diet soda. She made me realize the importance of treating not only others but also myself with respect. Maybe it’s something as small as taking a break during the workday to refresh my body. Or remembering that any “flaw” I notice when I look in the mirror doesn’t detract from the person I am inside. I’m realizing that the first step in being a good friend is being one to myself. MELISSA…

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here we go!

THERE ARE TWO feelings many of us are familiar with: being stuck and being unstuck. The first is a dulling, tiring experience that makes you wish you had more freedom, more room to breathe. The second is like flying—suddenly nothing’s holding you back or preventing you from living the life you truly want. Getting from that first sensation to the second isn’t always easy, but this month we’re here to put you on the right path, with an illuminating workbook and smart advice from people who know what the journey from locked-in to liberated really entails (page 114). Few understand the particulars of that journey better than Glennon Doyle Melton, who, I’m delighted to say, is joining O as a columnist—you’ll find her first installment on page 48. Glennon’s provocative memoir, Love…

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live your best life

“Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.”—JOHN UPDIKE FROM AWWW TO AWESOME ! The Gratitude Meter BY Zoe Donaldson Small WondersNext time your pal or partner knocks a humble task out of the park, hand her an Everyday Achievement Award, helpfully designed by illustrator Emily McDowell to honor the tiny triumphs—hitting the gym, cleaning out the attic—that make the world go round. (emilymcdowell.com) Before DawnPhotographer Jeanine Michna-Bales’s new book, Through Darkness to Light: Photographs Along the Underground Railroad,retraces a 1,400-mile route from Louisiana to Ontario, chronicling safe spaces along the risky roads so many traveled in the dark of night to find freedom. Sweet StreamsTrouble falling asleep? Napflix is a streaming service that offers wannabe snoozers a buffet of boredom. Whatever flavor of tedium you fancy—an educational film about…