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ready, set, o!

IN A SHINY tracksuit and sparkling white sneaks, Oprah’s all geared up for a fresh start in January. What would she like to change for the better this year? “I want to be healthier,” she says. “As I get older, keeping my body in good condition is more vital than anything.” When photographer Ruven Afanador suggested a pose that made her look long and lean, our cover model was happy to comply—but she’s starting 2019 with her priorities in order: “Healthy is the new skinny!” ON THE RIGHT TRACK Upgrade your sporty set with snappy accessories. SIOUX NESI. JACKETS AND PANTS: RICHARD MAJCHRZAK/STUDIO D.…

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on the horizon

Meg Tanaka Chef “TASTE OF HOME,” PAGE 98 This year I’ll definitely…be settling into our new house. My husband designed it! My favorite place to gather with my loved ones is… around my kitchen table over a nutritious meal and great wine. Brian Finke, Photographer “ALL TOGETHER NOW,” PAGE 68 One thing I hope we accomplish in 2019 is…supporting those who don’t identify as a single gender by giving them the space to find their way in the world. My favorite place to gather with my loved ones is…our local bar, for its delicious multilayer nachos. Daria Petrilli Illustrator “THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL,” PAGE 76 This year I’ll definitely…enjoy married life! We got hitched after 18 years together. One thing I hope we accomplish in 2019 is…being less aggressive and more charitable. My friends…

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what are you most looking forward to in 2019?

After ending a ten-year relationship in 2017, I gave myself a year to heal and reflect. In 2019, I hope to meet a man perfect for me. I’m scared of getting back out there, but it’ll be worth it. AUDREY WASHINGTON Bronx, New York Following up with those who represent me in Congress. I plan to consistently ask them to take action to close the equity gap by passing legislation that will help alleviate hunger and poverty in one of the world’s richest countries. WILLIE DICKERSON Snohomish, Washington What I’ll learn about history, the world, and myself through reading books and magazines. Every year I’m amazed by what I didn’t know or realize the previous year. JOEY LATTERMAN Okemos, Michigan VISITING JAPAN! IT’S BEEN ON MY BUCKET LIST, AND NOW I FINALLY HAVE THE COURAGE TO…

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onward & upward

Cover Commentary “Oprah is proof that you can get better with age—not just in beauty, but in spirit.” —@kellidugan1 “To quote Billy Crystal, you look marvelous!” —@queendado4 “Won’t Gayle be proud of Oprah’s choice of yellow slacks?!” —@amiles57 SCREEN TIME Twenty years after their first interview, Oprah Skyped with rock ’n’ soul queen Tina Turner to discuss her trials and triumphs. “It’s a blessing to see someone who’s been through so much still be able to encourage people.” —@mahogani.dee “I cried as I read this. Thank you for the interview!” —@saragarami “I absolutely admire the strength of Tina Turner.” —@csummersnovelist A SITE IS BORN WE LAUNCHED OPRAHMAG.COM SO YOU CAN LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE THROUGH THE PAGES OF OUR MAGAZINE AND ONLINE. YOU JOINED US FOR THE RIDE. “This is going to become my dose of feel-good!” —@adrienneofficial “This reader since 2002…

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here we go!

SO HERE COMES 2019: a great time for a fresh start. And if you ask me, an even better time to find some common ground. I firmly believe that coming together—whether by drawing loved ones closer or setting aside differences with people who don’t see things as we do—makes us better, kinder, stronger human beings. If you have any doubt that a connection with your fellow earth dwellers can enrich your existence, I hope you’ll spend a moment with the lively groups of women you’ll meet on page 68. As they’ll enthusiastically tell you, forging deep bonds over shared interests has brought more joy and support into their lives than they ever expected. Many people, though, aren’t getting the psychological and emotional support they need, and America’s suicide crisis is clear evidence…

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the gratitude meter

Five things we’re smiling about this month! BUDDY SYSTEM Senioritis? Not at Seattle’s Providence Mount St. Vincent assisted-living facility. Its intergenerational childcare center brings residents together with 106 kids age 5 and younger five days a week for activities both playful (sing-alongs) and physical (dance class)—and completely heartstring-pulling. WALL ART Since 2007, artist Jan Vormann has traveled the globe mending crumbling walls with…Lego bricks and other plastic blocks. Now his construction project is a worldwide art challenge that encourages would-be patchers to create bright spots in their neighborhoods. Check out little fixer-uppers at dispatchwork.info. WILD THINGS The (big) cat is out of the bag. Sir David Attenborough, of Planet Earth fame, is back with a new BBC America docuseries. Dynasties (January 19) follows five endangered species—lions, tigers, chimps, penguins, and African wild dogs—as they defend their…