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attitude shift

Gillian MacLeod, O deputy art director “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME GOOD NEWS?,” PAGE 86 Someone who’s a light against the darkness is… Oprah. She inspires hope—her epic Golden Globes speech further proved that. And I get to work for her! I tune out bad news by… practicing aikido, a Japanese martial art. I have to completely concentrate on my lesson or opponent—which doesn’t leave room for troubling thoughts. Instead of focusing on the negative, we should put our energy into… finding a way to be compassionate and kind. Breena Kerr, Writer “HURTS SO BAD,” PAGE 74 I hope when we look back at these times, we remember… that before things get better, they often get worse. It’s like cleaning a room filled with junk. You can shut the door—or walk in and start sorting…

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let’s dance

THIS MONTH’S COVER SHOOT was a typical marathon session for team O, and by day’s end, everyone (including our cover subject) was ready to call it a wrap. But when Oprah stepped out in a Brunello Cucinelli jacket and great-fitting jeans, she seemed as relaxed as her outfit. With a little prance in her step, she called, “I need some music. Come on, people!” Someone cranked up Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” and the room came alive. Gayle, who’d exchanged her stilettos for off-duty clogs, said, “We should all get in there and dance.” The entire crew let loose, quickly forgetting they’d ever been too pooped to party. Oprah’s fave jeans made this month’s cover. BLUE NOTES Navy, sky blue, and gray look fresh with a touch of black and white.…

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who helps you look on the bright side?

Bob Marley. His music has the magical ability to create resilience, stir souls, and change minds. KAREN SENTEIO Newington, Connecticut I’m turning 70 this year, and being proud of my life accomplishments has allowed me to pat myself on the back and say, “Thank you, Jackie. Job well done. You’re looking good, girl.” JACKIE BATISTE ARMSTRONG Inglewood, California My mother. She was blind but consistently found the bright side in all things unassuming: birds singing in the backyard, the feel of a sequin on her new dress, the explosion of fresh lemon on her tongue. She left me with the legacy of finding the best in the tiniest experiences. JOELLA ARAGON Sacramento THE PEOPLE IN MY TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY GROUP, WHICH IS THOUGHTFUL, SOMETIMES IRREVERENT, AND ALWAYS FUN. LOIS VIDAVER Tonawanda, New York My students. Since I was diagnosed with cancer…

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to tell the truth

WRITINGS ON THE WALL In her What I Know for Sure column, Oprah addressed the Golden Globes speech heard ’round the world—and why she has no designs on making 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue her home. “I loved your speech for what it was: inspiration!”—Karen Lacey “Maybe the universe is probing you to keep teaching. You have the ability to close the gap in many divisive issues.”—Micah Xnder “Fine, then run for vice president.”—Pamela Northstar USING HIS WORDS The “O” of O spoke with late-night prankster Jimmy Kimmel about taking a stand on healthcare reform and gun control. “Your platform is unique, and for you to use it for humanity is admirable. Thank you, Jimmy!”—Jacque Ohmert “Love him for provoking change.”—Jodi Butler “Such a fantastic interview!”—Amber Myers Mamian INSTA HITS! Oprah’s clean and crisp cover look had Instagram users double tapping. “MY HOPE IS…

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here we go!

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Are things really as dire as they seem? That’s the big question we sought to answer this month. IF YOU’VE BEEN (to put it mildly) a little alarmed by recent headlines, you’re certainly not alone. The oceans are rising! Gun violence is rampant! The Russians are hacking into our everything! It’s enough to make you want to build a bunker and call it a day. But let’s take a step back for a moment. Are things really as dire as they seem? That’s the big question we sought to answer this month—and once you read the encouraging news we have to share, about everything from climate change to the safety of our streets, I hope you’ll agree there’s reason aplenty to keep hope alive…

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the gratitude meter

Five things we’re smiling about this month! SPARE TIME Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, strikes and tykes go together like a 7-10 split. The Kids Bowl Free program lets children roll up to two daily games all summer. Locate a participating alley (from more than 1,450 nationwide) near you at kidsbowlfree.com., and register your little Lebowski today. BURNING MAN If your dad likes it hot, the new Dave’s Gourmet sauces—in roasted jalapeño, ginger citrus, and garlic red pepper—make zesty Father’s Day treats. The flavors are whipped together, resulting in a creamy (rather than drizzly) condiment perfect for chip dippers and burger flippers alike. (davesgourmet.com) RAINBOW CONNECTION Despite not being officially recognized by the White House last year, LGBTQ Pride is still celebrated each June. So march in a parade, binge RuPaul’s Drag Race for 30…