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this is us

Alex Zaragoza, Writer “IN PASSING,” PAGE 142 The biggest lesson I’ve learned about race is...how pervasive racism is in our society. A lesson a friend from a different background taught me was...to know when to shut up and pass the mic. As a writer, being excited about a topic doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the best person to tell the story. In ten years, I hope we’re done talking about... anyone with racist views being placed in office. Claudia Rankine, Poet “THE WHITE STUFF,” PAGE 149 The biggest lesson I’ve learned about race is...that it’s one of the principal ways history lives in us. A lesson a friend from a different background taught me was...that racist aggressions feel the same way whether you’re Asian, black, Arab, or American Indian. Monique Truong, Writer “HELLO, CRUEL WORLD,” PAGE 146 In ten…

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adventure starts here!

BEHIND THE SCENES Top Dog Oprah shares the spotlight with an unexpected guest. SOMETIMES BEING A DOG PERSON is an adventure unto itself—like when you’re minding your own business, trying to shoot a magazine cover, and suddenly a big furry fluff ball decides he belongs in your lap. That’s what happened with Luke and Oprah on this month’s cover—not that Oprah is complaining. “I’m barefoot and in the most comfortable outfit. I’ve got a big cup of tea and my dog. I love this moment!” On Oprah: Top, Theory. Skirt, Thierry Colson. Earrings, Nava Zahavi. For details see Shop Guide. YEAR OF ADVENTURE SWEEPSTAKES YOU COULD WIN A TRIP TO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS Set your watch to island time—and visit oprah.com/caymanislandsweeps for your chance to enter and win a four-night vacation for two! Our latest great escape starts…

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the question

Asians love math. I went to law school to avoid the Pythagorean theorem. ELIZABETH SY Elmhurst, New York THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... What’s the strangest misconception you’ve heard about your own race? Hispanics/Latinos should know Spanish. There are many of us in my age group who feel less-than for speaking only English, yet so many immigrants are shamed into throwing away their language. You can’t win. MELISSA VELA-WILLIAMSON San Antonio “Black don’t crack.” I’m a 57-year-old black woman, and my skin is wrinkle-free because I’ve always applied sunscreen to protect it from damaging sunrays and used a lot of moisturizer. This black don’t crack because this black ain’t dry. CHERYL PESCE Memphis American Indians are stoic. My family, friends, and I laugh outrageously loudly, cry, and feel emotions just like any other group. LISA POUPART Green Bay, Wisconsin Black women are angry. We’re really…

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the way forward

STATE OF THE DISUNION “Oprah Talks to the Women of America” was a breath of fresh air for my postelection malaise. The women presented many points of view, but remained congenial and respectful. I thank you for giving me a sense of optimism and hope for the future of our country. JOAN BAUER St. Louis I vote but don’t follow politics closely. And usually I just flip through the magazine, but this time I stopped and really read the roundtable. The diversity of the group and what each woman had to say about the recent presidential election was inspiring. I will take the time to read more articles in the future. AMY RIEGLER Cincinnati I wasn’t surprised that Trump won, but I’ve been so sad that it was even possible. The Trump voters in the article just…

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here we go!

It may not be an easy conversation, but it’s a vitally important one. f EW TOPICS ARE as loaded with such potential for misunderstanding—and such fear of being misunderstood—as race. Most of us never learned how to discuss it, at least not with people of other races. Most of us worry we will offend if we try. So we keep mum, hoping that if we ignore the issue, it will go away. There’s just one problem: Race matters. Tremendously. It’s woven into the very fabric of our nation—which means ignoring it makes it impossible to talk honestly about everything from education policy to our hair. So this month we’re diving in, opening a frank discussion of that which so often feels scary and taboo (page 134). We asked people to be candid. Raw.…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Five things we’re smiling about this month! A Seat at the Table Chew on this, American chefs: One of Spain’s most popular new restaurants is Robin Hood, run by 80-year-old priest Ángel García Rodríguez. Profits from each day’s breakfast and lunch let the café serve dinner exclusively to the homeless, who enjoy a dignified meal with china and glassware. Salud! About Face The U.S. Mint is making change. For its 225th anniversary, the agency has released a 24ktgold coin that features Lady Liberty as a young African American woman with braided hair. Heads, she wins. Get Your Peak On It’s been almost 26 years since Laura Palmer’s murder gripped a fictional Washington town. On May 21, David Lynch’s cult TV drama Twin Peaks returns, with new characters joining the original’s special agent Dale…