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good vibrations

Ashley Thomas, Assistant to the editor in chief THE QUESTION, PAGE 14 The person who can always put a smile on my face is…my mom. She reminds me to stop taking myself so seriously. These days I’m grateful for…beach weather. For a while there, I thought winter would never end and our new normal would be snowstorms in August. I lost hope somewhere around nor’easter number four. Laurie Santos, Professor of psychology “WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU HAPPY?,” PAGE 80 One way to maximize happiness is by…staying in the present moment. We’re often thinking about stuff that’s not in the here and now, and that wandering of the mind makes us more stressed. These days I’m grateful for…my students at Yale University. They teach and challenge me every day. Elizabeth Gilbert, Writer “BECOME THE THING,” PAGE 87 One way…

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earthly delights

FOR OUR JULY cover shoot, we headed to Oprah’s literal happy place: her garden in Maui, which looks out on a mountain range with trees galore. There she soaked up the sunshine and, with a sweep of her Brunello Cucinelli ball skirt, sat down to admire her flowers. “If this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is,” Oprah said. “I could stay out here forever.” Since forever wasn’t a practical option, she did the next-best thing by picking a few perfect hydrangeas to bring inside. “I just want to take a little of this bliss with me.” MOOD BOOSTERS A few things that make Oprah’s day.…

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how would you spend your perfect day?

At a spa with my mom and five sisters. We’re spread across the country and haven’t spent a day together in years. I’d love to reconnect with them.JULIANA O’HARE Reno, NevadaRiding my thoroughbred, Birdie, a former racehorse. I returned to my passion after 30 years and gave us both a second chance.SUSAN HOVDESVEN Southampton, New YorkTRAVELING WITH MY HUSBAND, WHO HAS GIVEN ME THE WORLD IN OUR 13 YEARS OF MARRIAGE. EVERY TRIP WE TAKE IS FULL OF ADVENTURE AND MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST US A LIFETIME.KRISTINA ALLIS Gerrardstown, West VirginiaI’d start by taking a short bike ride to enjoy my outdoor-friendly city. The afternoon would be spent on the river, and in the evening I’d have a picnic with friends at the local outdoor Shakespeare festival.PAM ROOT Boise, IdahoON…

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standing o

KID TESTED Oprah’s black-and-white cover inspired Houston second grader Zahnari Woods to re-create the crisp and cool look. LEAD THE CHARGE In her “What I Know for Sure” column, Oprah asked readers to come together for gun control. You approved. “This is so true. People are walking around without any care in their souls. All these senseless killings and disregard for human life have to stop!”—@lifestylewithmelisamorgan ROLE CALL Before she made her Broadway debut as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we spoke to Noma Dumezweni (“Under Her Spell”) about the big shoes she had to fill. One of our followers could be the perfect understudy. “I’m black and my name is Hermione. It’s been a struggle to carry such an unusual name for 57 years. So I was thrilled to find it in…

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here we go!

WHEN YOU PICTURE happiness, what do you see? A carefree life of nonstop glee, where nothing ever goes wrong and everything is rosy and joyful forever and ever? Or do you imagine an existence that’s quiet and still, calm and centered? Do you picture a life not necessarily free of troubles, but one in which setbacks can be dealt with because your heart is full and your focus is on what truly matters? If you guessed that we’re more interested in that variety of happiness than the one in which you run around beaming like someone in a toothpaste ad, you’d be correct. And if that kind of peaceful, easy feeling is what you’re looking for, too, you’re in luck: This month we’re exploring exactly what it takes to achieve it,…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Five things we’re smiling about this month! Full Circle Hit your target of a perfect beach day with this pom-pommed towel (a.k.a. summer in terrycloth form). Its shape means you can rotate your body instead of your towel as the sun does its thing. (bando.com) Ready, Set, Glue! On Making It, NBC’s new competition series (July 31), contestants crochet and papier-mâché their way through weekly DIY challenges with the hope of being crowned Master Maker. Your hosts: craft-loving Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman. Who knew? Small Prints Once upon a time, a kiosk dreamed of delivering something more exciting than tickets. Then one day her wish came true: She became a Short Edition dispenser, printing free stories and poems on receipt-like strips. Today 30-plus machines are living happily ever after all across the…