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style points

Hennie Haworth, Illustrator “SINGULAR SENSATION,” PAGE 138 If my closet could speak, it would say...“Please tidy me!” I have trouble putting things away. My go-to look for a night out is...anything that doesn’t have food all over it. I have two kids under the age of 6. The one thing I’d never wear is...a high heel. My fear of falling over always makes me reach for a sandal or an ankle boot instead. Frank Luntz, Political consultant “OPRAH TALKS TO THE WOMEN OF AMERICA,” PAGE 108 If my closet could speak, it would say...“Iron me!” I don’t own an iron, so if I have an important TV appearance, I turn on the hot water and hope a roomful of steam will magically unwrinkle what I’m planning to wear. If I had to pick…

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behind the scenes

Horsing Around At this month’s cover shoot, Oprah was at her home on the range. OPRAH PLEDGED THAT 2017 would be her year to get out and enjoy the world’s beauty—and this month the journey took her no further than her own backyard. At home in Hawaii, our cover model took some time to hang out with her pals Thunder (that’s him on the left) and Lightning, inviting the photo crew to join her for their 6:45 a.m. feeding. As the equine pair chomped on shiny green apples, O creative director Adam Glassman took in the stunning view and said, “You’d be lucky to come back in your next life as one of these horses.” Get the Look BLUES TRAVELER Our jean theory? Head-to-toe denim is a do when you mix shades and textures. YEAR…

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what piece of clothing best expresses your inner you?

Q THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... My long-sleeved black turtleneck. It can be submissive or powerful, blend in or stand out. It can be an introvert or extrovert. It’s not afraid to be alone. DEBRA E. EVANSMemphis My blue, green, and black tiered palazzo pants, which I bought in Hawaii. Whenever I wear them, my inner mermaid comes out to play! SIMONE BUTLERSan Diego A brown duster that brings out my inner Clint Eastwood when I pair it with jeans and cowboy boots. I feel like a real badass in it—no guns needed. BRENDA CLEVENGERKansas City, Missouri My leather moto jacket. It’s classic yet edgy and can be worn with denim or a ball gown (I’ve done both). It makes me feel like I can take on the world! AMBER PETERSONLakeville, Minnesota My Doc Martens. At first you see a…

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brave hearts

DARE AND DARE ALIKE While waiting to board a flight to Arizona for my own Grand Canyon hike, I was delighted to see the January cover on an airport newsstand. My friend had to bow out of our trip at the last minute, but since the plans had been in place for more than a year and I had already trained for the trek, I decided to go solo. I ended up having the most incredible experience—and I had my copy of O with me the entire time. Can’t wait for the next adventure! TAMI BROOKSBoaz, Alabama I love that Oprah has dubbed 2017 her Year of Adventure. I’m also dedicating this year to something I need more of in my life: fun. I’ve always lived according to somebody else’s schedule—my son’s, my…

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here we go!

IT’S NO SECRET that last year’s election was among the most divisive in recent memory. Many of us, on both sides of the divide, were stunned by what we saw in this great nation of ours: so much negativity, so much animosity for those who disagreed with us. It seemed, and still sometimes seems, that our differences were just too deep to overcome. But I’m not willing to accept that. I’ve always believed that radical listening— listening with a truly open heart—can change the world. Which is why I recently sat down with ten women—some die-hard liberals, others as conservative as they come—to talk about what needs to happen to make America whole again (page 108). What I learned from these women was more eye opening than I could have imagined.…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME! Five things we can’t stop smiling about this month. Slight of Hand For Jon Almeda, size does matter. Over the past 16 years, the artist has mastered the beauty of small-scale ceramics, crafting poignantly petite pots and vases no bigger than a safety pin. How does he make them? On a homemade miniature potter’s wheel, of course. Pick up a pint-size vessel at almedapottery.com. Portrait of a Lady Artist If your knowledge of neoclassical style is scant, meet painter Adélaïde Labille-Guiard. She’s just one of the unsung talents featured in the new bookBroad Strokes: 15 Women Who Made Art and Made History (in That Order). Your Art History 101 syllabus just got a lot more fun. Square Deal Adding a dash of maple to a meal is great—until you have to fight with…