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some like it hot

Julie Rehmeyer, Writer “LOST AND FOUND,” PAGE 102 Three words that perfectly sum up summertime are... sunshine, outdoors, play. A favorite summer tradition I have is...starting new projects. This time around, I’m looking forward to planting creeping thyme between my patio stones, installing a system to irrigate my fruit trees with wastewater, and putting in a pond. Maria Shriver, Journalist and activist “LADIES, CHECK YOUR BRAINS,” PAGE 68 Three words that perfectly sum up summertime are...family, friends, and freedom. A favorite summer tradition I have is...taking a trip somewhere new with my four kids. We call it the honeymoon tour since we always end up with people who just said “I do.” Aarón Sánchez, Chef “LICENSE TO GRILL,” PAGE 109 A favorite summer tradition I have is...barbecuing with relatives in Texas. At our big reunion in…

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adventure starts here!

BEHIND THE SCENES MAKING WAVES This month Oprah got her feet wet. THE O TEAM has cover shoots down to a science, but sometimes spontaneity is the order of the day. The crew was just starting to set up lights in Oprah’s Maui home, the jewelry options were being methodically arranged, and the snacks were about to make an appearance, when our cover model had a flash of inspiration: “Let’s go to the beach!” And faster than you can say “Surf’s up!” everyone headed to the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea. After a few last-minute shirt changes on the sand (using beach towels as a makeshift dressing room), Oprah kicked off her flip-flops and made a splash. “Isn’t this incredible?” she called out. “I’ll take the sky and the sea over an…

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the question

My fun-loving Lab, Norman. Watching him gleefully chase a butterfly or find a crusty old ball hidden among flowering weeds has taught me to look at nature in a whole new way. CATHY DURBIN DAVIS Denver Wendy, my friend since grade 1. She suggests we run a half marathon on a whim and I’m in. I recommend we walk the Camino trail, an 800-kilometer trek across northern Spain, and she’s up for it. ROSE FICKE Westbank, British Colombia Sylvia, my wife of 31 years. We’ve visited all 50 states by car, plane, or motor home. This summer we’ll be camping in South Carolina to see the solar eclipse. WAYNE MOORE Milledgeville, Georgia My yoga mat. We’ve done yoga on the beach, in snow on the Continental Divide, and even at a basketball tournament. The best thing about it is…

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paying our respects

GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT After reading “Profile in Civility” by the woman who worked as a customer service rep, I shared the story with my staff and thanked them for all they do in my insurance agency. We often communicate with customers in crisis who aren’t at their best, and it reminded me to thank my employees for their positive spirit and compliment their kind hearts. YOLANDA N. DURFIELD Farmington Hills, Michigan BRIGHT IDEA I was so happy to see Carl Sagan, a mentor of mine, quoted right off the bat in April’s Live Your Best Life section. This is a fabulous issue already, I thought. If you decide to add more science content to the magazine (including the many amazing woman scientists out there), you would make this conservation biologist very happy! JENNIFER McKINNON Halifax, Nova Scotia A KIND…

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here we go!

YOU GET one summer a year, friends—time to go out there and love yours! This month we’re showing you how to make the most of every minute, with a latest-and-greatest, you’llkick- yourself-if-you-miss-it list for lovers of warm-weather fun (page 86). The twist: We’ve taken oldstandby summertime activities (a meditation retreat, a road trip, your average Saturday afternoon gardening session) and updated them, so this season might find you, say, spending a few nights in a lighthouse, or discovering your family’s remarkable roots, or exploring the most incredible wide open spaces in this gorgeous country of ours. Of course, you want to look good while you’re living it up, so we’ve put together a style guide with the clothes you’ll delight in all season (page 49). And whether your days are lazy…

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the gratitude meter

Nut Job After shelling out snacks for the squirrels in her backyard last summer, photographer Ashly Deskins began capturing the bushytailed visitors in action. Now she builds pintsize sets—a drive-in theater, a ready-to-rock drum station—for her Instagram, @squirrels-party-of-two. We’re feeling some almond joy. Character Development Every month 11-year-old Sidney Keys III runs Books N Bros, a St. Louis–area club where tween boys read titles with mostly African American protagonists. Its Adopt a Bro program helps members pay for books, snacks, and more. (booksnbros.com) Nothin’ Like These Dames Hope Nicholson’s new book, The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, spotlights female characters from the last 80 years of comic books, like Maureen Marine (human ruler of an underwater city) and Tiffany Sinn (private eye recruited by the CIA). Ka-wow! They Got the Beat Justin Timberlake’s “Rock Your Body” is just…