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food for thought

Ella Mills, Blogger “FEAST WITH BENEFITS,” PAGE 128 When I go to a potluck, I bring... roasted cinnamon-and-maple sweet potatoes with a tahini dressing and toasted almonds. It’s not Thanksgiving unless... I’m with my American friends. I live in London, and I wish we had a holiday like it here! If I could be invited to anyone’s house, it would be... my own. There’s nothing I love more in the world than being at home with my husband, Matt, and our dog, Austin. David Tsay, Photographer “THIS NEW HOUSE,” PAGE 114 The secret to hosting the perfect Thanksgiving is... cleaning your house a few days before—rather than the night before—your guests arrive. This year I’m grateful for... people who bring out the best in all of us, instead of the opposite, especially during a difficult year for the country.…

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picture-perfect colorado

TRAVEL TIP Avoid flying on December 26, the priciest day of the year for domestic flights (airfare is 46 percent higher than average!). For more holiday travel tips, visit oprah.com/holidaytravel. YEAR OF ADVENTURE SWEEPSTAKES You Could Win a Trip to Telluride, Colorado! Want to make your slope dreams come true? Enter to win our three-night ski trip for two! Visit oprah.com/madelinehotel for your chance. Get ready for the Rockies! Thanks to travel sponsored by Kayak, you’ll fly into Montrose, Colorado, and be transported to the Madeline Hotel and Residences in the heart of Telluride’s Mountain Village. Start each day with a $50 credit toward breakfast or lunch, and then it’s on to the activities! You can hit the ski lift with gratis tickets, or if you visit during warmer months, try fly-fishing, horseback riding, or…

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the question

THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... Q What was your most memorable Thanksgiving? Staying at a cozy cabin in Yosemite National Park with my mom. We woke up to snow covering the ground and deer standing outside. In the evening, we sat peacefully by the fireplace. PAM FODOR Winchester, Virginia My sister, Gesica, was taking the turkey out of the oven to serve to our boyfriends when, next thing you know, she dropped the entire thing on the floor. We quickly picked it up, cleaned it, put it back in the pot, and vowed to keep our dirty little secret between us. We finally cracked and told the guys three years later—after they’d married us! CLARA FERRIN, North Massapequa, New York On Thanksgiving 1971, my now husband handed me a note he claimed a student of his had…

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provoking thoughts

TALKING IT OUT I’m reading the September issue and just had to write in about “Changing the Face of Therapy” by Jihan Thompson. As an African American, I know the struggle to find counselors and medical professionals with my skin color. That’s one reason I’m working toward my master’s in mental health counseling; another is to help take away the stigma surrounding counseling when talk therapy is probably the best thing we can do for ourselves. Thank you for including this article. I will definitely be saving it for future use. VANESSA DANIELS Rocky Mount, North Carolina TRUE GRIT I have read and reread Oprah’s inspiring words on grace in September’s “What I Know for Sure.” I felt them deep in my soul, and they reinforced my belief that it was God’s grace that…

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here we go!

IT’S THE TIME of year when we get the chance to celebrate and appreciate, when we’re invited to take stock of all that’s positive in our lives and raise a glass in thanks. And however you’re feeling right now—whether you’re flying high or finding it tough to see the good in the world—I promise you, there’s a lot to be grateful for. You just have to know where to look. You might start on page 107, where you’ll find a few fabulous new books to dive into. (If a great read can’t fill your heart with gladness, what can?) Or you might flip to page 76 to meet some especially generous women—isn’t it nice to know they’re out there?—as they show off the results of a little well-deserved pampering. Finally, you can…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME Hello, Kitty Who needs the crash of ocean waves? The website Purrli offers much cuddlier background noise: a purring feline. You can even adjust your virtual cat’s vibrations to sound animated or mellow, quiet or full-scale pussy riot. (purrli.com) In Goo Health Scalpel: check. Clamp: check. Slug mucus: really? Inspired by the slime secreted by the Dusky Arion slug, Harvard researchers have created an incredibly flexible surgical adhesive of extreme stickiness that could one day help patch up delicate organs, like a young kid’s heart. Gastropods, we thank you. Frame of Mind The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s texting service delivers images of standouts from its nearly 35,000-piece collection straight to your phone. Just type “Send me,” followed by a noun (say, sunflower), an adjective (happy), or an emoji (dancing twins),…