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gather ’round

Mary Pauline Lowry, Writer “DEAR ACRYLIC NAILS,” PAGE 107 I’m grateful for…my English husband, who has taught me that tea really is balm for the soul. The celebrity I’d invite over to dinner is… Shonda Rhimes. I’m so in awe of the culture change and diversity she’s brought to television. Tayari Jones, Author “THE SECRET GARDEN,” PAGE 98 A recipe I’m famous for is…blackberry jam cake. We bake it on Thanksgiving, drench it in rum, and leave it covered until Christmas. The smell of it is the official start of the holiday season. The celebrity I’d invite over to dinner is…Toni Morrison. I’ve been intrigued by her wild and brilliant imagination since I read The Bluest Eye in high school. Robyn Thomas, Giffords Law Center executive director “YOUR VOTE CAN SAVE A LIFE,” PAGE 118 I’m grateful for…the…

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what’s your favorite thing about thanksgiving?

Being in America for the holiday after living overseas in New Zealand. I love the opportunity to value my culture, family, and, of course, my aunt’s sweet-potato pie!VICTORIA GAITHER Washington, D.C.Putting the turkey in the oven at 3 a.m., so when my kids wake up in the morning they smell the wonderful aroma. It reminds me of my childhood, when my mom did the same for me and my siblings.NIVITA YOUNG BrooklynThe time I have with my husband when our guests leave. We have full bellies and full hearts after spending the day with our family, and we can lie on the couch and watch movies knowing all is right with our little world. We might even sneak in a nap or two!JOYCE STATH Tell City, IndianaAS A TRADITION, MY…

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game changers

RAY OF LIGHT Our golden cover had Instagram users double tapping. “Pure sunshine and sass!”—@nicolestandley“Someone give the queen her scepter!”—@adamfishbein“Destiny’s Child ‘Bootylicious’ music video vibes.”—@lululinden MAMMA MIA! O staffer Julia Fry’s story about becoming a single mom via a sperm donor (“Just the Two of Us”) encouraged one reader to step into a brave new world. Two years ago, I thought about having a child on my own but dismissed the idea because of what people would say. Lately, I’ve been imagining my life at 60 and realizing how little it would matter to me what others thought. Thank you for sharing, Julia. Reading your story was the first of many steps on my journey into single parenthood. —Trisha C., Houston ON A ROLL WE FEATURED IZZY WHEELS, A LINE OF STYLISH PLASTIC WHEEL COVERS IZZY KEANE…

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here we go!

A wise word, a loving show of support: They can put you on a better path. I THINK WE ALL can agree that life is easier when you have a little help along the way, whether it comes from loved ones or strangers, happy accidents or good deeds. A wise word, a loving show of support: They can put you on a better path. And these life-changing assists can inspire heart-expanding gratitude. Just ask the appreciative people who, this month, movingly and inspiringly tell us who—or what—they most need to thank (page 104). Here’s something I’m grateful for: We as a nation are slowly but surely starting to wake up to the crisis of gun violence in America. This is an issue that often seems overwhelming, but on page 118, you’ll find…

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dream fearlessly

Quentin has always been a dreamer, one who has continued to dream fearlessly no matter the setbacks or obstacles in his way. In 1992, Quentin was a 19-year-old former Marine with a broken foot, which had been crushed by a tank in Iraq. Returning to the South Side of Chicago, he dreamed of doing something positive for his community, which was ravaged by drugs, violence, and unhealthy habits. Armed with a passion for cooking, Quentin launched his journey by opening several different restaurants with the goal of changing the way people ate so they could change how they lived. Quentin’s vision didn’t work out as planned and he eventually found himself without a home. After some soul-searching, Quentin realized that he had been looking at his business the wrong way–just…

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the gratitude meter

FOR GOOD MEASURE So many leftovers, so little Tupperware. Paging the Guest-imator: Simply plug in the number of guests and menu, and the free online calculator will determine just how much turkey (and stuffing and cornbread) you need for a precisely sized feast. (savethefood.com) BIG REVEALS Fight your food coma with a round of the Voting Game. Players select a cheeky prompt (say, “Who would be the best double agent?”) and then choose someone in the group it best describes (say, Aunt Margaret). Fun? It’s all relative! (playerten.com) THAT’S THE SPIRIT! These freezable ice cube packs come premixed with herbs and bitters to make three different, equally delicious cocktails. The fuss-free mixology means you can whip up a drink with one hand (just pour your liquor of choice over a cube and stir) and whisk…